Your Reading Personality And Some Interesting Facts


We readers cannot be assumed all to be the exact same, no matter what the rest of the world believe. We have a number of different reading styles and choices. Like other personality analyses, your reading personality is usually very genuine and diversified which enables any person to tell a lot about yourself. What type of reader do you think you’re? Are you a Chronic reader? A Display reader? A Messy reader? Or possibly a mix of some?

Listed below are 11 typical reading personalities. Are you able to identify these reading personalities that you experience yourself or observed around you?

Book and a cup of tea
Don’t we all count on recommendations and reviews sometimes?!

1. The “Flick through” Reader

This particular reader has a tendency to read at other worldly speeds. Having said that, upon deeper inspection, you discover that this reader just skims through page to page and dialogue to dialogue, doesn’t bother reading through prolonged paragraphs of descriptive writing  and comes back to read the detailed texts only if something doesn’t seem to make sense in later chapters. This reader generally is aware of the plots and characters in the stories they read, however if you start asking them about details, you will probably find their knowledge inadequate.

2. The “Sluggish but Consistent” Reader

This specific reading personality is definitely the complete opposite of the “Flick through” reader. They don’t feel the urge to get to know the plot in a go so rather than speeding through the books to get at the conclusion, they take their time and focus just about every word in every single passage gradually and thoroughly. They might also feel challenged to read through their books for extended period of times as they realize they are getting busier in routine life. It may take this reader months to get to finish a book, however they know their books perfectly when they’re done. Considering that reading a book is absolutely an important commitment for this reader, so naturally they take time and care when deciding on their next book and depend greatly on the recommendations of their friends who read quicker than them.

The comfort of an E-reader with a hot cup of coffee.

3. The “Two-Times” Reader

This reading personality gets its trait from the “Flick through” reader as well as the “Sluggish but Consistent” reader. This reader initially rushes through the book so that they know the plot and the way it concludes, after that they read the book all over again and this time around they make sure to go slow, take their time and enjoy all the intricacies. So the second time they truly enjoy their book which they won’t have otherwise, given that they aren’t desperate to find out how it all ends.

4. The “Audio” Reader

Although this reader hasn’t “read” a book by looking at a book with their eyes, in along time but probably has finished more books than any others reader. Because what they do is listen to book after book while hiking, scrubbing the kitchen, driving to their workplace, on long car journeys, at the lake, while in the shower, or at any time of the day. Since this reader can multitask by tuning in to their books while performing a number of other chores, you’ll discover that they’ve read a good number of books. On the other hand, as not all books come with their audio versions, they count on books common enough to have audio versions, they don’t usually know books by smaller publishers or authors.

5. The “Living with the Characters” Reader

Every one of us know a reader who falls all over for the books they are reading – so desperately that after they finish a series or a novel which they really enjoy, these people have a difficult time starting a new novel. You might have heard someone telling you:

“I just finished so-and-so book or collection and now I don’t know what to do with my life anymore”.

That is due to the fact that they’re so emotionally involved to the characters in the last novel and aren’t prepared to get acquainted with new characters yet. So instead, this reader usually gets to the internet to discover all the add-ons and interviews the author has published regarding their book, and also to find other fan communities where they are able to talk about and browse theories, read through fan-fiction, and at times even start crafting fan-fiction on their own.

Illustration of a book and tea

6. The “Display” Reader

This reader possesses a mini library with books beautifully displayed in fancy bookshelves, however if you take a closer look, you can spot a number of books from best sellers or the books which have movies or shows produced after them. This is due to the fact that while this reader really likes books and idea of reading, and perhaps happened to be an incredible reader in their youth, they typically get no or very little time to read books anymore. So their book collections are actually for show, considering that they’re somewhat away from the reading community. This reader possibly does read a book or two yearly, but if you asked them, they will convince you they read more than that.

7. The “Philosophic” Reader

They like to read books about philosophy, or with deep plots that somehow cause you to think. Probably, most of the readers, find this genre dry specially those who read for fun. These Scholar readers feel more accomplished when they finish a book which was harder to read in the first place. They love books that they feel broaden their existing knowledge, and love letting you know about all of the interesting things they learnt after they finish a book. Even though they won’t say it but they often look down upon people who just like to read for fun. Also, they are continuously suggesting you to read whatever book they’ve most recently read, because they’re looking for people to talk about it but they hardly know any folks who enjoy such type of books.

8. The “Messy” Reader

Ok this one is an interesting reading personality. This reader cannot simply take one book and read cover to cover, but they typically have a couple of books around the house or in their bag, reading all at once and read chapters alternatively from each. This reader sometimes leave a book in the middle and then read it after a couple of months or even a year from where they left. Most of them can’t read an entire series back to back, and alternatively take breaks throughout to read various kinds of books. This reader usually reads all genres of books and can choose the next book to read just like that. By reading several books at the same time, they give themselves a break from the books they aren’t enjoying as much, but nonetheless would like to finish.

Joy of starting a newbook
The joy of starting a new book from one of your favorite authors.

9. The “Chronic” Reader

As the name suggests, if you decide to place a bookcase in front of this reader, they might begin with the very first book, read it to conclusion, then grab the second book, finish it, and continue doing that until they had read every book on the bookcase and after that they would move to a second bookcase. They are not specifically slow or fast, however their defining attribute is consistency. You will always see them reading a book and they usually always read that book to completion. It is possible that they may not appreciate every book they’ve ever read, however they get a sense of strong discomfort at the idea of not completing, therefore they tolerate through it to be able to get the next book.

10. The “One Genre” Reader

Whether they choose romance, fantasy, thriller or any other genre, they read only one genre and has remained true to that genre for as long as they remember. They may be well informed about their genre, and know unpopular authors who have written significantly better books in their opinion which other people would not know of. They read any and every book in this genre irrespective of how big or small an author is. A book that fits their genre, they’ll try it out. These readers show minimal interest in books that don’t match their genre.

11. The “Devotee” Reader

This reader is likely to read a handful of books until eventually they come across one book that they really love and enjoy. When they discover a book that they love, they get to look up the author and read just about every book that author has published. Furthermore, this reader often follows this author on social websites and subscribe for their newsletters. They will always talk about how they pre-ordered a new book that their favorite author has just released. Once they’ve finished reading all the books of their favorite author, they begin the whole process of reading new books again until they hit another rare gem of an author. Ultimately, this reader usually has about 5 to 10 authors that they follow devotedly.

Old collection of books.
Before these all found a new home and a new reader.

What is your reading personality? I think I am a combination of “Flick Through”, “Display” and definitely a “Messy” reader! Share with your book-lover friends too and let us know what results you get. It would be interesting to get to know your reading personality type in the comments.

Happy reading. 🙂

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