Top 10 Sports Games in America


Her we are going to elaborate the list of most popular games being played in America. These sports games are most watched most played, and most revenue generating in America. Without wasting a second, the list goes on, take a look.

1. Golf

Golf is at no. 1 in the level of popularity in America among other sporting events. With an increase of 390 million enthusiasts in the US, North America, European countries, golf is a precision golf club and ball sport in which contending players use a great diversity of clubs hitting balls into some holes on a route using the least quantity of shots.

2. American Football

Rugby is broadly played in US, and it has a deep convention in the Basque, Occitan, as well as Catalan areas across the border zones between Italy and Portugal. This game is quite favorite in the USA, having been presented by English-speaking in the 19th century.

3. Baseball

Usually, there are around 600 million lovers in US, Asia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, developing baseball 3rd most in-demand game on the planet. Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between couples of teams of 9 players each team taking turns playing baseball and fielding.

4. Table Tennis

Around 800 million lovers from the USA, European countries, Africa renders Table Tennis 4th most famous sporting events on the globe. Table tennis also referred to as ping-pong, is a sports activity in which 2 or 4 gamers hit a light-weight ball backwards and forwards using ping pong racquets.

5. Volleyball

With around 800 million followers Across USA, countries in Europe, New Zealand, Volleyball is the 5th most well-known sports activity in the World. Volleyball is a group game in which a couple of groups of 6 players are split up by a net.

6. Tennis

On the no. 6 the famous game comes as Tennis. A lot of people around America, and other parts of Europe and Asia love to play Tennis with a great excitement. Tennis is a game that individuals mostly play separately against a single challenger (singles) or between 2 teams of a couple of players each (doubles).

7. Ice Hockey

Hockey [field + Ice] is the 7th most well liked game in America. Hockey is known as a family of sports in which a couple of teams play in opposition to one another by striving to steer a ball or the perfect puck into the opponent’s goal with a hockey stick.

8. Basketball

With approximately 2-3 billion followers in United States, North America, China and Philippine primarily, Basketball is the 8th game of the list. Certainly, one of most paying sporting events: Basketball is a game played by 2 teams of 5 people on a rectangle-shaped court.

9. Motor Sports

Motor Sports that includes the motorbike race and car racing is the 9th well liked and most played sports game in USA. NASCAR arranges and organizes all the big races events in the whole USA. This sport is considered as most wanted sports as Football in USA.

10. Soccer

On 10th of the list, is soccer with 3.7 billion enthusiasts all over the European countries, the continent of Africa, Asia, America, and so forth. Association football, often called soccer or football, is a game played between 2 teams of 11 players with a rounded ball. It is played by 300 million players in over 190 nations around the world so that it is the world’s hottest sport.

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