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Why Clear Aligners Are Becoming So Popular?

what is clear aligner

Beautifully straight, properly aligned teeth can make a huge difference in your smile and self-confidence. However, perfectly straight teeth are rare in nature. Many people suffer from slight to severe misalignments. However, clear aligners suggest an alternative option for misalignment. While minor alignment issues may be primarily cosmetic, more intricate or severe alignment issues might result in several other complications. Since crooked or crowded teeth are more difficult to clean. They are at a higher risk of cavities and decay. When your bite pattern is disrupted by crooked teeth, you may develop the temporomandibular joint disorder. Moreover, a severe illness that causes chronic jaw pain and headaches.

Alignment issues can correct with orthodontics but for a long time. It meant wearing metal or ceramic braces can use for several years. That’s a lot of time to deal with the irritations of a mouthful of wires and brackets. However, clear aligners suggest an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces. They’ve proven to be a popular choice not just among teenagers but also among adults. Here’s some information on how it works and why people love it.

What is a Clear Aligner?

Clear aligner therapy works similarly to traditional braces in that it gradually moves teeth. However, clear aligner therapy is sometimes known as “clear aligners” or “invisible braces.” Traditional orthodontic treatment has become nearly invisible and removable thanks to clear aligners. Clear aligners can easily remove for eating, brushing, flossing, or social events for short periods.

How Clear Aligner Works?

The same principle is applicable to clear aligners as it does to metal braces. At the outset of their treatment, the patient gets many aligner trays. They wear each one for two weeks before switching to a new one that moves their teeth closer to the target point. By applying force to the teeth, metal braces can gradually move a person’s teeth into a healthier alignment.

To be effective, the patient must wear their clear aligners for at least 22 hours each day. The aligners can simply remove to avoid interfering with eating and oral hygiene. However, metal braces can fix in place after a dentist puts them. Braces can make eating difficult and prevent you from brushing and flossing your teeth.

Since clear aligners are made of transparent rigid plastics. They are nearly invisible while in use. One of the main reasons why people prefer transparent aligners to metal braces is that the latter is difficult to overlook.

How clear aligner works
How clear aligner works

Advantages Of Clear Aligner 

Clear aligners may be more tempting if you want to correct crowded or crooked teeth but don’t want to wear wires and braces. These appliances are more pleasant to wear and provide a more discrete way of tooth straightening. Aligners have a unique design that helps reshape irregularly gapped teeth and straighten them.

Clear Aligners Are Almost Invisible:

Clear aligners are exactly what their name implies: They’re clear which means they’re virtually undetectable while you’re wearing them. Most people would have to get up close and personal with their teeth to even suspect you were wearing them. One of the most popular features among clear aligner users is the discreet design which allows patients to undergo treatment without feeling self-conscious about the look of their teeth.

Moreover, If your job needs a lot of social interaction, your smile is extremely important because it communicates to others that you are approachable, kind, and trustworthy. Clear aligners will provide you with the confidence you need to keep smiling at work.

It’s Getting Easier to Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene:

Apart from the ability to remove the aligners when eating, another advantage of removable transparent aligners is the ability to fully clean your gums, teeth, and other dental parts. Removable aligners can clean separately, and you won’t have to worry about brushing around sensitive wires and brackets with your toothbrush.

Your Treatment Time Will Cut In Half:

When it comes to treatment time, clear aligners can reduce treatment time in half when compared to metal braces. Clear aligners may usually treat your alignment problem in as little as twelve months, but traditional metal braces might take up to two years to complete. Only your dentist can adequately advise you and provide an estimate of treatment duration depending on your specific alignment problems.

Less Prone To Injuries And Chronic Conditions:

Teeth that are misaligned can be harmful to your mouth and overall health. Teeth that are misaligned can grind against each other, causing enamel damage. Protruding teeth can also hurt the inside of your mouth, producing discomfort. However, misaligned teeth can cause speech difficulties and headaches. You can fix your current dental difficulties and safeguard your mouth from future problems with aligners.

They’re Extremely Comfortable :

Aligners can custom made for each patient to ensure a secure and comfortable fit even while sleeping. The aligners are also perfectly smooth because they’re made of sturdy plastic materials. This is a significant change when compared to traditional braces which have sharp brackets and wires that might irritate your lips.

You Stay Away From Metal Brace Pitfalls

Metal braces have several disadvantages that transparent aligners do not. Traditional metal brace wearers face several difficulties, including:

  • Oral Abrasion:

Abrasion-type injuries to the inside of the mouth caused by broken brackets and wires poking loose are a typical problem for many people who wear metal braces. Clear aligners cure the problem completely because there are no brackets or wires to contend with.

  • Flossing Challenges:

It’s no secret that flossing teeth that are braced with metal brackets and wires are difficult to the point where some unhappy young patients stop flossing entirely while their braces are on. However, clear aligners can remove for brushing and flossing, removing this problem and allowing flossing to continue without delay.

  • Discoloration Risk:

White spot lesions are rare side effects that can occur after a long period of wearing metal braces – the brackets might discolor, causing an undesirable mismatch on the teeth. Fixing this problem might be difficult because this type of discoloration does not respond well to most whitening treatments. Since there are no brackets linked to your teeth to create discoloration, clear smile alignment treatment is less likely to cause this problem than metal braces.

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