The Parents Children Learning Cycle.

The Parents Children Learning Cycle.

Parents think that they teach children, but they forget how much they can learn from them. When a child is learning how to walk and falls down fifty times, they never think to themselves, “maybe this is not for me”.They get up, and they try again.

Children see things from fresh eyes; they see things as if it’s for the first time.They don’t jugde, they don’t filter, or give up. This is not about being childish, but it is about being childlike. Here are six things we call all learn from children.

Be Fearless

Children are fearless.
Children are fearless.

Children will try new things without fearing embarrassment, shame, or guilt. They are open to new and fresh experiences, they jump off their beds, roll down hills, touch fire, run around, or just spin really fast! Just as we all tell the, we have to remember the same. There are no mistakes only lessons in life.

Be Curious

Children are curious.
Children are curious.

Children are well known to ask about everything: why the sky is blue? Why there so many cars on the road? Who were you just talking on the phone? Their curiosity never ens. They want to know the meaning, the reason, the feeling behind everything, and we forget that. We think we already know, there is nothing left to know or there is no need to know. But when we are curious, we allow ourselves to flourish and grow as well.

Be Present

Always present.
Children are always present.

Children rarely get lost in thoughts; they are usually present wherever they are physical. Whilst we are rushing through our days, our work, they are noticing the tiny miracles of hearing birds, colorful flowers and the tall trees. As we grew up, we started living in the past or the future. As children, all we knew was the present.

Be Expressive

All time expressive.
All time expressive.

Children share how they feel nearly all of the time. They make us aware if they like or dislike something immediately. First of all, they are aware and they are good at making others aware. They are not expecting anyone to read their minds. As we grow older we start brushing our emotions aside and pretending to be or feel something else than what we truly are. As adults, we don’t express ourselves freely.

Be Creative

Children don’t judge the quality of their work, they just get immersed. Drawing, doodling, acting, dancing, as children, we explored our creativity with no barriers and no rules. But as adults, those barriers and rules got bigger and bigger. What if we can re-explore that side of ourselves we lost and forget?

Be Playful

Children laugh everyday. As adults, we forget to laugh for days. When we do, we let go. We allow ourselves to be, to give ourselves permission to have fun and be playful

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

And remember often times we think we are teaching our children.

Learn These Traits From Your Children

Nothing’s going to change if you are not willing to change. The key is to keep things consistent and keep them in balance. Use your power, your ability then you are gonna make your life worth the time.

Believe you can change. Be the permanent figure in your own life. If you are going through the hell, keep going. Because is the going gets tough the tough also gets going! Stop wasting your life and take this opportunity to improve your life and make some progress.

The Superheroes Of Children.

The Superheroes Of Children
The Superheroes Of Children

When we were young we thoughts our parents were superheroes. They wore bright colors, big symbols, capes, and masks. They had supernatural or superhuman powers, fighting off evils and protecting us, They could do no wrong, They would also do the right things or so it seemed. Until one day we realize, that they were human too. Their capes started to disappear, their clothes starting to show, their mistakes starting to appear, they started to lose that glow, their masks came off. So that we could see their scars, too. We could see them for who they were, humans that have also been through a lot, endured pain and hurt.

Parents Always Hide Their Scars From Children.

We recognized they tried to hide it from us. So that we would not see their weaknesses, not realizing that would be their greatest strength. Because then we would not have over expected and over criticized. We would not have demanded more and more that they did not have unlimited amounts of power, time or money. We would have also realized that they needed love, just like we do, they needed healing, just like we will, that we also have to learn to parent ourselves. But because we believed they were indestructible, our expectations were set so high that their mistakes felt ten times worse. We felt more let down than ever before.

What Youngster’s Need To Understand?

Their invisibility had to become transparency, their ability to fly has to become their openness to fail, their shapeshifting was forced to being themselves, their telepathy became understanding our true needs, their supersede become their ability to slow down and be patient with us, their superhuman strength was no longer needed to be external, but internal. But that’s what makes all of us including them, true superheroes.

Superheroes are flawed human beings, who have deep potential and talents that are trying to serve others and make a difference in the world. They are not perfect, but they are working with their imperfections. As batman said, What define us is how we rise after falling.

Batman began as an ordinary boy. The X-men have to learn to be proud of their unique gifts and strength. No matter how weird they are. The Hulk can turn his weaknesses into strengths. Spiderman accepts that with great power comes great responsibility. Real superheroes are honest, sincere, authentic humans trying to do good with what they have. Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, it does not mean they are lost forever. Sometimes, we all just need a little help.

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