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What is depression?

Depression phase of a victim

We all are aware that life is a bed of roses. People enjoy their favorite meal, have fun, meet up with favorite people, listen to music and the list goes on. These all are the happy ingredients of life and people use them for increasing the taste of existence. Many people fear death because they don’t want that these essentials should go away. They want to feed the soul continually for satisfaction. All of these components are so obvious and everybody takes them for granted. It is providing us life and we live it accordingly. What if life is without them? It seems meaningless and suffocating to live in a void scenario.

How it feels to remain depress, just like darkness has surrounded you around.
Depressive thoughts

There is no doubt in all those factors are providing us life but have you ever wondered that despite availability, someone is living an empty life? All these components are not giving pleasure to someone? I know it seems weird but this is how life goes on. Life may be a bed of roses for you but at the same time, it is also a bed of fire for the one who is suffering. Not everybody feels charming from the tone of the music, not everybody enjoys his favorite meal.

The whole scenario which is at the back of his head will not let him enjoy them. Even if they try to be optimistic, the truly dominant-negative site of their insights will not allow them to grab. If you dare to think about it, life is meaningless, hopeless, and empty for all such victims. Every new day and they don’t want to continue their life but still, they pretend it. They are living dead bodies and pretending to live in the form of zombies. How far they can continue to endure the pain, nobody knows.

We call it depression:

Now the question is that what has made them so miserable? Why they are suffering in such a way that there is no hope but future fear. Maybe they are patients of a disease? But if it is so then why there is no symptom of the disease on the body so that we can come to know the intensity? Perhaps we do ignore them just because we are unable to see any marks of the incident on the body. If it is not visible, that does not mean, it doesn’t exist. We call those sufferings and diseases depression. They are depression patients or maybe they are suffering the most among them all. In this article, we will have a discussion about it. The cause of the depression and what exactly happens with them that they suffer adversely. This awareness aims to urge people to be caring and worried for them rather than ignoring or passing judgments. The backlash from people throws them further behind and it adds much more to an already existing mess.  

Depressive disorder:

Depression is also known as a depressive disorder. It is one of the most serious mental illnesses that affect people in a way, how they feel and act accordingly. It makes you remain sad most of the time and you lose interest in the things that other people enjoy or you once had enjoyed them. Unfortunately, it will give you many physical or mental worries and can even make you unable to work at your home/ college.

Symptoms of depression:

It is so obvious that the symptom of depression is not like any other disease. For example, if you are suffering from tuberculosis, your skin color becomes pale, you lose weight, etc. In the same way, if you are having kidney failure, your body is unable to filter the blood and you have to go for dialysis. But as far as depression symptoms are concerned, most of us are unable to diagnose because of the absence of any visible symptoms. Following are some of the symptoms associated with this disease. You can diagnose your problem on your own and an expert will do it for you on the basis of such signs.

Some of the major symptoms of the depression that does not let you to do your work peacefully.
Symptoms of depression
  • For most of the time, you are feeling sad.
  • We have lost interest in the activities that were very dear and enjoyable for you once.
  • There is a sudden change in appetite pattern and you started losing and gaining weight which is not related to your diet.
  • Sleeping disorder in which you lose your sleep or started sleeping too much.
  • You started devaluing yourself and for most of the time you are guilty.
  • There is difficulty in thinking and you are unable to take any firm decision.
  • There is a storm of the negative thoughts in your mind that convinces you to commit suicide for getting rid.

If all of these symptoms are persisting for more than two weeks then you are likely of being a patient. If it fades away after a few days then you can call it anxiety or sadness rather than a disorder. Also if you are having vitamin deficiency or a thyroid problem then it can favor it. So it is compulsory to rule out these problems.

Which age group is vulnerable to being a victim?

According to estimation, one in every 15 adults is a victim of depression every year. One in six people will experience the trauma at a time in their whole life. It shows that it can attack at any time but mostly it appears from the late teens to the ’20s. Women are more vulnerable to be affected by depression rather than men. A study shows that one-third of the women will face the consequences during their life span. It is also incorporated in our gens. It means that it is likely to be transferred from parents to the offspring.

Difference of sadness or depression:

It is quite natural to be sad over certain things. For example, if you have lost your beloved one, experienced an accident, or an abusive emotional trauma, you will very sad after that. It is because these are not good life experiences. Also, you have two emotional behaviors which are incorporated into us naturally. One is being happy and the other is being sad over certain things.

