July Month

Julius Caesar


“If June was the beginning of a hopeful summer, and July month the juice middle, August was suddenly feeling like the bitter end.” –Sarah Dessen

July is the 7th month of the yearly calendar. It has 31 days. This month of July is the second month of summer. July is the dedicated month of freedom independence and the country’s cultural celebrations.

July is the month of extremes. In Northern Hemisphere, July is the warmest month of the year. Whereas in Southern Hemisphere, it is the coldest month of the year.

July month has two zodiac signs: The first one is Cancer and the second one is Leo. People who are born on dates between 1st July to 22nd July, those people fall under the Cancer sign. Whereas those people, who have their birthdays from 23rd July to 31st July, have Leo’s zodiac sign.


July month was previously known as Quintilis month. Quintilis is a Latin word that means fifth. This month has this name because it came in the 5th position in the ancient Roman calendar. After adding January and February, this month moved its position from 5th to 7th position.

July month was named after Emperor Julius Caesar who was born at the start of the month. He was a Roman General. King Julius’ main contribution was that he proposed the Julian calendar. This calendar made the yearly calendar more clear and elaborate. He was also famous for his political and military successes. King Julius had a steamy relationship with Cleopatra.

  • July month has some of the following historical names:
  • Quintilis (Roman)
  • Litha (Saxon)
  • Heu-mond –Hey month (Germanic)
Julius Caesar

July Month in Different Languages

July Month has the following names in other languages:

  • Qiuè (Chinese Mandrin)
  • Juli (Danish) (Dutch) (German)
  • Juillt (French)
  • Iuligio (Italian)
  • Julio (Spanish)
  • Julho (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Temmuz (Turkish)
  • Lulju (Maltese)
  • Korrik (Albanian)
  • Iyul (Azerbaijan)
  • Yuli (Bulgarian)
  • Lúil (Irish)
  • Lipiec (Polish)
  • Tháng Bay (Vietnamese)

Important Days of July Month

Following are some important international days which come in the month of July:

  • International Joke Day -1st July
  • World UFO Day -2nd July
  • International Day of Cooperatives -3rd July
  • International Plastic Bag Free Day -3rd July
  • World Chocolate Day -7th July
  • International Essential Oils Day -11 July
  • World Population Day -11 July
  • International Town Criers Day -12th July
  • World’s Youth Skills Day -15th July
  • World Snake Day -16th July
  • World’s Emojee Day -17th July
  • World Day of International Justice -17th July
  • Nelson Mandela Day -18th July
  • World Listening Day -18th July
  • International Chess Day -20th July
  • World Jump Day -20th July
  • World Hepatitis Day -28th July
  • International Tiger Day -29th July
  • World Day against Trafficking in person -30th July
  • International Day of Friendship -30th July
  • World Ranger Day -31st July

Well Known People Birthdays in July Month

Famous people who born in the month of July are the following:

  • Princess Diana (1st July) –Wife of Prince of Wales Charles
  • Pamela Anderson (1 July) –Canadian-American actress, author, model, TV personality and activist
  • Lindsey Lohan (2nd July) –American actress, singer, TV personality, song writer and entrepreneur
  • Ji Chang-Wook (5 July) –South Korean actor
  • Sylvester Stallone (6 July) –American actor, screen writer and film director
  • Ranveer Singh (6 July) –Indian actor
  • MS Dhoni (7 July) –Indian cricketer player
  • Malala Yousafzai (12 July) –Pakistan children’s education activist
  • Tom Cruise (13 July) –American actor and producer
  • Sanam Balouch (14 July) –Pakistani TV host and actress
  • Muhammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoom (15 July) –Emir of Dubai Emirates
  • Katrina Kaif (16 July) –British-Indian film actress and model
  • Camilla (17 July) –Duchess of Cornwall, second wife of Prince Charles
  • Mehdi Hasan (18 July) –Pakistani singer
  • Nelson Mandela (18th July) –Former President of South Africa
  • Priyanka Chopra (18th July) –Indian actress and singer
  • Vin Diesel (18 July) –American actor, producer, screen writer and director
  • Earnest Hemingway (21 July) –American author and journalist
  • Selena Gomez (22 July) –American singer, songwriter and actress
  • Daniel Radcliffe (23 July) –English actor
  • Hamid Mir (23 July) –Pakistani journalist, news anchor and security analyst
  • Jenifer Lopez (24 July) –American singer, actress, dancer and producer
  • Sandra Bullock (26 July) –American actress and producer
  • Kriti Sanon (27 July) –Indian actress
  • Maya Ali (27 July) –Pakistani actress
  • Sanjay Dutt (29 July) –Indian actor
  • Fatima Jinnah (30 July) –PK Dental surgeon, state woman, biographer and leading founders of Pakistan
  • Kiara Advani (31 July) –Indian actress

