The Meaning Of True Education.


Educating a mind without educating a heart is no education at all!


What we get by means of education?

Most of us have been to school, most of us have been to college or university but most of feel that our education let us down. our education bounded us to some curriculum.

Our education did not give us the skills, abilities, the mindset that helps us thrive in life. In fact our education did not prepare us for our view to future, to view decisions, relationships. That is why most of us got lost confused and deluded as we get older in life from 20 and so on.

The problem!

The problem with this is we learn in schooling system what to think? instead of how to think? and an ideal education system has 3 elements.

That is the education of the head, the heart and the hand. The education of the head is what we already receive, the academics, knowledge of math, English, history, science, geography. These subjects equipped us with knowledge ideas, thoughts. They educate our head, they make us understand things, they improve our memory that we learn then we were tested on them. These are all valuable skill for our future.

The Education Of Values.

The two that are missed out that is education of heart and the hand. By education of heart I meant the understanding of the values. that leads long term growth and success. Things like empathy, kindness, consistency, patience, connectivity with God.

Know Who You Are?

Being able to aware of yourself and the perception of the people around you. Knowing how to communicate effectively, knowing how to respect others believes and boundaries. Knowing the ability to read between the lines on the other people’s emotion.This education in the heart would save us so much time and so much energy even sometimes so much money because so much here is wasted because we have never been trained to understand ourselves and to understand others.

The More We Give, The More We Get!

The final step is the education in hand; being able to give, being able to share, being able to teach whatever you have learned from life. In fact we learn more when we give, teacher or share something with someone else. When we are experimenting, testing, trying things out that’s how we accelerate our growth and learning. Its not about to sit back and hears others ideas and thoughts. Life is not about to be born, grow and just hear to what others said and trying to meet the man made level of success. We have been taught to how to learn, how to teach and how to share so we are able to grow, we are able to enhance, we are able to live far beyond what we ever imagine. It allows us to have that opportunity to test ourselves in reality, to test our self with real person.

Therefore, the two parts that we missed to be taught at school are the two that we should invest in our life. Think about who are the people you want to be around that can help you grow the education of heart, values that you want to live by, mindset that you see, proven to be successful in people’s life.

Think about the opportunities where you can make difference in people’s life.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we use ourselves to make a difference in someone’s life we learn so much about those skills, about ourselves and the meaning and fulfillment that comes from making a difference.

Be Your Own Catalyst!

Do not blame your schools, do not blame your parents, do not blame anything that stops us from getting a true education. All we have to do is to get an education of head, heart and of hand. If at any point of life you are thinking that you are not learning, you are not growing, you are not moving forward even not feeling a positive boost. Ask yourself which of these am I need of? because its always going to be that one or two or three that you are missing.

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