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Toxic morning habits to quit immediately


We all want to adopt new morning habits because we know that we can do more productive work in the morning than at any other time. But we always forget that we must remove our toxic morning habits first before adopting new ones. Because you can’t have bad and good habits at the same time. 

So, in this guide, we will try to figure out some toxic morning habits that should be removed from your life immediately to live a better life. 

So, let’s quickly fall into the depths of toxic morning habits.


Sleeping is one of the most toxic morning habits because most of us are always off the alarm and think about sleeping more in the morning, and we even do it without fear of our product working. That’s why you should avoid this habit.

Try not to sleep back when your alarm goes off because it makes you more tired, disturbs your daily routine, and makes you lazy as well. Furthermore, you won’t be able to do more productive work because of sleep deprivation.

Drinking high caffeine 

According to a study, 80 percent of people drink coffee and tea in the morning. But some of them drink a lot of coffee and tea. Drinking extra coffee and tea more often than recommended may cause anxiety, depression, heart and sleep issues, and cancer. Therefore, try to decrease the amount of coffee, tea, soft drinks in the morning to live a healthy life. 

Skipping breakfast 

You may think that skipping breakfast can lead to weight loss and some other benefits.  According to a study, people who skip breakfast usually take extra minerals and vitamins per day. That’s why if you are thinking that skipping breakfast can cause weight loss, it isn’t true because breakfast decreases the chances of overfilling. Never skip breakfast because it may lead to the intake of extra calories.

Furthermore, having a good breakfast is the habit of a successful person. Breakfast keeps you energetic all day, so you can do better work.

Avoiding the benefits of yoga and exercise daily. 

Try not to forget and neglect the advantages of doing yoga and exercise in the morning because it keeps you healthy and fit. It also reduces the risk of health problems like depression, asthma, weight gain, etc. That’s why you should always give 20–30 minutes daily to your yoga and exercise in the morning. 


Our bodies cannot remain hydrated for the long term. That’s why when you sleep for 7-8 hours. You first need to be hydrated in the morning to enjoy healthful benefits.

If you won’t drink 10-15 glasses daily, then it may cause low blood pressure, headaches, skin issues, and heart issues as well. 

Moreover, it’s recommended by experts to drink at least 1 glass of water before breakfast. 

Checking phone

If you have the habit of checking your phone in the first 15-20 minutes after waking up in the morning. Then, try not to do it because checking your phone in the morning may cause it to affect your health and eyes.

Your messages and emails can make you panic too. That’s why it would be better to avoid checking your phone in the morning. 

Moreover, if you practice this for some days. Then, you will be able to see some incredible differences. 

Thinking negative about yourself 

Never start your day with negativity. Most of us think negatively in the morning and before sleeping. That’s why if you have this type of toxic morning habit, try to quit it immediately. 

Because negative thinking is the main cause of living an unhealthy life. Sometimes, we pay more attention to others’ happiness than ourselves, which causes us anxiety and depression. Therefore, don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are in this world to do some effective work. You should forgive yourself first for your toxic habits and just listen to positive quotes and programs. After applying this technique, you will be able to enjoy your life. 

Burdening yourself at the start

We all want perfection at the start. We try to overburden ourselves at the start, and it leads to quitting our dream of applying good habits.

That’s why you should always assign easy and small tasks to yourself at the start. You will enjoy the steps of achieving good habits instead of making them a burden to yourself. 


We all always procrastinate, which causes a loss of time. That’s why you shouldn’t procrastinate and always follow the 2-minute rule at work. 

For example, if you have to wear clothes for 2 minutes, you should get up from your bed instead of waiting for the right time. You won’t get the right time, and in the end, you will lose your precious time too. Just don’t overthink it before doing the work.

Saying yes to every work

If you want to be happy in life and want to do effective work. Then try to say no to that job, which you don’t want to do. Even if your friend says to go on a trip, you have to do some productive work at this time. Then, never say “yes” to that work. By applying this technique, you will be able to be more strong and confident.

Bottom line 

The bottom line of this guide is that you need to change yourself if you want to see change and happiness in your life. You need to know your worth and potential. 

That’s why you should always try to get rid of your bad habits if you want to achieve something. But it doesn’t mean you take the burden on yourself. Take baby steps like a child to overcome your toxic morning habits and then forgive yourself for all your bad habits.

You should stop thinking negatively about yourself. Moreover, never skip breakfast and drink 10–15 glasses of water daily. Try to avoid the habit of checking your phone in the morning because it can lead to stress as well as laziness. 

This was all part of the quick revision of the guide. If you have found this article informative, then kindly share your thoughts with us via comments. 

We will be pleased to hear from you 


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