Personality Traits of July Month

Following are some interesting personality traits that July born people have:

  • They have extremely positive nature.
  • July born people have very charming personality.
  • They are very generous and sympathetic.
  • July born people don’t like meaningless drama and gossips.
  • They need time to get over when someone hurt their feelings.
  • July born people work very hard and focus on their dreams.
  • Family means everything to them.
  • They are very good at self-control.
  • July born people are very organized and like to do things on their own way.
  • They have a flawless sense of style.
  • They don’t have to work hard at getting noticed due to their elegance and confidence.
  • July born people mostly stay quite unless they are excited or tensed.
  • They have an excessive mood swings.
  • July born people have a very inquisitive nature. They are always eager to ask so many questions and learn new things.
  • They have an amazing sense of humor.
  • July born people love to spend their “me-time”.
  • They are perfectionist in almost every field. Whether it is field fashion, cooking, dancing or driving, they give their best to make it perfect.
  • July born people are left handed.
  • They have very good sharp memory.
  • July born people are very compassionate lover.
  • They have a creative mind.
  • July born people have very honest and straightforward personality.

Buck Moon

The full moon of July is called Buck Moon. It is a sign of fertility. The reason behind this July moon to this name is that at this time young male bucks’ antlers are in full growth. Each year in the month of July, bucks shed their old antlers and regrow them to new. You may have seen this moon on 5th July. A partial penumbral lunar eclipse had also appeared.

Different cultures have different July moon names:

  • Feather Moulting Moon –Cree term
  • Salmon Moon –It is a Tlingit term. At this time fish return to the area and ready to be harvested.
  • Berry Moon –Anishinaabe term
  • Chokecherries Moon –Dakota term
  • Ripe Corn Moon –Cherokee term
  • Raspberry Moon –Algonquin, Ojibwe term
  • Thunder Moon –It is a Western Abenaki term. In this month thunderstorm are very frequent.
  • Halfway Summer Moon
  • Hay Moon
  • Mean Moon
  • Rose Moon –it is a European term. This name is for roses which bloom in late month of June.
  • Elk Moon
  • Guru Moon/Purnima –Hindus celebrate this period as time of mind clearing and for honor of their Guru.
  • Dharma Full Moon Day –Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s first sermon.
Buck Moon

Dogs Days of summer

Hot long days of July are known as “dog days of summer”. At this time sun covers the same region of the sky where Sirius which is one of the brightest stars is visible. Sirius star is also known as dog star that why it is called dogs days of summer. This star appeared to rise just before the sun in late July.

Ancient Greeks and Romans had a belief that these dog days were the time of drought, bad luck and unrest. They believed that dogs and Men go crazy and man due to this extreme heat.

This phrase actually refers to this time of the year to the sultry days or the hottest days. From 3rd of July to 11 August is the period of dogs’ days of summer. This period could bring fever and catastrophe.

Dogs Days of summer

July Birthstone

“If I had rubies, riches and crowns, I’d buy the whole world and changes things around.” –Bob Dylan

Ruby is the only birthstone of July month. Word ‘Ruby’ comes from the ‘rubber’ word which is a Latin word and it means red. This gemstone is the traditional and modern birthstone of July.

Many cultures have believed that that ruby held the power of life. Ruby symbolizes love, passion and energy. Hindu offered ruby gemstone to God Krishna. They believed that they would be born emperors.

In China, ruby gemstones were traded along the North Silk road. Their noblemen had a belief that if they embellish their armor with ruby gemstone they will be protected.

Burma warriors inserted rubies into their flesh because of the belief that the protective power of this gemstone makes them invincible. This gemstone is one of the most popular traditional stones for jewelry. This stone is very durable.

In ancient times of India Ruby was known as the “king of precious stones” because of its beauty, hardness and mystical powers. In Indian jewelry, ruby was the symbol of power and youthful energy. It was believed that this gemstone can predict misfortune or danger.

