Living room paint color ideas brimming with character and get creative


Colors and shades reflect your personality and your nature. And these little shades and colors lift the moods as well.

The living room is basically a place in your home where all your guests as well as the family members socialize, party and relax. The space of your living room can easily be made relaxed and happy get-together place as well as a beautiful showpiece by selecting the right and best living room paint colors. You will have to select the paint first when you are going to generate a living room color pattern or scheme. Selecting the right paint colors for the living room will be the basic element and feature that basically links all the things together, and these things will enhance the beautiful furnishing of your living room.

Whenever a color scheme is being created from a previously decorated and furnished living room, neutral color for paints is mostly selected by the home decorators. An agreeable, pleasant, and delightful backdrop and setting for the colors has been created by selecting the neutral color for the paint, which has already been selected for the living room. You can select an additional vibrant, lively, and exciting color from your fixtures and the furnishings in case if you want a bold color statement or you may feel daring and adventurous. And you can also select accessories and decoration for the walls as well as the accent color of the wall.

Following are some of the beautiful and exciting paint color ideas for the living room that will inspire and motivate you to make and build a new color scheme.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is a gray color to paint. If you want a cool color for your living room, then, this crushed ice gray paint color is the beautiful and the perfect choice. It’s a pale gray color of paint just like the crushed ice, and this works exceptionally well and glowing with the neat white trim as well as with the additional white features in the living room. You have to highlight the white color deprived of making too much distinction and contrast.

Take on turquoise

You can add a character and personality in the daylight in your living room by picking up the vibrant shades, and these vibrant shades will create snugly deep and warm luxury and ease at night. You can choose a turquoise hue by means of a stimulating liveliness and vivacity about that is not overwhelming, crushing or brash. For the mid blue, it can be the perfect partner. For a little balance, you can keep the floor, pale as well as carry on the color through the woodwork together with skirting, shutters and architraves. With a color-saturated pattern and scheme, a cooling impact and influence can be created by hits of white on the shelving, artwork, and furniture as well as on lighting.

Denim Drift

Denim drift is the best color of the year that is announced by the Dulux.  It’s a lovely, calming and attractive shade of blue-gray that can add up the serenity and calmness to your living room. To add up a laid-back feel and vibe to whichever of the living room, this is an ideal and pleasant fresh tone. It also provides a prompt feeling and sensation of stillness and silence. It’s a timeless, elegant, and calming shade.

Mulberry burst to seek harmony

In colder months the Plum tones will warm up your room. Dusty rose as well as claret shades can also be combined up in order to make space warm, cozy, and snug. The main wall will be color blocked, and to present heritage and a rich element, port wine red can also be introduced with it.


Ablaze is a vibrant, lively, and warm color for a living room, and people who love bright and dark colors will surely go to love it. A strong color, for instance, orange or red, will works elegant and best for most of the living rooms as an accent wall. The bold colored wall can be surrounded by the neutral colored wall in a medium tone. The accent wall should not be paired with white for a reason for the contrast between the two colors, and this is in order to make a relaxing and charming living room. For the balance, you should have to make sure that always tie and link bold accent color by means of an accessory or two in the living room.

Cappuccino White

Right now, the most popular and famous paint color is white. Many of the paint color brands amazed and stunned the world of design as well as the customers by identifying and announcing the shades of off-white or white as the color of the year. The best white colors of paint give a hint of cool as well as the warm feeling. Cappuccino White is a warm white color of paint, and by selecting this for your living room, it will create a relaxing and comforting gathering space.

Bermuda grass

If you want a living room with the Craftsman style or with the comfortable lodge style, then, Bermuda grass is worth and value a look. A deep living room color will be balanced and composed with the heavy wood and stone fireplace accents deprived of making the living room feel like a cave. Bermuda grass is a muted olive with the capability to coordinate and match up using beige or gray neutrals. The charm and thrill of decorating and adoring the living room using green are because it considered and reflected as per a cool or warm neutral that depends upon the undertone.  

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