Do Cats like dressing up?


Halloween just passed with people all over the world (with full coverage on Pinterest and insta stories of who wear what) celebrated this festive occasion by dressing up in their Halloween costumes.  But what caught a pretty legit cat lady’s eyes and amused the most was cats dressed up in Halloween costumes too. On my search for cat costumes, bewilderment hit me right in the gut as there are hundreds of cat costumes online stores from all over the world are available on the internet.

As it sounds so much fun and gaiety to dress up your cat, I was so ready to dress up my pet. But a few questions occurred in my mind. Which should be considered by everyone as soon as this crazy idea comes to your mind.

Are cats (or most precisely ‘your cat’ is) comfortable in dressing up? What if you dress them up from head to toe and they started choking up?  What if you suffocate them to death? (Okay, a bit exaggerating but still…) What if they show downright hate towards your efforts? Can you force them into wearing your custom-made dresses? Of course not, you can’t condone animal cruelty in any way. Unbeknownst to you, your feline family can get furious for putting in collars and necklaces. No matter how cute they look to you.

*Who wouldn’t want their feline members like this*


If you love seeing cute lil kitties in furry and colorful berets, hats, jackets, necklaces, tiaras etc. and want to dress up your furry best friend for Christmas, their birthday or your birthday or any other festive occasion but don’t know how they would react, then, here is a chance to know.

Start with small things:

A family on Halloween made custom dresses for not just their family but also for their pets. The picture looked so cute but not half hour passed when their kid started getting irritated by the big pumpkin on the head and the cat was trying to rip off the yellow-orange burden from herself. Difference between that kid and cat is that your kid can show his disgust but a cat can’t. Your child can make chaos at the very moment but the cat will have to suffer the torture on their own. But should you be allowed to torture your pet like this? A big, fat NO your way.

What you can do is that start with small things like hats, collars, cat harnesses, charms etc. so that it won’t be a burden for them. Take a little break in between to note their behavioral change. If they like it they are sure to attack it back right away. Train them for months like this before styling them up in different costumes.

Furr-fect or Cat-astrophe:

A costume, to you, can be cute and funny but do your cat feels the same way? If your cats are comfortable enough to easily assist their normal cheery self while carrying the costume and the costume fits them properly then your picks are perfect.

If your cat feels sensory overload and the dress is misfitted than it’s a catastrophe that needed to be replaced immediately.

Foreign territory:

Clothing is foreign territory for animals. Would you be comfortable within a short span of time in any foreign territory? Then don’t expect your pet to be dancing and rolling on the floor and cuddling with you with a heavy costume on. Start with a small scarf, berets, short kilts, necklaces, and small Tees.

You can also go for custom made DIY knitted costumes according to your pets’ choice and taste. It won’t cost you a fortune plus you can introduce your pet with it while you are making.

They’re born free, let them be:

Cats, or any other animal, all over the world, have found stark ‘naked’. Don’t roll your eyes I know it’s really naive to reveal this astonishing news to you. But the point is they are born naked so let them be.

Okay, let’s try another frame. They are born free and enclosing them in cage or clothes (as both are foreign territories for them) would be questioning their freedom and our humanity. Fat chances are if they let you put a collar in their necks and still be friendly. An easy way to go for it is if you really claim for your pet to be your furry best friend than respect their freedom. And just for the sake of your bewilderment in seeing your cat in matching outfits like yours, like your favorite sports team kit, or like your friend’s pet, don’t go harsh on them.

*Even though I love cats wearing hats, knitted sweaters, boots on their paws and all other crazy things I got to see from online stores, but still…*

Respect their tolerance:

Chances are high that your feline family would love their festive costumes once you’ve trained them with routine clothing’s but every cat’s tolerance level is different. Especially tolerance level for costumes is totally cat dependent. Some can tolerate big frilly trails some might tear them off. Make sure to get to know your cat’s tolerance first.

Don’t challenge their immune:

Dressing up should be taken into account only for fun or light-hearted pleasure. Don’t force them to wear sweaters and all the cozy warm things during winter (especially to feral ones). They might get irritation. Because once again You are putting them into foreign territory. They have a strong layer of fur to keep them warm so don’t put them into the extra effort. Cats look cute in sweaters, but they seem to have trouble walking in them. So they might not entertain the idea even in winters.

All in all, dressing up pets is fun only if they enjoy it too. If you did the preps and you are careful about what they’d like it would be even more amazing. Give your feline family a big hug. And if you too love dressing up your pet then do share your thought, comments, and ideas and of course with a picture of a cute furry best friend.

Best regards until next time!!!

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