The 7 Best Surfing Beaches in the UK

The 7 Best Surfing Beaches in the UK

The UK is has been gifted with some incredible Surfing Beaches due to its 11,000 miles of coastline. Around the nation, one can select from a wide variety of waves, from strong, barreling waves to protected beach breaks. Whatever your skill level, there’s a place from Scotland to Cornwall where you can catch the ideal wave. On the right day, the waves here can be as good as anywhere else in the world.

Pack a bag with a board, a wetsuit, and a spirit of adventure and head to one of these amazing UK surfing beaches.

The 7 Best Surfing Beaches in the UK:

With so many options available, selecting the top surfing beach in the UK might be difficult. Before exploring the British coast to find your personal favorite surf places, you can start your first surfing journey at any of the beaches on our list. Every beach has that one day when everything comes together and you have the ideal session. Depending on the weather and your skill level, hundreds of beaches could be “the best,” but to get you going, here are some of the top surfing spots in the UK.

  • Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire:

Two miles west of St Davids, the smallest city in the UK, lies an amazing stretch of pure white sand crowned by a magnificent jagged hill that soars far overhead. Known as Whitesands Beach because of its fantastic white sands, this bay in Pembrokeshire is considered to be among the greatest surfing beaches in the UK. You’ll probably see surfers here no matter the weather, as the Irish Sea’s conditions and wind direction frequently provide strong swell and clean waves.

Whitesands Beach has also won the title of Beach of The Year in recent years, as determined by BBC Countryfile Magazine readers.

  • Croyde, Devon:

With enough rolling waves to satisfy both novices and the more discriminating surfer, the village of Croyde is known as the surfing hub of this section of town a remarkable accomplishment given the competition. With consistently strong sets, it’s recognized as one of the best surfing beach in the UK and even Europe.

The most stunning and well liked beaches in nearby areas are Woolacombe and Saunton Sands, the latter of which offers waves that are suitable for all skill levels. Croyde is hard to beat with its sheltered bay, laid back beach village atmosphere, lifeguards, and, of course, top surf schools catering to all ages.

At Croyde, surfing is consistent all year round, with the best conditions occurring in the winter and late fall/early spring. It can also be surfed all day, with larger waves as the tide comes in and barrels more probable at low tide. The summer months are the most popular times to learn to surf at Croyde.

  • Fistral Beach, Cornwall:

Fistral Beach is a great all-arounder in Newquay. It is one of the most well known surfing beach in north Cornwall and the UK, as well as a constantly well liked vacation area. Even if you’ve never surfed before, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Fistral’s golden dunes, smashing waves, cliffs, and plenty of amenities. Because of the excellent tourist infrastructure in the area, it is a well liked location for surfing contests in the UK. This means that there are plenty of surf schools to select from, lifeguard coverage, and a great history of surfing the waves, which can frequently reach heights of eight feet.

Winter, and usually the month of February, is the greatest time of year to surf Fistral North with reliable clean waves. In February, there are usually clean waves 21% of the time, and blown out waves 59% of the time.

  • Gower Peninsula, Wales:

The Gower Peninsula, a recognized Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is one of the greatest locations to hire a surfboard and experience life on the waves. Wales has been a popular watersports destination in recent years. Though those looking for the most exhilarating and difficult experiences are more likely to lean toward Langland and Crab Island, the region’s diversity also makes some locations, such as Caswell Bay and Llangennith, more family friendly. In this area, paddle boarding is also rather popular among people who prefer a different strategy. The Gower Peninsula is best surfed in autumn and winter, when strong southwest swells bend over the sheltering coves’ edges, bringing the region’s best reefs to life.

  • Gwithian Towans Beach, Cornwall:

Gwithian Beach, another gem in Cornwall’s crown, is located in the St Ives Bay area. Here, you can expect fantastic waves and gold sand in this picture perfect region of the UK, which frequently offers conditions suitable for all skill levels.

Once more, there are family friendly surf instruction available, along with excellent visitor infrastructure. A variety of windsurfers and kite flyers will join you on the waves if there is an Atlantic breeze. It can get crowded because it’s thought to have nice year round weather, and during the busiest travel season, lifeguards are on duty.

Winter, and usually February, is the finest time of year to surf Gwithian with consistently clean waves. In February, clean waves are usually seen 17% of the time, and it tends to be blown out 67% of the time.

  • Thurso East, Scotland:

From options that are suitable for families to ones that are just for experts. Scotland’s premier surfing destination is Thurso East. Strictly for expert surfers, it’s said to be the greatest surfing beaches in the UK and potentially Europe.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, with the possibility of waves as high as fifteen feet, a shallow reef, and chilly seas. If you’re an experienced surfer, a Scottish vacation is the perfect opportunity to fit in a side excursion to the nearby castle ruins.

  • Perranporth Beach, Cornwall:

You won’t be let down if your main reason for going to Perranporth Beach is to watch other people ride the surf. There are miles of beautiful beach ahead of you, as well as plenty of space and waves for you to put your toes in the surf.

It’s a well liked location for sailing and snorkeling in addition to surfing, so you can really fulfill your thirst for water sports. Regardless of your degree of experience, it’s worth adding to your itinerary because it has cafes, pubs, lifeguards, and a well known surf school.

In February, clean waves are usually found 18% of the time, and 63% of the time the waves are blown out, so it’s the best time to surf.

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