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3 Very Simple Homemade Tips to brighten up your dark underarms at home

3 best ways to darken arms

       3 Very Simple Homemade Tips to brighten up your dark underarms at home

Underarms have thick dark hair naturally, and this hair can cause foul smell and sometimes infections in the underarms. It is, therefore, necessary to remove hair. Many creams, sprays, and razors are available in the market to remove hair from underarm. Underarms are also waxed, but it is very painful. These hairs are removing sprays, creams and razors can blacken the under arms. As there is a great amount of chemical present in it, and this makes the underarms look bad. Particularly when someone is wearing shirts with no sleeves, this is embarrassing too. There are three amazing and very simple homemade tips to lighten these dark underarms. These homemade pastes are magical when it comes to lightening and brighten the dark underarms.

Following are the three easiest ways to lighten the dark underarms.

1.      Apply potato paste on underarms

Potato is known for its bleaching properties. It does wonder when it comes to lightening the skin. For lightening the dark underarms, this is one of the less time-consuming homemade tips.

Peel a potato, cut it into small slices and then grind it. After the potato becomes a paste completely, apply it on the underarms for fifteen to twenty minutes and try to wash it off with water. Keep doing this for some days and the dark underarms will go away.

Potato does not cause irritation to skin like citrus fruits that have bleaching agents and therefore it is the best way to lighten the skin.

2.      Put baking soda paste on underarms

Another homemade paste for lightening the underarms is baking soda paste. Like all other ingredients, this one is also available at home. To make this paste, just add some water to baking soda and make a paste. Put this paste on underarms and rub it slowly and gently so that all the dead skins are out. Wash this paste and then with a towel or a handkerchief, pat the underarms dry.

3.      Apply coconut oil on underarms

Coconut oil is the best homemade remedy for the underarms. It has healing properties and therefore it is usually used for massage. Put coconut oil in a microwave oven for ten seconds and then massage the underarms for ten minutes. Take cotton and dip it in water so it is wet and clean the oil off the underarm. Wash the underarms now to completely get rid of the oil. To get best results, apply coconut oil three times a week. These homemade solutions do not have any side effects unless there’s a medical condition that is causing the darkening of underarms. If this is the case, then refrain from using any of these homemade advises and take a doctor’s advice. Dark underarms are often due to chemicals in hair removing creams and deodorants along with sweating and for this, the homemade pastes work the best.

If the usage of these remedies is stopped and the use of chemicals is continued, the underarms might start darkening again, so it is best to add the application of these remedies to the routine. Please avoid using such type of creams that infected the skins and the consequences are very dangerous. Applying coconut oil is the best solution that cleans the underarm and protect them from the chemical side effects. This is the best home remedy to lighten the darker arms, use it on a daily basis, and the results will be awesome in coming days.

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