June Month


“June is the gateway to summer.” –Jean Hersey. June is the first month of the summer season. In the yearly calendar, June comes in the 6th number. It has 30 days. From this month days become longer and hotter. “June” word comes from the word “iuniores”. It is a Latin word that means younger ones.

In the Northern hemisphere, June month has the longest daylight hours and the Southern hemisphere has cold weather because at this time it has December month going on there. June month has 2 zodiac signs: Gemini and Cancer. Gemini people are born between 1st June to 21st June. People who born from 22nd June to 30th June have a Cancer zodiac sign.


Anglo Saxon gave a name to this month which was “Sera monath” which means “dry month”.

Back then in Roman times June was in 4th position in the yearly calendar and had 30 days. In 450 BCE June became the 5th month with having 29 days. Then when Julian’s calendar introduced June come came in the 6th number having a length of 30 days again.

June month is named after Goddess Juno. Some say that this month was named after the marriage of goddess Juno. Goddess Juno was the wife of God Jupiter who was the king of all Gods. Her status is equal to the Greek goddess Hera. Goddess Juno was the goddess of eternal youthfulness, childbirth and well-being of women. She was the daughter of Saturn. Juno was the queen of all Gods. Symbols of queen Juno were peacock, cuckoo, lion, cow and pomegranate. Juno was the protector of Roman citizens. She multiplied and protected all soldiers of the Roman army.

Juno month has some historical names which are following:

  • Lunius (Roman)
  • Litha (Saxon)
  • Brach Mond (Germanic)
  • Junius (old English)
  • Junius mensis –month of June (Latin)
  • Juin (old French)
Goddess Juno
Goddess Juno

June Month in Other Languages

Different names which June month has are following:

  • Liùyué (Chinese Mandarin)
  • Juin (French)
  • Giugno (Italian)
  • Lunius (Latin)
  • Junio (Spanish)
  • Junho (Portuguese)
  • Haziran (Turkish)
  • Juni (Dutch)
  • Gunju (Maltese)
  • Quershor (Albanian)
  • Iyun (Azerbaijan)
  • Iunie (Romanian)
  • Czerwiec (Polish/Polski)
  • Eeyoon, iyún (Rusian)
  • Húnyo (Philippines)
  • Juni (Norwegian Norsk)

June Month Important Days

June month is the month of marriages. It is also called International Men’s month. UN days which come in the month of June are following:

  • Global Day of Parents -1st June
  • World Bicycle Day -3rd June
  • International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression -4th June
  • World Environment Day -5th June
  • World’s Oceans Day -8th June
  • World Day against Child Labor -12th June
  • International Albinism Awareness Day -13th June
  • World Blood Donor Day -14th June
  • World Elder Abuse Awareness Day -15th June
  • Father’s Day -16th June
  • International Picnic Day -18th June
  • International Day for the Elimination of many Violence in conflict -19th June
  • World Refugee Day -20th June
  • Summer solstice -21st June
  • International Day of Yoga -21st June
  • World Day of Music -21st June
  • Public Service Day -23rd June
  • International Widow’s Day -23rd June
  • Day of Seafarer -25th June
  • International Day against Drug abused and illicit trafficking -26th June
  • Intl. Day in support of victims of torture -26th June
  • International Asteroid Day -30th June

Famous People Birthdays in June

Following are the birthdays of some well-known people who born in June month:

  • Marilyn Monroe (1st June) –American Actress, Model and Singer
  • Sonakshi Sinha (2nd June) –Indian film Actress
  • Josephine Baker (3rd June) –French Entertainer, civil rights activist
  • Wasim Akram (3rd June) –Pakistani cricketer
  • Angelina Jolie (4th June) –American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian
  • Sunil Dutt (6th June) -Indian film actor and politician
  • Emily Ratajkowski (7th June) –American model and actress
  • Kanye West (8th June) –American rapper, singer, record producer, politician and fashion designer
  • Frank Lloyd Wright (8th June) –Architect
  • Jonny Depp (9th June) –American actor, producer, director, screen, writer and musician
  • Natalie Portman (9th June) –Israeli born American actress, director and producer
  • Prince Ali khan (13th June) –Pakistani Diplomat
  • Raheel Sharif (16th June) –Pakistani General
  • Judy Garland (18th June) –American Actor and Singer
  • Adriana Lima (12th June) –Brazilian model and actress
  • Lucy Hale (14th June) –American actress, singer and television personality
  • Blake Shelton (18th June) –American country music singer and television personality
  • Chris Pratt (21st June) –American actor and comedian
  • Benazir Bhutto (21st June) –Former Prime Minister
  • Lionel Messi (24th June) –Argentine footballer
  • Maurice Sendak (25th June) –American illustrator, writer of children’s books and  Author of 1984
  • Ariana Grande (26th June) –American singer and actor
  • Fahad Mustafa (26th June) –Pakistani actor, producer and host
  • Khloe Kardashian (27th June) –American model
  • Mike Tyson (30th June) –American boxer and actor

June Month Personality Traits

Every month has some personality traits. June month personality traits are following:

  • June-born people are social butterflies.
  • They are very charismatic and good-looking people.
  • June people are very talented and intelligent.
  • They have an extremely inquisitive child-like nature.
  • June-born people are great communicators.
  • They can easily draw everyone’s attention to them.
  • June people love to try out new things.
  • They are fun to be with.
  • June-born people are very honest and concerned about other feelings.
  • They are very friendly and approachable.
  • June people are moody, emotionally, unpredictable and can easily hurt.
  • They forgive but never forget also they are not revengeful people.
  • June-born people judge others through observations.
  • Due to having optimistic and cheerful nature, they bring the best out of others.
  • June-born people have a unique sense of humor.
  • Their minds are full of ideas.
  • Some June people have great intuition which is spot on most of the time.
  • They are adventurous and risk-takers.
  • June-born people know the art of negotiation. They can easily win any argument because of their superior wit and ability to break the arguments.
  • June-born people lack willpower.
  • They have great taste in fashion.

Strawberry Moon

June full moon is known as the strawberry moon. This moon appeared on 24th June on Thursday Night. It is the last moon of spring or we can say that it is the first moon of summer. This moon has a golden hue. In Europe, it has a reddish color. This moon reflects flower bloom and early fruit ripens.

Strawberry moon was first named by the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota and Lakota people. At this time of June wild strawberries starts to ripen and gathered in these places.

This moon has many other names which are following:

  • Berries Ripen Moon –Haida term
  • Blooming Moon –indicate the flowering season
  • Green Corn Moon –Cherokee term
  • Birth Moon –this time animals born in Pacific Northwest. Tlingit used the term.
  • Egg-laying Moon –Cree term
  • Rose Moon –Europeans named it.
  • Hatching Moon –refers to animal babies.
  • Honey Moon –named in 1500 in Europe. It refers to the first month of marriage.
  • Sweetest Moon –honey ripens at this time so people named this moon.
  • Mead Moon –old European name
  • Vat Purnima –Hindu name. They have 3 days ceremony on this full moon. To show love for husbands women tie the thread around the Bunyan tree.
  • Oak Moon
  • Cold Moon
  • Beaver moon
  • Frost Moon
  • Hoer Moon
Strawberry moon
Strawberry moon

June Month Birthstones

There are three birthstones of June month.

  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Alexandrite

June is one of the months that have three birthstones; the other three stoned months are August and December. Because of having 3 stones June month birthdays have attractive options which fit their moods and budget.


 Pearl is the traditional birthstone of June month. It was a belief of ancient Greeks that pearls were the joyful tears of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Middle East ancients believed that pearls were teardrops from heaven. Chinese ancients believed that pearls came from the brain of a dragon.

Real Pearls are the only gemstone found within living creatures (salt and fresh water mollusks). Now pearls are cultivated and cultured also. Around the world, pearls originate from oceans, lakes and rivers. It is a beautifully timeless piece of jewelry that is being loved by women of all ages.

Pearl symbolizes purity, humility, innocence and sweet simplicity. In old times pearls were given as a wedding gift.

