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Climate Change: Tackle it and be a Planet Savior

Climate Change

Climate change stands before us as a horrible reality, questioning the survival of human beings on planet Earth. It’s impacts have become evident in rising temperature. The consequences are rising sea levels, flooding, wildfires, and other adverse effects. Despite these changes, very few of us are serious about it. And a small portion is ready to tackle it.

Any huge environmental change means eminent danger. We can translate it to fact that humans and other living beings are prone to extinction. Even the thought of a lifeless Earth gives us chills. But how many of us want to keep life going? We can tackle climate change and its impacts by bringing small changes in our lifestyle.

Instead of governments, MNCs, and transnational institutions, we should take practical steps. Ultimately, we will bear the brunt, so why not take some simple steps? These steps will prevent further worsening and enhance the current situation.

10 Simple Steps to Help Save the Planet from Climate Change

It is easy to keep Earth inhabitable for long. It is not that costly because these are the small efforts that will help tackle the problem of climate change.

Here are the 10 simple steps that can save the planet.

Awareness and Raising Voice

The first definitive step that we can take to tackle climate change is raising awareness. The majority of the world’s population doesn’t have any idea of it, or they don’t know about its impacts.

We can’t stop big emissions, but can start from small actions. The small actions will create a chain of actions, and it will have a significant impact on the global level. Awareness in the masses will also lead to political activism. It will lead to strengthening of the collective voice for climate change.

Reducing Fuel Use

Carbon emissions are the main reason for the worsening global warming resulting from climate change. Stats for 2018 show that fossil fuels were responsible for 89% of global CO2 emissions, which lowered in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If we reduce the fuel use, we can significantly change global warming. Their reduced use means a reduction in temperature rise, which can be a positive change in the climate crisis.  

We can shift to solar energy and other renewable energy sources for our needs. Once transitioned, this shift will lead to a reduction in temperature rise.

Reducing Fuel Use
Source: Pixabay

Use Climate-friendly Transport

Transport means are one of the main responsible sources of CO2 emissions. The more the number of vehicles on the roads, the more we will face the problem of a temperature rise. Less use of fossil-fuel-operated transport is one of the steps we should take.  

On the individual level, we can do it by using public transport, bicycles, and other energy-efficient transport means. These will not only keep us healthy but will also help in reducing carbon emissions.

Reduction of fossil-fuels operated transport means is easy. Thus, we can help it by taking individual steps that will reduce the problem of climate change.

Go Green and Protect Green

Eco-friendly behavior can save the planet Earth and us. No one else will suffer other than the inmates of this planet. It is better to promote green. We can do it by plantations, promoting green areas. Shift to renewable products can also be a better option.

The more carbon is released to the ecosystem, the more the problem will worsen. We pay the cost of non-renewables in the form of money and the change in the climate. So, if we pledge to use green products and promote green, it will bring a significant change globally.

Therefore, Promotion of gardens, parks, etc., can be very helpful in this regard.

Eco-Friendly Investment

Our investments determine the success of businesses, and we can change it by taking individual steps. If we invest more in fossil fuels, climate change problem will worsen instead of coming to an end.

Thus, focus your investments on eco-friendly companies and those promoting green business.

Optimizing Consumption to Reduce Waste

Waste and its burning or recycling are two of the main reasons global temperatures are rising. We need to be careful in handling waste and try to reduce it. A huge amount of energy is consumed in preparing plastic bags, disposable packaging, cups, and boxes, which results in carbon emissions.

We can reduce the severity of this problem by going eco-friendly, which means that carbon emissions will be reduced. We should optimize consumption and be careful in the use of products.  

Urging Government to Take Action

There is no denial of our vote’s importance to help tackle the climate change problem. Along with voting, we can arrange demonstrations, raise our voice on social media, and make other necessary arrangements to make our voice heard.

Once the government takes action, we will see a significant change on the national level. Thus, we can tackle climate change with political activism.

Reduce Consumption of Dairy Products and Meat

Dairy products and meat are one of the main reasons for the rise in global temperature and carbon emissions. A change in diet means a significant reduction in the emission of carbon gases. There is no need to be vegetarian, but instead optimize our dairy use. We can do it by reducing our intake of dairy products and proteins to an optimum limit.

If human consumption of dairy products is reduced by half, we can reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

Divestment in Fossil Fuels

If you have already invested in fossil fuel-related companies, you should draw back the investment. There are various other opportunities for you in the market; an example is blockchain technology. Various other eco-friendly options can bring you returns better than fossil fuels.

Change Travel Habits

Flying costs more than any other transport means. There is no scalable alternative for eco-friendly flying yet. BBC reports that the amount of CO2 released on a normal round-trip is about 1.6 tonnes.

This amount equals the average total annual emissions of a person in a year in India. Therefore, looking for alternatives can solve the problem.  

Preventing Climate Change – The Final Word

This planet belongs to us, and we are the ones who can save it. Take these ten steps and ensure that our planet remains safe and inhabitable for us and for our coming generations. Individual actions will impact changes taking place on the global level.

Therefore, we should work ourselves on these considerations and spread the word to make it heard.

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