Avoid Negative Vibes!

Negative Vibes.

Bad luck or circumstances does not add negative vibes in our life. It is created by negative beliefs and a negative mindset, by conditioning, by repeated habits, conscious, or unconscious. If you want to free your life from negativity, it is in your mind that needs correction. Not other people or circumstances that arrive in your life.

If you want to live a quality life, a happy life.

Stop Blaming Others

Believing that it’s always someone else’s fault. Many people blame just about everyone and everything as the reason they are not where they want to be in life. Everyone that is, except themselves. It’s always’ someone else’s fault they are not where they want to be. Every time it’s someone else’s fault, it’s my president’s fault, it’s my boss’s fault, it’s my partner’s fault.

When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself.
When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself.

There is a difference between a successful or happy mindset and or unsuccessful an unhappy mindset. It is the power of letting go and moving go. Everyone shares the same president, some focus on all the negative, some just focus on their own path. They might not like the president, or their boss, or certain circumstances but they don’t allow any of it to evade their energy. If I want a result in my life, it’s up to me. If I want to feel a certain way the only person that controls if I do or do not feel that way is me. I will choose how to react when someone screws me. And what I learned from it, is up to me.

Interrogate The Negative Vibes.

Ask yourself: What did I do to allow that to happen? How can I avoid that pattern recurring in the future? What good could come of it? Imagine, can you get out of this situation by blaming others? Absolutely, not. If you want to be free, let it go, accept where you are and take responsibility for whats needs to be done to get you where you want to be. That’s the only way things can get better

Success pours Greediness In Personality

Successful people are greedy, or selfish or etc. What is success?

Success is simply when you achieve a quality of life that you want for your life. It does not have to be money, but money can be a part of it. It does not have to be material things, but material things can be a part of it.

Earl Nighingale
Success does not pour Greediness In Personality.
Success does not pour Greediness In Personality.

It eliminates greed argument because you define your own success. Added to that, most of the time, wealth and success are a direct reflection of the value people create for others. After all, customers and fans are not going to pay, unless you are adding values to their values. So think of anyone self-made, successful and wealthy. They can only be so by adding value to their audience. So, when you judge rich people or successful people as greedy, they are actually, in almost all cases doing more for others than those without because who do nothing and add no value, get no reward.

Don’t Mingle Success With Negative Beliefs!

Those who refuse to work on themselves are not only doing themselves a disservice, they are doing the world a disservice. Those who say money is, or believe it as a sin would be the first to snap up a pay raise or buy a lottery ticket, yet they claim rich people are greedy. It’s a fascinating dynamic. What really happened is that they have been conditioned with these thoughts and beliefs from generations before them. So they look and find every example they can of greed and point to that as fact. But the factual reality is far away. You can only be successful by living the quality of life you determine as successful.

You can only earn a great income by adding great value to the lives of others. Other people can only get the benefit from you generating more money and being able to give more of yourself, both your time and your time.

Gossiping; The Trade Of Toxicity.

Gossiping creates negative vibes.
Gossiping creates negative vibes.

The toxic habit of gossiping believing everything you hear and not having a mind of your own. This really comes down to common sense and common decency. Have you ever noticed how people who gossip a lot, are not the happiest of people? How can they be, they are more focused on spreading rumors or talking negatively about people than their own quality of life.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Live a life free from gossip and speaking and believing negatively of others. Form your own opinions based on your interaction with others, your feelings, your intuition.

The Need Of Someone To Complete Ownself!

This is one of the biggest problems of humanity. The need to be loved and liked by others. Many people simply can’t function unless they are in a relationship with another, the second they are not their life is an immediate emergency mode. They feel less than and incomplete. No other person can and ever will complete you. Only you can make yourself feel whole, and you can only do that by understanding that you are in control of your own self.

Putting your quality of life in the hand of someone whose feelings are completely out of your control is insanity. You can still love, you can still enjoy and appreciate others. But don’t get attached to them. Allow them to be free, and allow yourself to be free as well. You are that important.

Money Is Not All

It’s all about, now this may get confusing with the point above being about creating wealth, so listen closely. There is nothing wrong with making money and if you are adding value, in whatever you do, you won’t have to worry about money coming in, it will come in abundance. This is for all, who live their life with money as their motivation.

Negative Belief Regarding Money.

You want to be successful and wealthy because you believe at a deep level you will get more love, respect, and attention. If you have it or might avoid making money or striving for it if you have a strong negative belief that money is equal to greed and evil, and therefore will get you less love and happiness. Point is, you need it to be happy, to have love in your life. It’s not money that makes you successful, it’s the journey and purpose that makes you successful.

Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong it makes a mess!
Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong it makes a mess!

You see so many parents who work so hard for money saying they want to give their kids a better life. But while they are obsessed with money, they miss their kids growing up. Love, care and attention; is all that children want. In fact, all of us want. It’s not the money that binds relationships into strong bonds. It’s emotions that are purely from the heart.

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