7 Signs of emotionally intelligent people


We all have been obsessed with highly intelligent people and we keep asking questions if we are intelligent or not. In this article, we will get to know about the signs of highly intelligent people. 

1. Observe and embrace their feelings:

Emotionally intelligent people are aware of their feelings. If they are hurt, they know why they are feeling that way. They embrace their feelings. Instead of crying over the person who hurt them, they validate their feelings and look for the solutions that can help them to get rid of that feeling like they share their feelings with close people, engage themselves in a healthy activity, spend some time with nature and they don’t regret why they are feeling that way, they observe and embrace their feelings intelligently.

2. Empathetic:

Not only emotionally intelligent people are aware of their feelings but also of the people. High EQ helps them to understand the feelings of another person. People with high EQ are generally in tune with the emotions of another person. They can catch the energy of the other person . They can instantly recognize whether the person is sad, frustrated, happy, or angry. Emotionally intelligent people understand their emotions and feelings and they tackle the situation wisely instead of attacking someone with hurtful words when he or she is feeling frustrated or angry.

They are highly empathetic and they know how to use the right words to make the other person feel better.

3. Good Criticism Handlers:

Emotionally intelligent people are good criticism handlers. They don’t hate the person criticizing them. Rather, they have the strong affirmation that nobody’s perfect, we all have flaws and insecurities and so they are living in an imperfect world. They always take criticism to improve their personality flaws. The person who thinks he is perfect and always doing right can never improve. Perfection is not healthy as it will never let you improve who you are. Emotionally intelligent people know that they can never reach the false illusionary world of perfection. They accept that they have flaws and a lot of imperfections, they know the only thing: to give their best every time. So they integrate the advice in themselves and what they can learn from this criticism

4. Growth Mindset:

Emotionally intelligent people have a growth mindset. They don’t repent over their fate and do not get depressed when they fail. Instead, they see a room full of opportunities. They have a learning attitude and try to learn something new every day.

If you speed up one hour learning a new skill every day, then you will become an expert in that field in only five years.

Emotionally weak people are impatient about the results, when they fail, they become depressed and give up the current goal.  They are not ready for the investment of time, e energy, hard work, and consistency and it never let them out of their comfort zone, and with this retarded mindset, they can never grow.

5. Self-contentment and  Gratefulness:

Emotionally intelligent people are content with whatever they have.  They don’t compare themselves with others because it will only give headaches and depression to them. True self-contentment can be achieved only when you are grateful for the life you are living. Emotionally intelligent people may not be the richest person but they are not ungrateful complaining about why they are not rich. It’s the rule of nature that all people eat into created equal just like the fingers of your hand. Emotionally intelligent people compare their life with those who are living with limited resources or living hand to mouth or work to make both ends meet. This habit encourages them to be grateful for the life they are living.

Emotionally intelligent people do have dreams and goals to meet in their life, but they know that success can not be achieved overnight. Sometimes social media celebrities make success, a fantasy, where they give false hopes to make money quickly in six months or 1 year. This is not going to make you rich, you have to be fucking hardworking every day and consistently. Emotionally intelligent people are content with their current financial state.

6. They know when to say know:

Emotionally intelligent people have some traits that make people respect them.  These kinds of people are respectable because they don’t change things at the last moment, rather they have priorities and they don’t say yes to every event that comes their way. When something doesn’t sit perfectly with their priorities and values they are more than happy to say not to the other person. They know there is nothing wrong with it and this will make people respect you, they know that you are not easily accessible and that makes people respect you.

7. Emotionally intelligent people are curious:

Emotionally intelligent people are curious, they love to know about people and the different personalities of people around them. They are not passive, they are highly active and passionate about learning new things. Emotionally intelligent when they see something incredible or surprising or mind-blowing they ask questions like why? How? What? For being curious about something you have to think outside the box and shift your pattern of thinking about certain things from one way to another. These are intriguing questions that keep them engaged and highly intelligent than the rest of the people.


Psychologists believe that having a high Emotional Quotient is highly important to be called an intelligent person.  The people who can handle and observe their emotional, social skills, relationship management, and people handling are signs of intelligent people.  Moreover, to advance practical life, you need to deal with people and it will be a daily practice in your life where you have to deal with people. If you want o to learn more about emotional intelligence, read the book “ Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman”. This book provides great insight into emotional intelligence, high EQ, and how to become emotionally intelligent in academic, social and practical life. 

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