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The Best Mental Health Apps for Anxiety, Depression and Memory loss.


A person’s Health is something which should always be taken into consideration whether it be Physical or Mental. Just as a person visits the physician to keep a check of his physical health, he should also be aware of the things that are damaging to his mental health. When it comes to the diagnosing and cure of one’s psychological problems, people are reluctant to go to a psychologist or therapist due to many reasons. Some don’t like to spend a huge amount of money on an issue they consider frivolous and some are scared to reveal their problems to a complete stranger and get medication. Few of the most pressurizing problems that people are faced with today are Anxiety, Depression and Memory loss. People battle these problems on a daily basis and many are unaware of the numerous ways to cure or relieve themselves of these issues. If you are one of those people and are hesitant towards seeking help or don’t seem to have the time to do so, then there is still some hope for you. One’s own mental health should be one of the key priorities in one’s life and thanks to the advent of technology; things are made more easy and accessible and are just a touch away.
Various applications are available online to help the people battling with issues of mental health such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and loss of memory. But, due to lack of awareness people don’t know the existence of such applications. Today we are going to tell you the 5 best apps which will help you in treating your mental issues and guide you in a way that doesn’t cost you money or requires you to go to any specific place to get treated.

• Pacifica – Stress and Anxiety
This App, holding a 4.5 star rating on Google Playstore, is one of the best ones present online and has been rated #1 in Forbes 4 technologies innovating in mental health and also #1 in Buzzfeed’s amazing apps for anyone living with anxiety. The App has been designed specifically by professional psychologists and includes all kinds of features to help people relieve themselves of stress, anxiety and depression. These various features include options such as the Audio meditation tools, which contain breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and visualization to helps the person calm down and break the cycle of Negative thoughts. Audio lessons by psychologists and mood trackers to rate moods and feelings are also available. Another feature of Pacifica includes Thought recordings and Journaling to help a person identify his triggers, symptoms and improvements. Lastly, there is also a feature of a Health tracker which sets and tracks daily routines of a person’s sleep, exercise, caffeine etc to see which one of these elements triggers a person’s anxiety.

Dare – Break free from Anxiety
This App, having a 4.8 star rating on Google Playstore, is an audio based training application which provides the user with many audio tracks to recover from issues such as Anxiety, Panic attacks, Stress, Worry, Insomnia etc. One of the lovable features of this app, among other things, is their use of roundish animated cartoons, which depict a humorous and cute picture of the problem that the person is facing. Also the use of colors is playful and not strictly professional. The app asks specific questions related to what a person is feeling and what he wants to be relieved of at the moment, and according to the answers provided, the app presents a list of audio tracks to choose from. The tracks contain calming instrumental music to help the user achieve a peace of mind and to overcome the problem he or she faces.

Anxiety, depression and stress relief audio courses
This app is a safe haven for people who do not want to try on various routines to treat their problems, but would rather listen to therapeutic guidance and inspirational speeches to follow. The app holds 1000+ audio courses and workshops to listen to, which guide the user in the right direction. The user can create his own playlist of audio and video tracks to listen to at any time. Furthermore, the app issues a daily dose of inspirational quotes to its users to think positive thoughts and do something meaningful.

Memory trainer
Due to the invention of smart phones humans are rapidly losing the ability to remember things which were previously easy to remember, such as phone numbers, daily tasks, meetings, upcoming events etc. Our phones contain all the information regarding our daily tasks and this has affected the average human being’s thinking capacity. To overcome this inability to remember things, the app -Memory trainer- is designed to provide its users with workout sessions and knowledge about memory training. Above all this the app also provides puzzles and patterns to train the user to develop his memory and a progress report is submitted to him by the end to show his improvements and achievements.

How to improve memory
This specific app is very different in terms of the matter presented by other memory enhancing apps available. This app presents a guide to its users to read and learn from it. All the information is given in the form of chapters and each chapter deals with a significant topic related to memory issues. The topics vary from information, such as, how memory is gained, how to improve it and how to remember through association. This app is incredibly helpful for people who prefer to read about a subject and understand its elements, rather than solving puzzles and memorizing patterns.

These are some of the many apps that are available at your fingertips to deal with mental health problems. But, it is also suggested to reach out to professional help if these do apps are not contributing to any improvements.

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