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Not every soul appreciates immense motivations when it comes to harsh realities in their destructive standards of living. But life comes with snarls of troubles when you run afterwards the jovial facets of being exist in this world.

A universal proverb says that life is not a bed of roses. Disappointments, failures, troubles and frustrations accompany you every now and then. Whether you talk about emotional setbacks or professional challenges, all of them blow your life way out of proportion. I do agree that these experiences drastically contribute to the downfall in our lives. Sometimes we are devastated, shattered and life is exhausted to an enormous extent. We keep thinking how could this have happened? Or what the hell do I do now? These life dilemmas lay you awake with a look of utter shock and horror. But then, this is what life meant on a bigger picture. Ultimately these events not only challenge us to start replenishing our lives but enable us to rise and grow.

“And however difficult life may seem there is always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you don’t give up”

(Stephen Hawking)

Rebuilding your life after failures was never easy. But, once you take responsibility and become a person in charge then you’ll have a bigger picture. One may stumble and fall several times but never bury your head in sand. This is where the real downfall starts. You not only mess up your head with negative thoughts, but enough power them to slap you straight in the face. With determination, you can by-pass all the obstacles that are hindering your path. Your soul purpose in life is to stand tall at what life throws you and overcome everything with self confidence. It is a choice that is one thought away.

Sometimes it is now or never:

“Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up”

Life is not about dedicating your precious time to worthless situations. Instead, we must plan our circuit accordingly. At times, there are signs that life is not working for you. You dread the thought of wrong things in life. You indulge yourself in negative thought processes that may get you lost. Goal setting is really essential. Rather, it is a first step to a truly fulfilling life. You need to stick to it and get yourself working in the most appropriate direction. You may face different challenges but by being passionate and determined you can jump on your road to success. All you need to do is doing your best you can and be on the right track.

Flick your light back on:

Often you find that people are working in wrong directions or on a goal that they didn’t really want. They work tirelessly for that purpose. And then usually ends up waking one day mega stressed like being hit in the head with a sledge hammer. This is fair enough as previously they were investing their energy and focus towards wrong stuff. They emotionally get squashed and often go hard. It can feel tough and difficult. And the worst is the damage it causes to their career, heath and relationships.

Just remember, nobody in this life come across success just by hoping for it. On those days, it is worth checking that you are going in best possible way to your future goals. Appreciate yourself and start believing in yourself that you’ll succeed. Try to move forward constantly and work hard consistently. Because they say, the only way is way forward.

Floods at the forefront always:

Life is problematic and living is solving problems, facing problems and working through them brings out the best in you. Adversities, opposition, fears and hardships are meant to overcome. Never ask why me? Instead, map out a course of action. Accept the challenges. Running away is super easy, man Ha! Breathe, and be led by your dreams. You can begin again as many times as you can.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

African Proverb

You are the author of your own story. Never stuck on the same page rather fill it with love, happiness and adventure. Treasure it and live the story you wrote. Appreciate what still remains and look forward eagerly. You must let go of yesterday because you cannot go back. Believe in yourself and be a survivor.

Make positive changes now:

While you are striving hard for your success, positive vibes brings you the invisible, feels the intangible and achieve the impossible. Change is something we can always learn to live the life we want. Stay on track and end your day with the surge of positive emotions. Build momentum and lay down your strategy. Positive intellect will drove you towards new destinations of hope and eternal happiness.

Deal with top fears impacting upon your success:

The mountains of hidden fears are not meant to be carried, but walked up and climbed over. Fears are obstacles that hate action. They sneak into your head before you even know. They fit in to your way of change and set you towards wrong goals. Explore this that there is no magic pill that will make your today better than yesterday. Look into mirror, the person standing right in-front of you has to transform and surpass the leading fears. Thinking and worrying will cause you to fall in the lap of your hidden fears. Challenge your thoughts and not just overcome, conquer your fears. You are more worthy and more capable than you think.

Embrace your failures:

Success never happens over night. Failures are the pillars of your success embrace them because they get you closer to your goals.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success”

Dale Carnegie

Understand and accept that a few failed attempts wouldn’t make you a loser. It is all about dealing with your mindsets. Intense hard work with determination is what marks a true success. Wake up to make your dreams a reality. There is no substitute to hard work. Create your strategy, grab opportunities and keep sticking to your initial vision. Learn to be acquainted with yourself and trust the timing of your life.

Hard work is the key always:

Hard work complemented with determination is a sure short way to success.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get, the more successful you get”

Henry Ford.

Nothing in this world comes easily. The harder you work on your dreams, more will be the energy you invest. The more you are focused, the more opportunities you will grab. There is more behind that, though. You need the right attitude, correct plan of work shut the noise up that says “It won’t go right!” Say NO to distractions and put in enough productive work in order to live the better life that is ahead of you. The aches and pain you suffer now will be a blurry memory someday.

Find gratitude and create positive energy:

Thankfulness is the best medication one can have. Whether you are defeating adversity or running towards a fulfilling life you always want more. Often our desire to want more blinds us of what we already have. Learn to be grateful for what you have and open the doors of success in your life. Rise up, bring peace for today and unlock the fullness. Be grateful, you won’t regret it!

Your light is extra ordinary:

“Verily with hardship, comes ease”

( Al Quran 94:5)


Rise above the failures and get out of your comfort zone. Set your goal as a part of your strategy and successfully bring positive impact in your life. Don’t be afraid of failures. They are nothing, but a stepping stone to your success and achievement in your life. With so much hurdles riding on the track of your life, never underestimate your existence. Instead, focus your mind on positive outcomes that leads to the change that the world desperately needs. Tread the path of life with grace and positive attitude. Illuminate your mind and heart and shine it brighter than ever. Strengthen your faith because despite everything you still grow, be proud of this.

“No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship”

(Quran 53:58)

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