Ruby cures inflammatory diseases. It can calm down the anger. Europe of medieval believed that rubies granted wisdom, wealth and success in love. This gemstone is even preferred over diamonds. It balances the heart, improves motivation, encourages joy, laughter and promotes positive dreams.

This gemstone comes in all varieties of red. Ruby in deep red color with a hint of Purple is the finest color of birthstone. In trade, it is also called “pigeon’s blood”.

Major sources of this stone are Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Myanmar.

Ruby gemstones

Birth flowers of July Month

July month has the following two birth flowers:

  • Delphiniums/Larkspur
  • Water Lily


Delphiniums are amazing beautiful bright flowers of early summer. These flowers brighten up many gardens at this time. These flowers have a vibrant and beautiful blue color. Delphinium flowers have an impressive height which can be up to 6 feet tall.

 When these flowers newly discovered ancient Greeks thought that they looked like a dolphin’s nose. So they named these flowers delphinium. In the UK these flowers are known as Larkspur. It is named after claws of the lark. Greeks also believed that for the first time this flower blossomed where Ajax’s blood spilled in the battle of Troy.

This flower has almost 400 types which are pretty amazing. In summer gardens, these beautiful eye-catching flowers are the star of the show.

Delphinium symbolizes warmth, joy, fun and beauty. It also represents the strong bond of love, open heart and celebration of positivity.

Every flower’s color plays an important part in its meaning. Here are some colors of delphinium flowers which have some interesting meaning:

  • Blue delphinium –means dignity and grace
  • Pink delphinium –means contrariness or fickleness
  • White delphinium –symbolizes happy nature
  • Purple delphinium –represent the first love

Larkspur is a protective plant. It protects from venomous snakes. These flowers also cure scorpion stings. Native Americans used this flower for dye purposes. It grows wild in the US and Europe.

England people sprinkled these flowers in their bath water because of the belief that protects them from ghosts and magic.

Delphiniums/Larkspur Flower

Water Lilies

Water lilies are exotic flowers of July. When these flowers debuted in the UK, they became the instant star and caused a real stir. These flowers come from the Amazon region. They enhanced the beauty of your summer garden. These flowers are also used in bouquets as well.

Water lilies represent the renewal of life, purity, enlightenment, divinity, or majesty. These flowers cool down the water for fish and frogs.

Water Lily

Fun Facts about July Month

  • July month is also known as Hay month. At this time there is a lack of rain, due to which grass dries up and turns in to hay.
  • According to the Catholic Church, July is the month of ‘most precious blood of Jesus’.
  • On 6th July 1885, rabies vaccine was for the first time successfully given to a 9 year old patient by French microbiologist.
  • World’s first bikini was presented on 5th July 1946.
  • Important historical figure Alexander the Great was born somewhere around on 20 July. Alexander the Great changed the shape of the world.
  • In US, July month is pretty delicious month. There this month known as National Watermelon Month, National Hotdog Month, National Ice-cream month.
  • 12 July 1943 was known as explosive day. Russians and Germans forced fought on this day. It was remembered as the largest tank battle in the history.
  • Neil Arm Strong took his first step on moon and made history on 20th July 1969.
  • On 16th July 1945, first atomic bomb known as ‘fat boy’ detonated in New Mexico.
  • Independence Day of America is on 4th of July.

July Month Quotes

  • “July is a blind date with summer.” –Hal Borland
  • “Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and gillyflowers.” –Sara Coleridge
  • “July: just take me to the Ocean.” –Unknown
  • “July, that lovely hell, all velvet dresses and drapes stuffed in to a hot little hole.” –Laura Kasischke
  • “My life, I realize suddenly is July. Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July.” –Rick Bass
  • “If I had my way, I’d remove January from the calendar altogether and have an extra July instead.” –Roald Dahl
  • If ant hills are high in July, the coming winter will be hard.” –American Folkore
  • “He makes me melt like a Popsicle on the fourth of July.” –Darla from ‘The Little Rascals’
  • “Thanksgiving without Turkey is like Fourth of July with no apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas.” –Joey from ‘Friends’
  • “It’s fourth of July weekend, or, as I call it, exploding Christmas.” –Stephen Colbert
  • “History began on July fourth, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake.” –Ron Swason

Hope you enjoy reading this lovely article on July month!

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