A brief account on the World of Science & Technology

A brief account on the world of Science & Technology

“The application of scientific knowledge for any kind of practical purpose is known as Technology.” Technology has a great role in industries and advancements in computer science. Technology deals with the branchs of engineering, Human augmentation, Cyber security, etc.

Role of scientific technology in scientific world

Technology plays a very important role in acquiring information, as well as accessing the information. However, we can’t ignore the fact that science indeed plays a very important role itself in the development of technology. Initially, scientific knowledge is used to create new technologies. But now technology contributes to the scientific world and scientific researches. New and more advanced technologies help scientists to explore the world more precisely which helps them to make discoveries.

What’s the relationship between Science & Technology

Science and technology are interrelated with each other in many ways. New knowledge acquired by scientific research helps in the development of new technologies. Technology provides scientists efficient tools and techniques for further researches and development. Moreover, technology has played a very important role in the development of research instrumentation, laboratory techniques, and analytical methods. These methods are used in research which affects the work and personal life of everyone greatly. The scientific practice of research is a source of development that assimilates human skills. Importance of scientific knowledge is increasing day by day. Because it is a major necessity in terms of gaining productive wider social and environmental impacts.

Benefits Of Technology

Following are some advantages of Technology:

  • The biggest perk of technology is the easy access of information to the user.
  • Technology saves time.
  • Technology provides ease of mobility.
  • It provides better communication means.
  • Businss or any other operations are proven to be more cost effective.
  • Provides innovation in many fields.
  • Technology has improved the banking experience.
  • Sourse of inspiration and innovative ideas.
  • Provides better learning techniques.

Disadvantages Of Technology

Everything in this world had two sides one is good and the other is bad. Positive and negative aspects of anything are rudimentary. Similarly, technology also has some advantages and disadvantages. So following are some disadvantages of technology:

  • Technology causes social isolation.
  • If technology has promoted new waking fields; it also has made many people lose their jobs. The biggest demerit of technology is the rise of unemployment due to the advancement of technology.
  • Negative psychological impacts on young minds.
  • Technology also gave rise to more powerful and destructive weapons.
  • Many researchers have shown that Technology causes procrastination.
  • It causes loss of memory.
  • Use of Technology causes distraction from routine works; humans’ complete dependency on technology for their routine work made them lazy.
  • Technology has proven to be the tool for privacy innovation for many people.

How Does Technology Help In The Field Of Education?

Technology plays a very important role in both Teaching and Learning. Technology provides students easy access to information, good learning tools, and effective ways to practice what they learn. It enables the students to explore more of the world and deepen their understanding skills. Technology helps to motivate students towards good and conceptual learning. The conceptual model of learning accelerates student interaction for their positive outcome and increases their potential for learning. No doubt technology has proved itself a constructive tool for learning.

Common Uses Of Technology In Learning

Following are some common uses of technology in learning:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora and many more.
  • Digital learning tools: Applications with courses and diplomas.
  • Reading Programs.
  • Computer based tests or assignments.
  • Calculators, Clickers, and Smart books.
  • Learning management systems.

How Technology Is Related To Computer Science?

There is no doubt that the biggest invention of technology till today is the Computer and technology plays a very critical role in computer science. Technology helps the computer to work with both hardware and software and computer science deals with the developments of new advanced systems and software. Professionals in computer science develop computer systems. However, technology helps in the usage of these systems. Computer scientists create the building block based on information technology. Professionals use to construct operational technological systems. With the help of technology computer science is helping us in various aspects and providing us with life-saving tools and work.

Advancements In Computer Science

There is the list of major advancements of technology in the field of computer science:

  • Expanding communication system.
  • Directly meeting needs of the world.
  • Making learning easier.
  • Positively impacting every area of society.
  • Accelerating in health care progress.

Impact Of Technology On Our Lifestyle

Technology and scientific discoveries are related to society and our lifestyle on almost every level. Society, technological and cultural refer to the interdependence, as well as the co-production between society and technology on each other. Prominent exaples of this synergy has been observed since the use of primitive tools in the history of mankind. Here are some examples of the impact of technology on society in modern world.

Impact of Technology on our lifestyle.
Impact of Technology on our lifestyle.

Smart Phone Revolution

Initially, cell phones were primarily used for calling and text messaging but nowadays smartphones are been introduced and now cell phones are running even people’s lives. Whereas cell phones are now used to click photos, videos, connect to anywhere with anyone in the world, socialize, and even for small businesses. indeed smartphone has simplified our life due to the presence of enormous apps which were created with the help of technology.

Less Active Lifestyle

Technology made our life easier and comfortable. However, it also has made modern man quite lazy. Because everyone nowadays, is having a less active lifestyle. People nowadays are more dependent on this technology and devices that they had forgotten to strive for anything they prefer to achieve anything just by a click.


Hence, in the end, technology has changed our world to a large extent that nothing is impossible in this world anymore. Technology has simplified the world and changed the complete outlook of the world. However, technology has some negative impacts on several aspects too because everything has its pros and cons.

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