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10 Best Self-Help Books


Every book is a self-help book if you can learn something from it. All self-help books are not the same, some books bring change in your personality, thoughts, mindset, or your way of living. Some books help to develop good personal relationships, family, and professional life. Books are highly impactful in our lives and help us to achieve success in life

You become what you read


1. Think and grow rich:

This book is written by great Author Napoleon Hill in 1937. He studied the most successful persons of his lifetime including Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison. This book will give you a deep insight into how successful people think and how their passion and strong imagination helped them to achieve goals. It is based on facts, spiritual truth, the law of attraction, and wisdom that will make you wonder. Moreover, this book covers every aspect of life in a very profound manner and will change your life.

2. Awaken the giant within:

This is one of the best self-help written by Tony Robbins. It is the most effective book if you are looking for relationship advice, finances, confidence, and finding purpose. This book illustrates that every person has an inner giant within that can change their way of thinking. By taking advantage of each chapter of this book, you can produce giant results in your by maximizing your potential and raising your standards and beliefs.

3 Alchemist:

This is a fiction book written by Paulo Coelho. You may be wondering how fiction can help in self-grooming but this book has life-changing lessons about the meaning and purpose of life. The magical story of Santiago and his quest for searching for treasure, his burning desire of achieving his dreams, and following his dreams helped him reach his goal after paying a high price. If you are looking for guidance, the essential wisdom of listening to your heart and how life provides you hiding omens to achieve your goal. The most favorite part of the book is cited below

The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.

The Alchemist

4. 7 Habits of highly effective people:

This book by Stephen R.Covey is one of the best-selling books of all time. This book is great for those looking for a guide to the habits of highly successful people. The real power of this book is to live with integrity and fairness and how to manage personal and professional life. This book has a powerful combination of effective habits that will affect your productivity, time management, self-awareness, positive thinking, and how to apply these principles in your life.

7. The power of now:

This book by Eckhart Tolle is based on spiritual practice. It is one of those books that can change your whole perspective of viewing life and focuses on transforming your inner-self and how to focus on the present and live in the present moment without worrying about the future or past. This book is one of those books that can help you to achieve eternal happiness connecting you with soul and inner peace. It is highly recommended if you want to come over the challenges and difficulties in your life.


6. Rich dad poor dad:

This book by Robert Kiyosaki is for perfect you if you are looking for financial education. It gives some basic principles on how to manage money and finances, and how to invest in assets, and real estate. This book also compares the mindset of having a job and business and illustrates how money can work for you and why you need to get financial education before starting a business. It is a great foundation book for beginners who wants to improve financial intelligence by knowing about investing, liabilities, and cash flow.

One of the reasons the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle-class struggles in debt is because the subject of money is taught at home, not in school. Most of us learn about money from our parents. So what can a poor parent tell their child about money? They simply say “Stay in school and study hard.” The child may graduate with excellent grades but with a poor person’s financial programming and mindset. It was learned while the child was young.

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich dad Poor dad

7. How to win friends and influence people:

This is one of the best self-help books that contain the basic strategies and principles on how to communicate effectively in your professional life and deal with difficult people. Good communication is a skill that you can learn by practicing some right tactics. A business guidebook on how to interact with people and most importantly how to win an argument without making enemies. After all, it’s all about how you communicate with other people and is the best book ever.

8. The magic of thinking big:

This book by David J.Schwatrz. reveals the secrets of success and how to use the mind to achieve higher levels of success. This book gives solid methods on how to earn more money, and manage personal life and job. This proves that you can be intellectual in your life by changing your thought, showing how to think BIG, and encouraging your inner belief. A guided gateway to achieving success, leadership, satisfying relationships, and inner contentment.

9. 48 laws of power:

This self-help book by Robert Greene is life-changing, guiding how to use the power for your benefit and how to save yourself from the abuse of power. This book is informative, funny, and insightful at the same time and how to control yourself by gaining power, teaching self-confidence, mastery, and how to save yourself from the cunning and destructive people, the laws described are subtle, literary, and fascinating.

10. Atomic habits:

This book is REAL GOLD! If you find this book resting on the shelf of a chop, grab as many copies as much as you can(gift the rest of the books to your friends). It mainly focuses on how to build a habit and how to get rid of a  bad habit. This book has some helpful real-life examples that you can implement in your life and you will love to read this book again and again because it has insightful strategies and rules that are life-transforming. It illustrates how habits can change your behavior, thoughts, and outcomes that will lead to change in your personality. If you want to develop good habits, get your hands on this book.


These are some self-help books that can help you to build your character, habits, and personality and can transform your way of thinking and lead you to spiritual practice, divine God, and change your whole perspective of seeing life. Books you read influence you so be careful what you read because bad books can distract you from the purpose of your life and you cannot achieve what you want to achieve.

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