Stress At Work

stress at work

In the era of utmost competition, stress at work has become a routine. People don’t leave a company, they leave their bosses. Nowadays people are being supposed a production machine not a living being. Bosses being capable of assisting their worker would like to just order them in a detestable manner.

Source Of Stress At Work.

What is the biggest source of stress at work? 35% of us say that the number one cause for stress in the workplace is our bosses and our managers! 76% says that workplace stress is carried home and negatively affects our personal relationships. 66% of us have lost sleep due to work-related stress and 16% of us quit our jobs because of stress. Our bosses and our managers’ stress is contagious, knowingly or unknowingly. You can outsource so many things in your life but you can’t outsource your self-care. You can’t outsource taking care of your mental and physical health.

Adverse Effects Of Stress.

Conflicts over money have caused friction and distance between family and friends. And the biggest challenge is we bring all of that stress back home and then we dump it on the people around us. So often we interact and behave the people we love the most is not based on how we want to behave, but how our stress makes us behave. All of our relationships become like trashcans where we dump that stress into them, on top of them and into their lives. 31% of us turn to caffeine to reduce our stress. 27% of us choose to smoke. 23% of us choose to take medicines and 20% of us choose alcohol. The crazy thing about stress is it makes us eat more or eat worse.

Coping With This Stress.

It’s so important that we learn to manage ourselves. We need to make the right choices for our own well-being, rather than expecting the people around us to do that for us. People don’t quit the job, they quit bosses. If you want to save your talent then start working with your leaders. when people feel valued the company naturally becomes valuable because you have people who are motivated, driven and purposefully there. The real test of a truly authenticated organization is how they treat the newest people in the company as well as the oldest. Not just who are the top performers, but those that are giving their time and energy.

Mental And Physical Health.

Mental health

There are two things we need in our lives. The mental relaxation and physical energy to do absolutely everything. And when those two deplete and we start to get depressed we try to get mental relaxation through all those other vices. And we try to get physical energy through sugar, carbs, and fats.

Stress-Reducing Measures

Exercise to reduce stress at work
Exercise to reduce stress at work

When it comes to energy, natural exercise is such an incredible way of releasing endorphins and genuinely feeling that boost within our bodies. when we start in the morning, whether its walk, the gym, yoga or whatever it may be. Hitting that punching bag in the gym is far better than hitting the bottle of wine in the evening. Taking walks and being in nature has been shown to reduce stress, has been shown to improve and increase relaxation. And for relaxation, meditation is phenomenal!

You may say “I don’t know how to meditate” and if that’s the case just being able to sit still, sitting calmly. Be aware of your surroundings. Taking in the signs and sounds in a deeper way. Not just looking at the tree for the tree you walk past every day but focusing on each branch, each twig. Maybe the animals, Maybe the birds. Being able to give you attention. Being able to give your presence and awareness to the moment just for 2 minutes, 5 minutes or for 10 minutes but provide so much stillness in tour outer and inner lives. If you are in need of relaxation or energy, try breathing with this.

Always Follow The 5 by 5 Rule At Work.

If you won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend longer than 5 minutes or 5 hours worrying about it.

Manage Your Personal Life And Work!

work-life balance to avoid stress at work
work-life balance

So many times the things we stress about are insignificant. They make us feel something in a moment and we start making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. We start saying that “you always do this” or ” you never do this” and the truth is no one always does anything and no one always does nothing. And we need to ask ourselves. Are we carrying the weight that’s not ours to carry? If there is some unpacking we do? If there some baggage we leave behind? Because sometimes the weight we need to lose isn’t in our bodies, but it’s in our minds. And the biggest challenge with keeping and carrying that stress is what we do to let go of it. Or at least what we do to think we let go of it.

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