Sadness should not be confused with depression. Are those symptoms are natural but they all are persisting and affecting you differently then there is a matter of being worried about it. The intense sadness and grieve are affecting you day by day in such a way that you are unable to carry your daily tasks easily. You can point out some of the major differences from the following points.

  • If you have lost your beloved one, painful feelings will come in the form of waves and they will be intermixed with the happy moments that you have spent with the deceased. In depression, the sadness will persist for more than two weeks.
  • Sadness will not sacrifice your self-esteem and you are motivated to become better in future. But in depression, there is no hope for betterment rather you fear of further darkness in future.
  • In grief you may be sad about the loss but at the same time you may think about rejoining with the deceased once in after life. But in depression you are only focused on the loss and consider you week enough for carrying the burden of the pain. So all you want is to end your own life and go to the same place as deceased has gone.

You should also keep it in your mind that both depression and grieve can co-exist sometimes. You may be extremely sad after a loss and the sadness is not giving you relief at any cost. As the result, the grief will take the shape of depression at the end.

Certain risk factors for depression:

Depression can surround anyone. Even the one, who is living a very ideal life and does not own any particular reason to be worried about in his life, can be a victim. There are some factors that can contribute to depression.

Certain risk factors that make you victim at the end.
Depression risk factors
  • The change in the biochemistry of the brain such as there is production of certain chemicals or some of the hormonal changes to cause the risk.
  • It may be incorporated in the gens. For example, even if there are identical twins and one is suffering from depression. Now there are 70% chances that the other will also suffer from depression in his life span.
  • Our personality can also effect and cause the consequences. If you are a person with low esteem and self- confidence, then you are vulnerable to experience it at any stage.
  • There are certain environmental factors which are responsible. For example, living in a surrounding which is very abusive and traumatizing can put you in danger. Those hard and abusive experiences can affect your enduring power and at the end you may also be the one who is standing in the row of victims. Obviously you were a victim and the whole scenario has made you a victim if mental disorder.

Treatment for depression:

Falling into depressive disorder is quite natural. We can’t stop it. But we can help ourselves in this regard.

Defensive mechanism:

There is a natural defensive mechanism in our body to resist problems such as infection, disease, etc. So at the first stage, we have to resist it on our own rather than directly going for medication or any other therapy. For this purpose, you can find various ways such as keeping yourself distant from things that bother you and forces you to overthink. As the result, you experience fits and anxiety. Also, try to keep yourself busy as much as you can because once you are indulged in work, your mind will not be able enough to grant you consequences.

There is another way out, you can talk to the one about whom you think that he/she may understand your problem. Instead of restricting mess to your and taking all burden on yourself alone, you can share it with another person. Crying and discussing the matter can release enough chaos that lies inside. Always keep it in your mind that nobody can help you until you help yourself. You have to decide first that if you want rectifications or not. Decide it and then work accordingly.

Medical assistance:

If the disorder has surrounded you in a massive circle and you are unable to fight with it alone then you can go for medical assistance. There are specialists in this field who can listen, understand or recommend best for you. After complete and keen analysis they can diagnose your problem and recommend therapy or effective medications in this regard. You should acknowledge a fact that anti-depressants can give you the worst side effects in the end. So you have to avoid them as much as you can and then go for it at a very later stage.

Initially, therapy can work best for you. Daily dose of depressants can deprive you of sleep, stomach problem, kidney problem, etc. And in the later stage, it can shape your disorder into another worst form. But it is not all about shortcomings. There are many patients who are out there for medication or therapy and then after a certain period of time they can enjoy their life like others. Always remember your mental health is much more important than any other stuff. If you will not be there then all of the remaining objects are of no use. So care about it as a priority and then think about anything else.

Wrapping up/Conclusion:

Depression is an unavoidable disorder. Nobody is sad or even happy with the choice. Life provides us various opportunities to live it happily. But not all of us feel them in the same way. Music tone can give enjoyable to a listener but at the same time, it may be meaningless for the other. One of the saddest or unfortunate things is that there are no visible symptoms of the disorder on the body of the victim so you are ignorant to recognize them. You become worried if you listened to the heart failure of a person but you are not caring about the one who is losing his mind day by day. Perhaps one of the biggest causes is the lack of awareness about it.

There is a difference between sadness and depression. Sadness will take off the burden with time but depression will persist and your life will become suffocating with time. Also, there are several risks that can put you in danger of having the disease with time. All you need to care about is to get assistance in this regard. At an initial stage, try to help your own in various ways. And if it does not seem working then you can take medical assistance.

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