Live Life Like Ramadan, Then Afterlife Will Be Like Eid!


The world is full of stress, discomfort, fraud, mismanagement, sins, decreasing moral values and religious downfall we somehow lose our inner peace. We are so much busy in our daily routine and greed to earn more money and fame that we are not realizing that our outer self might be feeling happy from our achievements but our inner soul is definitely seeking something that is missing in our routine. And yeah that is a scary point because everything demands balance.

Ramadan Maintains Balance.

Ramadan balances deen and duniya

If you don’t balance your personal and professional life then it may cause failure in your life. Similarly, if you don’t keep balance in your outer or inner peace then it will definitely cause damage in your life on large grounds. That is why we have a religious way out to keep our inner soul in peace or in balance. What does that mean that if you live your life like Ramadan then your afterlife will be like eid? Have you ever notice the peace and spirituality of Ramadan? Have you ever try to figure out how we are instructed to behave in Ramadan?

Ultimate Reality!

But somehow we are not giving relevance to it because we are making and collecting things for our future but we don’t even know we will wake up tomorrow or not! Though sadly, the thing that is sure THE JUDGEMENT DAY we are not collecting anything for that.

Ramadan: The Month Of Blessings And Forgiveness

Ramadan is not only a Holy month, but there are also many emotions and happiness relates to this. From the first day till last it has so many things holding itself that every day is important for some reason. Ramadan comes with 30 days of fasting, (TARAWEEH), (ITQAAF), SHAB E QADAR (the night to seek forgiveness) and so many religious practices. The month seems very holy and spiritual that we are every minute connect with ALLAH and His teachings for humanity. Ramadan itself means to burn our sins and to mold ourselves into the already described structure for Muslims to be like that. In Ramadan we are asking forgiveness of our sins, we do good deeds with others because every good deed doubles in Ramadan month and we try to be kind and helpful towards ALLAH’S creature as HUKUKUL IBAD comes first then HUKUKUL ALLAH. These are the beautiful teachings of Ramadan to us that if we follow thoroughly then our life would be much easy as we are now living.

Biggest Blessing!

Ramadan closes the doors of Hell!
“When Ramadan Arrives the doors of paradise are opened, and the doors of hell are shut and satans are chained up”

Abu Hurayrah (ra) relates the Messenger of Allah (saws) said when one Ramadan came: “A blessed month has arrived. Observing it in fasting is mandated on you (the believers). During this month, the gates of Paradise will be opened and the gates of Hellfire will be closed. The evil ones (Shayaatin) will be handcuffed. In it, there is one night, during which worship is better than worship in a thousand months. Whoever is denied its blessings has been denied the biggest blessing.”

Ramadan’s Teachings Helps To Seek Inner Peace

what we are instructed to do in Ramadan is not only end when Ramadan ends. It is a way of life that we have to follow and opt if we want to live a happy peaceful and tension free life. There are so many things that we try to do in Ramadan on a daily basis like 5 times prayers etc. Imagine if we follow this throughout the year how much it makes our lives prosper.

Ramadan Strengthen Our Character

“When one of you is fasting, he should abstain indecent acts and unnecessary talks, and if someone begins on obscene conversation or tries to pick an argument, he should simply tell him, ‘I am Fasting’ “

In Ramadan, we have time look ourselves thoroughly that where we are heading? Is this really a lifestyle that can give us any success in this life and hereafter? That is the point, where you should decide to change all the mismanage things of your life. Try to build your character according to the religious point of view. Be pure and pious, try not to harm anyone and don’t create trouble in someone’s life because of you. Try to help humanity, not to ruin the beautiful relation between ALLAH’S creation.

Bolster Love And Affection!

“There are three people whose supplications are not rejected: the Fasting Person when he breaks the fast, The Just ruler and the supplication of Oppressed”

The basic thing is why we do fast because we love ALLAH and if someone loves ALLAH PAK and does all this for the sake of HIM and they definitely know what love is and why everybody deserves to be love or to spread that love in ALLAH’s creations and keep things balance on Earth is actually the main theme.

Put An End To Evilness

Prayer is an amazing exchange!
You hand over your worries to ALLAH and ALLAH hands over his blessings to you!

This is the high time to take off your bitterness and escalate your kindness. We are so stubborn at times that we only think about our profit, our satisfaction, and our self but forget to think about how our profit can be loss of somebody. We are guided to think for humanity and clean our hearts and soul so we can make a healthy society to live in.

Moral Construction

Ramadan is like a training camp for our moral duties. What fast actually is? Don’t speak badly about anyone, don’t do anything bad, don’t harm anybody, and do worship as much as u can. That is exactly what our moral responsibility is. We should not speak bad things about people even we know but still to stay quiet, try not to harm our fellowmen because HUKUKUL IBAD’S punishment is more than HUKUKUL ALLAH and remember ALLAH and His teachings every time so that you will not distract from the right path.

Realization Of Life’s Uncertainty!

Ramadan is Blessing
Medical Benefits Of Fasting

Fast is the realization that our life is depended on many things that we take so casually that we forget to say thanks to ALLAH to giving these things to us. Like food and water, we waste water and food on a daily basis but never consider this thing that if we don’t have enough food and water to fulfill our needs what will happen to us? And in spite of this fact, we don’t say SHUKAR ALHAMDULILLAH that we have this blessing.

Acquisition Of Inner Peace

Be good after Ramadan too!

Being a good Muslim doesn’t end with Ramadan!

after being aware of all the above discussed knowledge now we come to this endpoint what actually our title of this article meant that if we really spend our life according to the discussed pattern then we make a better society for us and others, as well as our afterlife, would blossom like flower and if we don’t act on this then surely a rough and unbearable consequences are waiting for us.

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