Reasons of Stress at Work 

Reason of stress at work

Do you feel stressed while doing work? Are you unable to execute your tasks and some important projects? If you are facing stress at work and are unsure of how to overcome it, read this article.


We all do some sort of work in order to make money and survive. Through work, we are able to solve different problems in our lives. Work gives meaning to your life. It makes a great contribution to your life as well as the lives of those who are linked to you. Everyone has their own needs. People need to pay for their food, their rent, and other necessities in order to have fun in their lives. We also need to maintain a personal and social identity, and to maintain that, we have to earn and pay. To keep our family and social bonds alive, we need to make money. 

Work Values 

Work values are the qualities that are related to work. These also include the standards as well as the principles that matter to you and your work. Work values can help you straighten your career and can help you find new opportunities in life. We should have a purpose at work. A reason by which we remain involved in our work. It can be your conviction, your passion, or your mission in life. However, work can also be tiring at times. It can be the reason for one’s stress. Here we will have a comprehensive look at the top 10 causes of stress at work. 

1. Decline in work function 

When the requirements of a certain job do not match the needs and capabilities of job workers, a harmful mental and physical response occurs. This emotional state of mind is termed “stress.” Job stress is a leading cause of poor mental and physical health. This poor mental health leads to many problems at work, including performance issues, discrimination, and communication problems. It can lead to a decline in motivation as well as satisfaction. A decline in work functions also results in a lack of confidence. When you lack confidence and cannot deliver your hundred percent, you automatically perform poorly. To deliver up to your full potential, you must have great confidence and believe in yourself. There is a famous saying that says “believing is achieving.” Once you start believing in yourself, you achieve things that others can’t even imagine. 

2. Having a toxic boss 

Having a toxic boss is another reason for stress at work. Bosses are famous for breaking or making one’s career. It is a blessing to have a nice, easy going boss. The behavior of the boss determines your stress too. A toxic boss can increase your stress levels, and a nice one can help you reduce them. There are different ways of coping with such situations. Notice what makes you stressed and always keep track of the situations in which you are stressed the most. Develop a healthy response to any type of situation and stay positive. Optimism can help you relax. Always tell your boss whatever he wants to listen to, as it is an old trick of making people happy. If nothing works, get out of there and neutralize yourself. There is nothing as important as peace. Find another job and always keep moving forward.

3. Unrealistic office goals 

Another reason for stress at work is the offices and their unrealistic goals. They demand results that are unrealistic and impossible to deliver. Such situations cause increased stress levels. When expectations do not match reality, significant stress conditions are caused. Employers demand perfection in everything, which is almost impossible. In this way, the employers expect too much of the workers and the workers always fall short of their target. This results in frustration, depression, and self judgment. High job demands finally result in poor job control, poor design of work, and inflexible working hours.  

4. Lack of punctuality 

It is another reason why we feel stressed at work. When we are not punctual at work,  the work burden increases. The students who remain absent from their school for many days have to make up a lot of missed work on their return. The same applies to jobs and work. So, if you are willing to do your work in a stress free and punctual manner, you should be more punctual at your work place. Using a timer can help you become more punctual. Other ways of becoming punctual include getting ready on time, not wasting your time on unimportant things, and always keeping track of how much time a task can take. Make a TO DO LIST and be ruthless about it. Following these little tips can improve your punctuality at work. 

5. Increased Sensitivity 

There are issues at every workplace, and everyone has to carry on with these. You must find a way to cope with these issues. There are some people with high sensitivity who are affected and disturbed by many small problems. Some people prefer to work in quiet places. When such people are made to work in a loud and noisy environment, they feel uncomfortable. Sexism, harassment, and inappropriate behavior are some of the problems one can face at work and also the top reasons for stress at work. You can improve your sensitive behavior by keeping your mind focused and by having a clear image in mind. Always identify and define the problem clearly, never over-think it. Take things easy. The calmer you are, the better you can perform. Pressure leads to distorted work. Always try to contain your emotions and never let emotions get in the way of your work. 

6. Lack of energy 

Another top reason for stress at work is a lack of energy. The reasons behind this can be poor diet, lack of exercise, and not getting enough sleep. A focused mind requires a good night’s sleep. Brain works for almost 16 to 18 hours a day so after this heavy duty, brain needs some rest which if not provided leads to stress and lack of energy. Not having adequate sleep can lead to dehydration as well. A dehydrated body feels tired and weak. This can increase the stress levels, and this impacts the quality of work. To deal with this problem, one must drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, eat more often, and do proper exercise.  


An irritable person is more sensitive to stress situations as compared to others. When a person is feeling irritated, he or she can become agitated over small matters. Such people are easily annoyed. This affects the quality as well as the quantity of work. There is a deep connection between anxiety problems and irritability. Thus, irritability increases the level of stress at work. To reduce such stress levels, one must avoid caffeine and alcohol, take a proper nap, and avoid using too many cell phones. 

8. Personal problems 

Having issues back at home can also make people stressed and less focused on their work. The loss of a loved one, divorce, marriage issues, and financial problems are some of the leading causes of stress. Other issues might include anger issues, grief, or low self-esteem. These personal problems are hurdles in focusing on actual work. Making the right decisions at critical moments, keeping yourself calm and steady, and talking to a person that can help you solve your personal problems are some of the ways of reducing stress.  

9. Unhealthy bodies 

Unhealthy bodies result from stress conditions. This leads to blood pressure problems. These can also lead to obesity and diabetes. Stress is the leading cause of heart diseases, which are the top causes of deaths in the present time. Such stress can cause your body to shut down. It leads to extreme tiredness and fatigue. 

10. Changes 

Changes can lead to stressful situations. When a person is not used to an environment where everything seems new, they feel stressed and uncomfortable. Anyone can feel stressed when they are away from a natural part of life. Moreover, our brain sees big changes as negative things. This leads to stressful situations. These stressful conditions can be dealt with by learning the right techniques for coping with such situations. We all have stress in our lives, but only those who live a happy life know how to tackle stressful situations.

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