Sex life: Things you should never do in the bedroom

Sex life: Things you should never do in the bedroom

There are a lot of great things to try in your sex life, and a few things to avoid! I’ve interviewed couples where one has told the other mid-way through sex that something is wrong or the approach isn’t working. The rule with sex is show don’t tell. There’s no bigger buzz kill that judging someone’s performance in the sack.

if you’re trying to get pregnant or climax and your partner is aware of this, it can add unnecessary pressure to the experience of being together. Sex should be fun, romantic and relaxing. There’s no place for pressure between the sheets. If it’s important to you to think about fertility, for instance, make a point to discuss it outside of the bedroom or journal about it. You don’t have to avoid thinking about it. But pick your moments.

Sexy talk is great. Moans, groans, and dirty words can enhance the mood. A play-by-play about what he’s doing, what you need, what you’re doing, what it feels like…. quickly gets you both out of the experience.

Making your partner try something he or she doesn’t want to. Don’t assume just because something turns you on, your partner will love it. You may want to use feathers and toys, while your partner finds it freaky or uncomfortable. Like most things in your relationship, sex requires communication and negotiation. It’s great to try new things together but remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to sex.

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