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Who doesn’t want healthy and silky smooth hair?  But not everyone is lucky to get genes of healthy hair from their parents? Do you also get obsessed with TV models showing off their ultra-smooth hair it seemed like a dream that will never come true? Hair needs care just as skin and our body. Do you have dandruff or frizzy hair? Are your hairs extremely dry and you are confused about how many times you should use shampoo? Is your hair too oily, or does it take you hours to remove shampoo from your hair; probably due to salty water? If you don’t follow the tips to get healthy hair, it will not get any better. But if you are protective of your hair, then follow all these effective hair tips for healthy and soft hair.

Wash your hair regularly;

Try washing your hair regularly. If you cannot wash your hair regularly, wash it every alternate day so that no oil or dirt can accumulate in your hair. The shampoo should be applied on the scalp rather than the full length of the hair while applying shampoo focuses more on the scalp.

If you have extremely dry hair, don’t wash it daily as shampoos contain chemicals that can further dry out your hair. If you have oily hair, and oil gets in your hair after a few days after every wash, wash your hair every day or on alternate days.

Condition your hair: 

Most people don’t do conditioning after shampooing their hair. Conditioner is very important as it controls the frizz of the hair and makes it look manageable, improves strength, and protects your hair from UV/sunlight rays. Conditioner is applied at the tips rather than after application of conditioner leave it for 1-2 min so that conditioner can get in your hair completely . Then rinse it off completely.

Use a wide-toothed comb:

Do you rush to use the hairdryer to quickly dry your hair? Wait, don’t do that. It does more harm to your hair rather than a benefit. Hair drying machines can fly out your hair and it seems more like an African lady with frizzy and dried hair. The best way to dry the hair is to comb it with a wide-toothed comb and then tie your hair when it is half dried. This will prevent the frizz of hair and your hair will have a smoother and softer touch.

Oil your hair regularly:

Oiling hair is as important as planting fruit in the garden. It requires proper nourishment and oil contains all the nutrients for the hair. Y0u can use different oils accordingly like coconut oil, argan oil, mustard oil, castor oil, and almond oil. These hair oils contain keratin and oils that can nourish the growth of hairs and it also helps with dandruff, control frizz, and improves the strength of hair.

Deep conditioning: 

Deep conditioning works wonder for your hair if you are tired of using other tonics, hair oil, and changing different shampoos and conditioners. It is a very simple technique applied to your hair when they’re wet but it shouldn’t be dripping from your hair. Apply conditioner thoroughly to the roots of your hair and comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and cover it with a  plastic cover sheet and leave it for 30 min – 1 hour.

After the desired time, wash your hair with water and remove all the conditioner from your hair.  After hair wash and when your hairs are fully dried, you will notice a considerable difference in your hair, your hair will be shiny and silky, soft, manageable, and fully moisturized without any frizz. Try this technique once a month for better results. 

Apple hair mask :

 Hair masks are easy to make and can easily be made with all the home ingredients like eggs, honey, yogurt, and oil.

 Mix oil(any oil or you can use mustard oil), yogurt, and egg in a bowl, and mix it thoroughly until all the ingredients are set together and apply it to your hair with a brush or using the tip of your finger. Cover it with a plastic cover sheet and leave it for 30 min -1 hour. 

Solution for split ends: 

If you have split ends, it means your hair does not have proper nourishment and is deprived of all the essential hair nutrients. The most common cause of split ends is excessive hairstyling with a blow drier or use of styler or external pollution. To improve this, apply a hair mask on your hair regularly or tie your hair regularly to get rid of split ends. 


Haircare is not as simple as it seems, some people have specific problems and sometimes the cause is unknown and it doesn’t get better no matter how hard you are etry9ing  your luck by using home remedies or changing your conditioner or shampoos.

 If these tips don’t work for your hair, consult a doctor who can properly recommend what will be the best solution of r your hair. If you have a serious hair fall issue, consult your doctor. These tips don’t work if you have any genetic problem or disease  continuation from the families 

For best hair care, avoid using hot showers or using shampoo containing parabens or sulfates. Avoid the use of hairstyling devices or straighten or apply a hair-protecting serum before using them and avoid the use of it at all. Take care of your diet and include different fruits and vegetables and green plants, proteins, and carbohydrates that can help your hair as well. 

So by following all these tips you can get rid of all your hair problems and your hair will look much smoother, stronger and thicker.

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