History and Importance of Fashion

Brief History and Importance of Fashion

In this world nothing is constant. Life is just another name for a change. Every person has their way of living however, some people are more likely to adopt the living styles and ways of other people around them. Fashion means a way of doing something. It’s a way of expressing yourself. Self-expression is a very wide term in itself. One can express themselves in any way, it could be dressing, makeup, accessories, jewelry, hair, or any other aspect of their personality. But the important part of fashion that makes it such an essential part of our daily routine and the way it trends all over the world. People follow it people upgrade it and people make it part of their life and society.

Fashion is never the same for every generation. Every era has its demands. This is quite evident that fashion is a part of our life from an early age because a way of living exists forever in our life.

Appeal trend of the Victorian age
Appeal trend of the Victorian age

Periodic history of fashion trends

There have been many contrasting trends from the 12th century to this day. Here is a list of different trends throughout the centuries.

  • 12th Century – In the twelfth century, Norman Mosaics were highly in trend.
  • 14th Century – Italian gowns, Barbet, and fillet were trendy during the fourteenth century.
  • 16th Century – Long high-waisted gowns for women were very popular in the sixteenth century.
  • 18th Century – Full skirted knee-length coats were trendy in the eighteenth century.
  • 19th Century – Bonnets, Top hats, Bustles, and Petticoats were popular during the nineteenth century.
  • 20th Century – In the twentieth century everyone was roaming in Pants, Flappers, long coats, skirts, and tops.
  • 21st Century – Skin-Fitted Pants, Hoodies, Tunics, Pastel color patterns, Jackets, Mini Skirts, and Shirts were popular.

What is Fashion Cycle?

The period in which fashion exists for a short or a long span and keeps in trend is called Fashion Cycle.

Stages of the cycle:

A cycle consists of five stages.

  1. Introduction Stage
  2. Rise Stage
  3. Peak Stage
  4. Decline Stage
  5. Obsolescence Stage

Working on the cycles

Firstly it could be introduced and presented as it appeals to the eyes of the majority. Secondly, copies of it are entered in the market and bought and like by popularity. Thirdly, its peak period started which may consist of a long period or a short period when a specific trend is highly popular and accepted then comes the point when it starts to get bored and its popularity of it started to decrease. Lastly, with time it gets replaced by some new trends and people start rejecting the old ones.

We can never predict the lengths of a cycle. It depends on the society that how vast it gets accepted in the society. However, fashion is always been a center of attraction for a broad range of individuals who keep any certain style in trend or popularity. It no doubt helps to explain yourself. It is a way of self-expression of your body, personality, and mindset. Nowadays more than words or actions people get impressed by the stying sense of one another. Your maturity radiates from your style. It makes an excellent first impact on your personality. You reflect your self-worth from your good fashion sense.

Fashion sense could only be improved by more exposure to the world and a broader mindset. One can never be perfect in every aspect of life but can try to be perfect and up to date by learning more and more about fashion. So it is a never-ending phenomenon that exists in every era and is followed by a large number of individuals and no doubt fashion has been the huge criterion of self-acceptance in the world and is everlasting. It adds style, colors, and glamour to the world and is proven as a productive way of self-development for an individual.

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