Pearls have very beneficial properties:

  • In ancient Sanskrit, pearls symbolize long life and prosperity.
  • It cures indigestion and hemorrhages.
  • Some Arab physicians of the 19th century that pearl powder improved the eyesight cure nervous tremors and eased depression.

Cultured pearl farms found in Japan, China, Australia and the Philippines. China is the most dominant source of freshwater pearls. Cultured pearls can be found in many shapes, colors and sizes.

Natural color of a pearl is white and it found in Arabian Gulf, Mexico and Venezuela. Unfortunately, now small quantities of pearls found these days.

Natural Pearls
Natural Pearls


Moonstone is from the feldspar group of minerals. This stone was associated with Roman and Greek ancients. Roman naturalist Pling named this stone moonstone because of the belief that this stone changes its appearance with the phases of the moon.

  • Finest moonstone has a blue sheen.
  • Moonstone symbolizes love, passion, fertility and good luck.
  • Moonstone is also known as a traveler’s stone. This stone has a reputation that it protects travelers at night and over water.
  • Moonstones can be found in parts of North China, New Mexico, Virginia, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar.


This stone is the modern birthstone of June month. Alexandrite is a rare and expensive variety of minerals. Some legends say that this stone was named after the Russian Czar, Alexander II because it discovered on the day Alexander II’s reign started. In 1830 in Russia’s Ural Mountains major Alexandrite deposits were first discovered.

This stone can change its color; bluish-green in daylight and purplish-red when viewed under the light of an incandescent bulb. Poets named this stone as “Emerald by day” and a “Ruby by night”. This color-changing stone caught a country’s attention because these colors mirrored the national colors of imperial Russia.

This stone also creates another phenomenon which is called chatoyancy or the cat’s eye effect. Alexandrite birthstone mines found in Brazil, Siri Lanka and East Africa.


June Birth flowers

“It was June, and the World Smelled of Roses and the Sunshine was like Powdered Gold over the Grassy Hillside.” –Maud Hart Lovelace

 Every month has its unique birth flower. Some months have one and some have more than one birth flower. June month has two birth flowers:

  • Rose
  • Honeysuckle


The world’s most favorite and most popular flower is the rose. Rose is the flower of love. Summer begins with the blooming beauty of the rose. Roses have been always cherished, loved and celebrated in every age or era. Evidence suggested that roses are 35 million years old. Ancient Egyptians used roses for offering their gods. Romans build huge rose gardens for people. Greeks associated rose with goddesses; Aphrodite, Isis and Venus.

In the 15th century, roses became a part of politics. That time famous title ‘war of roses’ symbolized wartime. The opposite parties had roses as their representation symbol. White rose was for York and the red rose was for Lancaster.

There are more than 100 types of roses. It comes in almost every color. So many artists and poets have been inspired by this amazing flower. Roses are such versatile flowers that are suitable for every occasion.

this flower represents love, beauty, honor, friendship, admiration, faith and devotion. Roses are classic and effortless gifts for loved ones. This flower which is such a timeless beauty has a sweet fragrance. Rises are used in perfumes, medicines, beauty products and celebrations.

The meaning of rose depends upon its color like:

  • Red rose –means I love you
  • Red and white roses in one bunch – symbolizes unity
  • Pink rose –innocence and purity
  • Yellow rose –friendship or sometimes jealousy


This flower is not so popular in humans but it is birds and insects favorite one. It grows on shrubs and vines. Honey suckle is a favorite flower of humming birds and butterflies. So it you are a fan of these beautiful colorful creatures, you can plant this flower in your garden which will become a magnet to them. This flower is a symbol of happiness and devoted affection.


June Month Quotes

  • “In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” –John Steinbeck
  • “June is the Time for being in the World in New Ways, for Throwing off the Cold and Dark Spots of Life.” –Joan D. Chittister
  • “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” –Bernard Williams
  • “I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” –Lucy Maud Montgomery 
  • “It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise.” –Mark Twain
  • “If I had Aladdin’s lamp and the usual three wishes, the first would always be, Give me the first day of June.” –Gladys Taber

Hope you enjoy this informative June article!

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