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How to have your productive day ever

productive day ever

We all want to have a productive day and want to complete all tasks rapidly. But most of us waste time on procrastination, which leads to serious loss. We just try to procrastinate for a few minutes, but it takes our whole day because we have to think before doing work. It will just consume time, energy and make us lazy as well.

So, in this guide, we will try to figure out which steps you have to follow for a more productive daily routine and how you can overcome the situation of wasting your time on useless things. 

 Now, take a deep breath and quickly fall into the mid of this guide.

Here are the following steps to having the most productive day ever. 

Step1: Productive day routine

We all make more decisions and assign tasks for ourselves for tomorrow. But only a few of us can complete that tasks. And other only waste their time in stress. That’s why Don’t assign tasks more than recommendations for the next day. 

Try to lower your decision limit because we all have specified willpower. When you have fewer decisions. It will give u peace and time for more productive work. According to American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault, don’t assign yourself more than 2-3 important tasks for tomorrow. 

According to President Obama, I only wear blue and gray shirts. I don’t have time to decide which suits I have to wear and which foods I have to eat because I have to make more important decisions in life instead of wasting my time and energy on irrelevant decisions. 

So, always reduce the limit of decisions for getting a productive daily routine. 

Step2: Waking up early 

You won’t be able to get into a productive daily routine if you don’t wake up early. An early wake-up makes you refreshed and also gives you the ability to do work more rapidly than at any other time.

That’s why you should always try to go to bed at night before 10 pm and get proper sleep of 7-8 hours per day. Early sleep would be helpful for waking up easily in the morning.

If you want to have a productive day, then try to create a morning habit that will work for you. Try to wake up before others if you have to do more productive work without distractions. 

 Moreover, there are a lot of benefits to this habit, as proved by scientists. 

There is a famous line of experts about waking up early as well. 

“The early bird can catch the worm”

So, just don’t wait to apply this technique to get a lot of healthful benefits. 

Step 3: Make your bed day

If you make your bed every day, then you will be able to perform the first task of the day. It gives you the ability to perform tasks one by one, and after that, you will be able to complete all the tasks of your entire day. 

Step 4: Set daily routine 

Whenever you get free time and a moment to think clearly, give yourself a half-hour to assign two big tasks per day. And try to write that tasks so that you will be reminded again and again of what you want to do.

Step 5: Don’t use phone

Try to avoid your phone when you wake up because it consumes your time and you lose focus. Instead of using your phone, try to go for a walk and exercise in the morning. You won’t be able to feel lazy after that in the morning.

Step 6: Eat the frog 

It doesn’t mean eating the frog. So, what does it mean? It means that you should do your biggest and most important task first, because if the day passes in your procrastination, then you will get less willpower and time to complete your important tasks. And if you choose an unimportant task first, maybe you will lose the willpower to do the important task. 

Step 7: Eating breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day. Some people also claim that breakfast doesn’t work for them, but it can be true. Because breakfast gives you stamina all day to make your daily routine better. 

Here is a famous line by some experts: “Do your breakfast with your enemies.”

Now, what does it mean? It means eating a good breakfast until you feel full. Because you have to do all your work with energy. 

Step 8: Meditation 

Try to do meditation first thing in the morning. Because meditation can help to reduce the risk of concentration, stress levels and boost your immune system as well. It’s quite similar to yoga. It gives your mind relaxation. You can easily learn yoga and meditation for free via Google and YouTube channels. 

Bottom line

The outcome of this guide is that you don’t assign many tasks for the next day. Because you can lose your strength and ability to perform all tasks in an undress. That’s why you shouldn’t give yourself more than 3 tasks per day. Moreover, try to wake up early and don’t take sleep for more than 8 hours. 

Because you can do more productive work at sleep time. You can also do efficient work in the morning because of your fresh mood and with no distractions. Try to avoid unhealthy processed foods like chips, cakes, pastries, sugary drinks, etc. Because it affects your health as well as energy for doing more productive works.

Give your time daily to meditation, yoga, and exercise because it can keep you healthy and fit physically and mentally. Assign yourself some of the most important tasks and try to complete those tasks first thing in the morning instead of waiting for the perfect time. 

So, that was a quick revision of the article. If you have found this article informative. Kindly share your thoughts and ideas with us via the comment section.

We will be waiting for your positive feedback.


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