9 Korean Glass Skin Secrets


Ever wondered how Korean women have perfect porcelain and glossy skin? Korean women take skincare very seriously. Korean Glass Skin has gained much popularity. Koreans have a rich culture that brings beauty hacks for every Korean woman to follow. They have clear and spotless, and glass skin. Every woman dreams of having perfect and impeccable skin but not everyone is ready to put that effort into it.

Are you still worried about your dull and pale skin, acne masks? No need to worry anymore!

This guide about Korean skincare will reveal all the secrets of getting perfect glass skin.

 Korean women use different and unique skincare products, and we see the success stories of Korean products around the globe.

Let’s dig down deep into the everyday skincare routine of Korean women. How do they keep their skin refreshing?  How they are going backward, without using laser and pricey skincare products.

1. Sheet masks:

Face sheets, charcoal sheets, vitamin C glowing sheets are basic rituals of every Korean woman. These sheet masks will help you give radiant, glowy, and radiant skin. These sheets are so gentle on the skin, just like a cold sheet of paper. The extract from the sheet gets absorbed into the skin, soothing and relaxing and your skin feels lighter and refreshed. The sheet masks are applied for 15 to 20 minutes. Use sheet masks once a week and your skin will thank you for such a pleasant and relaxing activity. 

2. Serums and facial oils:

Korean women are fans of using organic products for their skin. They do not use heavy and toxic chemicals as they do more harm and less reward to your skin. 

The Korean skincare industry introduced natural and organic products like Vitamin C serum, Retinol, niacinamide, kojic acid, jojoba seed oil, rosehip oil, and the list goes on. These facial oils say goodbye to dull and rough skin and give you a younger look and radiant glow on the skin.

3. Facial Massage:

Face massage  exercise
Hands of women and practitioners receiving face massage

 The secret to Korean ultra-perfect face shape, V-shaped jaw bone, defined cheekbones is facial massage and exercise. Working out is the exercise for the body and facial exercises. Koreans practice speaking certain sounds like “O”, lifting eyebrows, Making fish face, pout face, kissing, and smiling exercises certain muscles, which not only align the shape of our face but also gives it an instant glow to increase blood circulation. 

4. Face steaming:

Face steaming is one of the most important skincare elements when it comes to K-beauty. Facial steaming helps to open the pores of our skin, removing all the dirt from the face, softening the blackheads on the skin, and removes all the impurities, and making products clogged in the pores. The hot air from the steamer improves the blood flow in the vessels. They use a very gentle fabric cloth for cleaning the impurities on the face after steaming. Steaming has many benefits but steaming should be avoided for regular use as your pores will not have enough time to close.

5. Double dose skincare: 

Koreans are successful in the skincare industry because they follow the rules of skincare religiously. Koreans put some extra effort into their skin to have maximum benefits. They double cleanse the skin, double hydration, double moisturization, and double eye mask. They use oil-based cleanser and foaming cleanser, lightweight moisturizer that results in smoother and refreshing skin.

8. Overnight masks: 

The Korean skincare industry is at the forefront of all skincare. They have introduced overnight masks so that the extract in the mask gets enough time to get absorbed into the skin to produce their magic.

Skin cells usually start their repairing activity at night, using overnight masks gives a rough tie to the ingredients to absorb slowly on her face and have replaced overnight creams. Our skin releases certain chemicals that increase moisture on the skin. The sheet mask acts as a  barrier and doesn’t let the moisture evaporate from our skin. 

overnight face masks
Woman with purifying mask on her face

9. Lips tints and  balms:

Koreans focus on the lip as much as the rest of the face. They use certain lip balms and tints to get the perfect pink plump lips.


Any type of skincare is only valuable and brings fruitful results when you are following all the instructions and taking care of your diet strictly. This is not skincare where you use products and follow a routine for a few days or one day. and expecting to get good results. You have to be consistent. Average car product requires  2-4 months to produce their effects. To get Korean Glass Skin you have to do a little hard work every day, instead of doing all the experiments on your skin in one day. 

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