Why do you need a Best Friend?


In your whole life, you make a lot of friends like friends in school, friends in the neighborhood, friends in games, friends in the office, and many more. But in all these friends you see that only 1 or 2 friends understand you more and accept you the way you are. They love you with all your imperfections and never complain about that. Those 1 or 2 friends are your best friends. Having a best friend who loves you and be there for you through thick and thin is no less than a blessing. Having arguments in friendship is normal just like in every relationship but how quickly you sort things out tells you the strength of your relationship.

Life without best friends is incomplete. They are the reason that you enjoy your life a little more. You know you have a best friend who can hold you when you fall. They celebrate your success and happiness more than you and never judge you. Friends will come and go but best friends stay forever. There will be a moment when every friend will become busy in their own life but best friends will always have time for you no matter how busy they’ll become.

So here are some qualities of a best friend which make them unique and special from others:

1. Best friend listen to you carefully

Like any other relationship, the best friendship becomes strong and valuable when you listen carefully to each other. Best friends try to understand each other’s points of view. Sometimes we just need to let things out and we need a person who can listen to us carefully without judging us. If you have best friends in your life go and talk to them they will listen to your feelings.

2. Best friend always keep in touch

Other friends come into your life for a certain period of time. They will come and after some time you are not important and special to them as you were before. So they will cut you off from their lives. This is not the case with best friends. They will come and will stay for you forever. No matter how close and far from each other physically, they will always have time for each other. You will be a permanent part of their lives.

Best friend quote
Best friend quote

3. Best friends are good and bad time buddies

Sharing a good time with your best friend will enhance your happiness 2 times more. It will create your bond stronger. Sharing happy moments with your best friend makes your life richer. Best friends share laughs, memories, jokes, and especially when you achieve anything significant. There is no meaning in that success if you don’t have best friends to celebrate with.

A best friend stands by your side no matter what. They will make you laugh when you think that you’ll never smile again. Best friend gives their shoulder to cry. They will pick you up from every downfall. Best friends wipe your tears and motivate you to fight back. Friends will stay with you in your happy times but not in your tough times. So, those who stay in your bad times, are your best friends.

Best friend quote
Best friend quote

4. Best friends are your extended family

You can’t choose your family but you can choose your best friend. Best friends are your extended family like a brother from another mother or sister from another mister. You can also have best friends in your family as well like your sister cousin or even your parents. But mostly you have your best friends from outside your family. Because sometimes there some problems between and your family like you feel misunderstood, ignored or misjudged. In these times best friends come and give you all that which even your family doesn’t give you.

5. Best friends are your best critique

A true best friend will never always praise you even when you are doing wrong. They will tell you without sugar-coating what is right and what is wrong. They will support you in public no matter what but in alone time they will criticize your bad things and that is one of the best qualities of a best friend. There’s criticism will help you to be a better person. Sometimes you are not facing the reality and keep hiding from it. A best friend will show you the reality in the best way possible and give you honest opinions. Best friends know you very well in and out and sometimes better than your own self. So their criticism has very much important and you have to pay attention to it. Their criticism will help you to be a better version of yourself.

My best friend is the one who brings the best out in me

–Henry Ford

6. Best friends are your health boosters

Best friends are needed for your healthy and happy life. A healthy relationship with your best friend will create a healthy environment around you. Having best friends will lower your stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, etc. Close friendship also decreases the risk of many other health problems like heart problems and diabetes, etc.

7. Best friend help you to reach your goals

You always need continuous motivation to stay on track of reaching your goals. Best friends give you that motivation and always keep their eye on you to see whether you are growing or not. Your goals can be anything whether is to be fit or give up smoking or get your ideal job or do certain things to improve your life. Motivation from your best friend will boost your willpower. Your best friend’s encouragement will increase your chances of success.

8. Best friends are your comfort zone

A best friend will accept you the way you are with all your good and bad habits. So, they will become your comfort zone. You don’t need to hide anything in front of your best friend. You can share anything with them very easily because you know that your best friend will never judge you or understand your feelings. You can easily share that side with your best friend which you hide from everyone. Best friends are the best secret keepers. Your best friend will be your secret diary in which you pinned down all you inner details of your life. And you become an open book to them because they know every small detail of your life.

Best friend quote
Best friend quote

9. Best friends are loyal and trustworthy

You will always need a best friend who is loyal and trustworthy to you. We all need a best friend who will be there and loyal to you when even your own self is not there for you to feel better. A best friend is one with whom you can fully trust and share your deep dark secrets and feelings. You can trust them that they will always stand at your back and never let you fall.

So, a best friend is one of the priceless treasures that you have. If you have a best friend never ever even think of leaving them because not everyone has this beautiful God’s blessing. Tell your best friend how important he or she is in your life.

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