The revolution in music and the innovation of mix tapes.


Music generally speaking is a form of art in a composed medium of sound and time. The common components of music are rhythm, melody, pitch and tempo. Music was originally initiated back from Greek and Indian philosophers. Since the Stone Age till now man has always found a way to express his emotions and thoughts of love, joy and hatred in the form of music, it doesn’t matter whether in ancient times he did it by smashing the sticks together or by thumping his hands on anything that came across or he do it now by playing different instruments; the sense of music and its purpose remains the same. This is probably the only thing that didn’t change with time.


Importace of music

Why music is important?

So extensively speaking, music is a way of expression. It’s an art in which sounds are combined together in a pleasing and soothing manner. Music allows us the opportunity to express ourselves when word expression has fallen short. Plethora of people tries to hide their inner selves out of fear and rejection. They hide in the crowd until they are alone and can be who they truly are without fear. Music is important because it gives people a way to express themselves and be who they are on the inside. For those people, music can be a perfect escape from their reality.

Music is something in which people feel comfortable to confine in. There are varieties of music that meet the different choices of different people. Varying from cultural, folklore and classic to rock, jazz, karaoke, opera, hip hop, acoustic and rap; music has made its way in the very core of heart of its listeners.



The blend of traditional and innovative music in mix-tapes:

Music is everywhere in our world and music relates to everything as well. Music is in all of our histories starting from the beginning. Without music we would not have anything, life would be boring and dull. Music is important because it is everywhere around us in the world. Music is basically for our entertainment. There are world-renowned singers like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Bob Dylan and many more. The pop and classical traditional Pakistani singers like, Nazia Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Alamgir, Hassan Jahangir, Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam and many more had actually produced famous songs that are still heard today.

Now today’s music industry is going through a massive innovative revolution. The aim of this revolution is to preserve the old and traditional songs while also making them anew at the same time. This process is called remaking. To fulfil this very purpose the trend of mix-tape has also being followed in which approximately five to ten songs are mixed up in a same tune and tempo. The sole and the foremost reason of remaking are basically to save and preserve the golden lyrics and words of our prestigious singers.

The funny thing about time is that we only for a limited period of time dwell on past memories or other things. As time passes, we get use to forget the things of the past and get ourselves adjusted under new state. In order to keep the golden sayings of the past in mind, the art of song remaking came in to being. In remaking not all the song is about the old original song, music composers make some exceptions of adding only a verse or two from the original song. They compose it in such an exquisite manner by enumerating the perfect beats and rhythm followed sometimes by a rap. These mix-tapes or remake cover songs are made according to the taste and choice of everyone.

music career

Music- a successful career today.

Music can also be a pretty successful career. A decade or two ago if a person would go to music to built his career, people would likely make fun of him and discourage him that music maybe an entertainment but not a career. But today’s opinion begs to cross swords with that. Now music career is considered a professional one. One can made oneself master in the field of music by having an ascendant command on any musical genre like be a perfectionist as a singer, violinist, pianist, guitarist, vocalist, conductor, songwriter, recording engineer, session musician, drummer, music producer, DJ and so on.

Playing music and listening to it is truly mesmerising. They say that the music is the diet of soul. It refreshes you in every way possible and made your nerves calm. It entertains you and soothes your mind and the right amount of diet makes your mind healthy and balmy.

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