Why Guys Love Meat So Much And How To Make It Healthier?


Nearly every ad with a big, juicy burger or steak seems to feature manly hands wrapped around the bun or slicing into that piece of meat. But are men really obsessed with meat? And if so — is it a healthy desire?

The statistics show that Americans are definitely a nation of voracious meat eaters — with beef being at the top of the list. And men in particular definitely dig beef.

Manly Meat?

“Meat is considered a masculine food,” says Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons psychiatry professor Drew Ramsey, M.D., co-author of The Happiness Diet. “The cultural notion is that masculinity is directly associated with grilling and eating animals.” As Ramsey explains, there is definitely something primal to men when it comes to their carnivorous ways.

And that’s fine, in moderation. The issue, he says, is that the quality of what they’re eating is often unhealthy. “Men are consuming poor-quality meat,” says Dr. Ramsey. “A lot of men love processed meats such as deli meats and love to grill — this can have a big impact on someone’s health,” he says. A diet high in processed meats, for example, may greatly increase the risk of developing heart disease, for example. Meanwhile, eating meats cooked at very high temperatures — think charred grilled steaks — is linked to an increase in cancer. In fact, poor meat choices can lead to a plethora of health issues including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a very manly concern: erectile dysfunction.

With this in mind, guys might want to check out some other foods and choose better cuts/quality of meats.“When you grill–don’t char your food and think about grilling  fish and veggies with some grass-fed beef,” Ramsey suggests. (The American Heart Assocation has tips on healthy grilling.)

How to Eat Meat and Live

So don’t ditch the beef altogether if you love it. Just think about how you use it a little differently. Dr. Ramsey has some meaty tips:

  • Don’t eat on the run — stop for 10 minutes and consider what you’re about to put in your mouth.
  • Use meat to flavor your food rather than as the centerpiece: sprinkle some bacon on some veggies–you still get the flavor but less of the fat
  • Give fish a try — if you enjoy grilling, try shrimp or salmon
  • Eat mindfully! Plan ahead and pack snacks for on the go rather than cruising into the nearest drive-through.

Get adventurous. There is nothing manlier than someone who cares about their health and stays in shape remember that!

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