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It`s been seven years, each time when she goes to her bed she can`t sleep well, A traumatic death of her beloved cousin after she caught badly in CANCER! Sadly, cancer never sounds alarm, even no pain. Cancer cells got spread and spin out of control all over her body and proliferated wildly and engulfed in the end. Now she doubts in meal every time she is having them inside too. Depression is sucking her up that she might be a cancer patient. She is so trapped and bullied by her own mind at the moment. She just wants to be normal again. She needs help she is suffering from CARCINOPHOBIA. Now she needs to approach strategies to feel cancer-free, a complete satisfaction about being completely fine.

CARCINOPHOBIA-Fear of getting Cancer in life


We believe in human ingenuity to one day. Today anxiety leads to superior level of being illness from cancer in humans. Science has proved that fear and anxiety harms almost every organ, predisposing fearful people to a whole host of diseases. Fear of death leads a man terribly sick. He madly goes to a level to worry about cancer with the ticking of clock. Sleeplessness harms most silently. He doubts about level of un-detectable radiations, pesticides, hormones in milk, chemicals in food, poisonous water supplies even while breathing air may harm him to cancer. Fear of cancer causes loss of control, pain, and ultimately death. Cancer phobia causes also includes a death of any relative, severe impression of death of any close relation including friends or like that causes loss of mental peace, lack of control, continuously visiting to doctor, doubts on food in-taking. People also get intense about having cancer due to media, movies or any extreme cancer attack pick-up controls to their minds causes them fear of having cancer in life. Today children may get cancer phobia from their parents or grandparents and their deep reaction to cancer. They tend to avoid all social activities in their life.


The terrible thought of cancer triggers a severe panic or anxiety. A man stop living happily, continuously mentally absorbed into a mania about cancer. Visiting to doctor and constantly asking them about cancer. Symptoms may include physical or psychological panic. Shaking or trembling, sweat, experienced a rapid heartbeat, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, fainting, breathing rapidly, crying or screaming. Person experience a total loss of control with the inability to distinguish between what is real and unreal. Eventually, this fear can become so overwhelming that the person may refuse to leave their safe environment and may shun people because they might be carrying cancer.


It is not easy to overcome fear but people can coop up with cancer phobia. Cancer now a day is no more incurable. Cancer cells are difficult to diagnose but possible. Chemo-therapies, different medications like anti-anxiety and anti-depressant help to adjust your mind and more over improvement in science also help to come over from cancer. Do not worry about cancer, breath deep, love your life and live it completely.


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