Top Painful Things in life 

painful things in life

There is a famous proverb that says pain is inevitable. It is an unpleasant feeling that tells you that something is wrong with you, your loved ones, or anything related to you or your personal life. In our lives, we often go through difficult situations. We all have some painful memories in common that are almost impossible to forget. It is not because people do not try to forget them. It is because forgetting it isn’t something they can manage to do. We often have to deal with great pain. Be that physical pain or mental pain. We suffer from mental pain because of betrayals or losing someone close to our hearts.

People in our surroundings suffer from many types of diseases. The sufferings of diseases are also haunting. Diseases like TB, cancer, sciatica, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases inflict some serious and unforgettable pains on their patients. Accidental injuries also leave the victims with some unforgettable experiences. Diseases leave you with haunting experiences, accidents leave you with injuries that can never be treated, and mental injuries leave you with wounds that can never be healed. Here we will have a quick look at some of the most painful things in people’s lives. 

1. Serious Skin Burns

Being burnt alive is considered to be the most painful thing that an individual can experience. It can be an accidental death or a suicide. Whatever the case is, the pain is unbearable. Imagine the skin burning first, then the nerves and vessels, and finally, the fire reaching the bones. It is the most painful thing one can imagine. A burn is the most painful injury one can endure. Not only is the burn painful, but taking care of the wound and the treatment required to heal it is also painful. The wound needs too much care to heal. 

skin burns
Skin burns


Burns are curable in many ways. Running cool water over a burn can reduce the pain and also help to heal the wound. Apply ointments, use honey, and aloe vera. A burn should never be exposed to strong sunlight. Use painkillers for relief. Once the healing process starts, never pop your blisters. Let the wound heal naturally. 

2. Sciatica 

Sciatica is a condition characterized by stabbing pain that radiates throughout the sciatic nerve. It might occur as a result of injury to the proximal part of the sciatic nerve, which might be due to a fall, a herniated disc, or improper administration of an injection into the buttock. Yes, it is painful. These causes might result in a seriously painful condition. 

Effects and Cure 


Depending on the precise nerve root injured, sciatica might result in several lower limb impairments. The legs cannot be flexed, and not only that, one might lose all their foot and ankle movements. Recovery from the condition is possible but is slow and time-consuming. It can take months or even years (in serious cases) for a patient to recover. Sometimes the recovery of sciatica patients might be incomplete. 

3. Arthritis 

It is an inflammatory or degenerative disease that damages the joints. It results in acute pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints. In this case, the membrane lining the joints thickens and fluid production decreases, which causes friction. Thus, the joints become painful when moved. Bacterial invasion is the leading cause of arthritis, so it is curable by taking antibiotics. 


4. Herpes zoster 

Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is a viral infection in which blisters are formed on the body and are painful. The virus which causes the disease is known as the varicella-zoster virus. Most cases of shingles might last for more than a month. It includes tingling as well as burning pain. The skin can also become itchy. The pain of shingles might become worse at night in a reaction to heat or cold. As a result, the patient can suffer from sleeplessness, fatigue, and depression. When the condition gets severe, painkillers are used to reduce the pain.

Herpes zoster
Herpes zoster

5. Kidney Stones 

An inappropriate diet that contains high levels of salt and minerals might result in kidney stones. The stones are formed in the kidney and might move to the gall bladder, forming gall stones. A high level of calcium and oxalates in the diet can result in kidney stones. Removing stones can be a painful experience. 


Kidney stones
Kidney stones

There are different ways of removing kidney stones. A kidney stone can be removed through urine by drinking a large volume of water. In the case of larger stones, kidney lithotripsy (destroying stones by exposure to short-wave radiation) may be necessary. Once the stones are broken, they can be removed through the urine. In the case of extremely large stones, surgery might be performed. 

Sickle Cell Disease 

Hemoglobin, present in our RBCs, is the molecule that transfers oxygen throughout the body via the bloodstream. People suffering from the disease have hemoglobin molecules that are atypical and have a distorted shape. It is a genetic disorder, so it tends to run in families, from parents to their offspring. It is a condition in which the oxygen level in the blood is drastically low. Patients might suffer from damaged nerves and body organs. It mostly affects the kidneys, liver, and spleen. The life expectancy of people suffering from the disease is much lower compared to healthy individuals. 

Sickle cell disease
Sickle cell disease


Bone marrow or stem cell transplant is the only known and effective cure for the disease. However, it is still a life-risking process. 

7. Toothaches 

The roots of our teeth and jaws are the closest to the brain, so the pain one has to go through during such aches is acute. There are many concerning reasons that might result in a toothache. Decaying teeth, infected gums, bacterial infection inside teeth, infected gums, and fractured teeth are some of the most painful experiences. These can be cured by a salt water rinse as it is a first-line treatment for many patients. Other cures might include vanilla extract, garlic, cloves, and peppermint tea bags. 


8. Loss 

Loss is another inevitable thing that occurs in our lives. We all experience loss in our lives; the loss of our loved ones, loss of health, or the loss of things that are dear to us. The grief of letting go of someone close to your heart or letting go of a long-held dream is some of the most painful things in life. These mental pains are sometimes more severe than the physical ones. These mental pains might include feeling shocked, denied, rejected, numb, or helpless.

9. Frozen Shoulder 

It is a condition characterized by acute stiffness in the ball and socket joints of the shoulder. Early signs and symptoms of the disease might include pain in the arm, pain in the shoulder when trying to move it, and problems sleeping on the side of the affected shoulder. Some medical experts claim that frozen shoulder is a self-limiting disorder so it goes away on its own and the patient can recover all his shoulder movements. Some steroid injections are used as a cure for frozen shoulder. 

Frozen shoulders
Frozen shoulders

10. Pneumonia 


It is a severe respiratory disorder affecting one or both lungs. It results from a viral, bacterial, or fungus attack. Severe pneumonia causes pain in the lungs and almost the whole respiratory tract. If left untreated, the pleura might get swollen, causing sharp pain while breathing. In severe cases, the pleura is filled with fluid and it leads to a much worse situation known as emphysema. The patient might feel pain and have difficulty breathing. 

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