The Increasing Craze For Whitening Products And Their Scary Outcomes

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Generally, everyone wants everything best for our self. None of us wants any flaw in our personality. We always want to look good that everyone should praise us all the time. Best hairs, best clothes, the best education, best job, best house, and best skin tone. Nobody wants to compromise over this. Most of us always judge ourselves on the basis of what others think about us. On the other hand, we never thought about what we have. It is not necessary to feel bad if you are not looking like others. You have your own originality. Even God has created us with different faces, colors, and abilities so there is no need to be like others. However sadly, we never understand this thing. Just to settle in a society or show them that we are one of them we somehow do everything that might be not good for us.

Need to review this matter

If we talk about a particular section that is best skin tone as you read I mentioned above that somehow most of us always want the best skin and best skin tone. Firstly, it is not a bad thing if you want it but the way to get it is something that causes pain in the future. This is exactly what I am talking about. We never satisfy with our skin tone because we set a parameter of beauty is a white skin tone. We always admire those people who have a fair skin tone and idealize them and want to be like them. And then starts a struggle to make our skin white. Although it is not in your genes you take help from whitening products or treatments. Trust me, no matter how expensive your product is that will always cause a side effect later and they can be very harmful.

Chemicals that help to lighten the skin tone

There are two most frequently used chemicals that help or boost the skin tone.

1) Hydroquinone

This is a very common ingredient in skin lightening creams. It has been in use as an effective skin lightening agent for more than 5 decades due to its melanin inhibiting abilities. Hydroquinone is used in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation conditions such as melasma, chloasma, sunspots, acne scars, etc. but the prolonged use of it causes skin cancer.

2) Mercury

Mercury is another chemical that is commonly found in numerous skin lightening creams. Back in 2013, the FDA released a notice wherein they requested people to refrain from the use of creams containing mercury. Mercury furthermore causes mercuric poisoning.

hydroquinone working

Most known ways to get the white skin tone

With the passage of time, science has given us so much to make our lives better. Especially, in this field. Here are some whitening treatments that most people opt to lighten their skin tone.

Skin lightening creams

This is something we all know because it is very common and least expensive. There are many whitening creams that are running in the market and people buying them without knowing how dangerous these are. No matter if it is worth 10,000/- or 500/- the end result will be the same and that is skin problems.

Laser treatment

This treatment is used to light a dark part of your skin that will damage the skin layer or the cells that produce melanin (cells that are responsible for skin tone). Although this is very expensive it won’t give you permanent whitening.

Whitening injections or capsules

This is something we are hearing so much that this person is using these capsules or having injections and look at how much they changed. Just in a few days, you will be white. Seriously! Have u realized the outcomes of these injections or capsule? How badly they can affect you?

Side effects of whitening products

No matter if you are using branded whitening product or local it will always cause pain after some time and then it can be even more problematic for you to get it right. So here are some scary effects that will make you realize how much you are playing with the sensitivity of your skin.

side effects

Skin cancer

Mostly all those compounds that are used in whitening cream i-e hydroquinone, mercury steroids they have carcinogenic properties. That is why; skin cancer is a possibility in the future for a regular user of whitening products.

Liver kidney or nerve damage

This can be possible if you use all those products that include mercury and its compound will cause nerve or organ damage.

Skin Irritations

Long term use of whitening creams can cause rashes or reddishness is the skin and peeling off the skin.

Neurological fetal damage

It is important to protect yourself when you are expecting. We take all the safety measures but forget how much these products can affect the little one. Exposure of mercury during pregnancy will affect the brain cells of fetal.


If you use different creams in a short time period or uses different whitening products one after another then this can happen. This will cause cracking of the skin or other skin problems.

Reduction of skin healing properties

The skin has an ability to heal by itself when you get hurt or wound. But when we use these whitening creams or products for a long time then the ability of healing will decrease from time to time. This is something very dangerous.

Finishing thoughts

Oh! Seriously have you ever imagine that you’re whitening products or treatments can be that much harmful? It is really scary. Imagine if these consequences will affect you what will you do?  So don’t underestimate yourself if don’t have what others have. White color skin is not the parameter of beauty. The real beauty lies in your personality. Try to enhance that beauty. And if you look around the world, black beauty most of the time wins over white beauty. So be you, be confident with all your achievements and blessings. Because they might be they only have white skin but you have other blessings that they don’t have and you lose it because of your childishness.

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