Deep Thinking In The Era Of Callowness!


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking

In recent times, we are facing many issues on macro and micro levels. We are facing terrorism, governmental debt and deficits, collapsing infrastructure and annoyance in health care and workplace. The society and its problems are becoming more and more complex with time to time and we have to focus and think about it seriously, we have to be more vigilant to the situation and its bitter consequences.

Deep Thinking!

Deep Thinking About Deep Learning.
Deep Thinking About Deep Learning.

Sadly, in the modern world, we are keener towards object-oriented values rather than our moral duties. That is why everyone doesn’t have time to deep think about where we are going. On the other hand, there are some people who deeply figure out the eradication in society and its effects on everyone. Although, those people swallow from many struggles that only a deep thinker can be relevant to.

God’s Theorization

Deep Thinking
The deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God

In every religion, we have some fine lines that we should not cross and some spells out a path that we must be devoted to. We have to leer everything thoroughly with that sense. What our religion taught us? What are our religious ethics regarding different things? We must get down to brass tacks every topic under this consideration. Think intensely where we are the trajectory. What our GOD told us to do for humanity. That is the real worth of deep thinking. For the reason that only deep think about anything and make our self sad and detach from others is worthless. However, thinking rightly and do focus on our self and our society is what actually needed!

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Get On Good Side Of Brainstorm

Don’t define your world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys!

First, we have to understand what is deep thinking? Just sitting somewhere and keep on thinking is not deep thinking. The true sense of deep thinking is to think through on some issues in all conscience with the generosity of heart and realize where we are lacking on a particular issue. Gather our thoughts, construct them particularly in the right direction, and analyze its highs and lows. Affectingly concern about the seriousness of that topic. That is what deep thinking is to understand and feel with all heart and soul the alarming situation of something.

Deep Thinking Crotch Towards Overthinking

This is the biggest problem faced by those people because they are too concern about society and sometimes they take this thing on their heads too much that they feel extremely sad and frustrated about things. Overthinking is not a good thing in this case because then people consider themselves alien in society. This thing also creates disturbance in their lives as they can’t allow their selves to do or be what they are because they are too strict and conscious about themselves and oversight their efficacy and week points.

Feeling Of Dissolution

The world is full of selfishness, naive desires and objective interest where people’s morality and sanity are decreasing day by day. This is a big problem for those who keenly observe the society and its changing patterns that is why they feel alone in society. As things go these people can’t go along with people easily on the grounds that they desire worthwhile communications with others so that they can discuss society’s ups and down. These kinds of people avoid unnecessary attachments or fake commitments. This thing makes them uneasy in society and them knowing the score of struggle in the process of deep thinking.

People Keep In View You As A Daydreamer

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

When we take something very seriously on our head and involve in this heartily and keep ourselves in this, that is the cause of the actual problem. People consider them pompous and absentminded for the reason that they always live in their own world of imagination and think about real issues we are facing and avoid unnecessary talks with others and group activities. That is why people consider them weird who always lives in a bubble.

Being Weak-Kneed And Blind Spot To Take Real Actions.

The real problem occurs when we deep intricate think about everything but unable to bring out any changes into the real world. By reason of, only thinking and thinking is not a good thing! On the other hand, to correct those things into the real world is a real challenge and unfortunately, deep thinkers are unable to do so. Owing to living and thinking in shallow is easy but to put this into reality is a hard nut to crack.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”


A New Headway Of Life

Deep thinking, where artificial intelligence ends and human creativity begins!
Deep thinking, where artificial intelligence ends and human creativity begins!

Every so often, in life, we already make an allowance of things and their consequences and left those things. Though, deep thinking gives us a chance to sort out things carefully and choose what is best for us. This is the power of deep thinking that we be cognizant of and understand by our self that if we are in that condition what we should opt, what is good for us rather than depends on people’s choices. Don’t do what others want you to do. Just focus on yourself and think about it what are your wishes and cut all the interruptions and keep moving towards your own direction.

Put The Lid On Deep Thinking Is Necessity OR Overthinking!

After analyzing every point through and through I come to this round of that deep thinking is a good habit if it stays in its limit and not only thinking makes itself any means but to act on the given paths and do something for others is an actual purpose. Nevertheless, deep thinking is a necessity for the modern era because we are very busy in our own world that we neglect so many things that are slipping from our hands and we are so ignorant towards them that its consequences are visible on large grounds. So be cautious about things and do something for that but don’t consider you an alien in society or lock down yourself. Try to be a normal person but enlarge your mental strength for deep thinking.

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