How To Wear Minimal Makeup For University?

How to create no makeup look for college

As a college or university student, I love to wear makeup and I used to think that makeup is glamorous and it will make me look better in front of a mirror and with colleagues.

Most students love to wear makeup as they find it as a medium to hide their imperfect skin with acne spots, marks, dark circles, and uneven skin tone. Wearing makeup gives us comfort. We feel more confident with makeup in school and college where nobody will ask why you are having pimples, acne, and uneven skin tone. Sometimes nonsense questions like why your dark circles are going darker and darker every day. We wear makeup to hide our insecurities because we can’t handle the criticism and mean jokes that make us uncomfortable in our skin tone.

As it is difficult to wear makeup every day with a heavy foundation, blush on, eyeliner, mascara, and hundred other things. In the morning, we are already short of time like getting ready for the university, preparing a bag, breakfast, and carrying the bus to leave for university/college.

These all tasks make it difficult to create the perfect makeup look every time. Minimal makeup in a short time is the only survival. You put on light makeup, that seems to match with your natural tone and still, random eyes in the college are stuck on you. So you glow and shine with even a light makeup on your skin.

So here is a little guide and tips on how to wear minimal makeup for college and university.

1. Cleansing your face: 

 Cleansing your face with a good cleanser can remove all the makeup from your face and it will make your skin dirt and debris free, making it clean. Try to cleanse your face two times to remove all the dirt, excess oil, and old makeup from your face. Throughout the day you will have a lot of dirt, debris, pollutant on your face, and for best results, use a cleanser having salicylic acid and retinol. They have numerous benefits for your skin. Retinol helps to improve the texture of the skin ad delays the sign of aging. Salicylic acid helps to clean your pores and fight with ance and harmful bacteria on your face.

2. Moisturize your face:

Moisturizing is the next step, cleanser dries out your face and you may feel your skin tight. To protect your skin from drying out and acne breakout. Apply a good moisturizer on your face as it increases the water content in the stratum layer. Dermatologists recommend moisturizing a slightly damp face and applying moisturizer gently by rubbing it in a circular motion.


How can you forget SPF? Dermatologist recommends wearing a good SPF whether it’s day or night to protect your skin from harmful UV  and sun rays. If you are not using any type of sunblock, you are missing it out. Not using sunscreen will burnt-out your skin, and harmful sun rays can cause skin cancer if you are exposed for a longer duration. Sunscreen blocks the sun rays and UV light from reaching and penetrating your skin, saving you from burnout, skin cancer, and uneven skin tone.

For best results, choose SPF above 30, free from paraben and other preservatives and alcohol. So you should reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours for protecting your skin.

4. Apply bb cream and tint:

You do not have to wear a heavy foundation for college, just get a bb cream one shade lighter than your original skin tone to cover uneven skin tone and acne spots on your skin. The smooth application of bb cream will give you a natural look as well as an even tone to your skin.

Once you are done with your bb cream application, the next step is to blush your cheek and lips. You can use tint in any shade like light orange, pink, light pink, or red. Apply a small amount of tint on your cheek and rub it on the sides of your cheek. You can also apply the tint by mixing it in your foundation or bb cream that looks gorgeous on your skin and will feel natural.

5Some Extras:

If your eyelashes are not thick, you can apply any good mascara to your eyes. As it enhances and defines your eyelashes, and eventually, your eyes will look more beautiful and charming. If you have dark circles, you can cover them by applying a corrector, light shade concealer under your eyes to cover up your dark circles. And if you are having dark spots and hyperpigmentation, then use serums containing salicylic acid or retinol.

Final Thoughts:

This is the minimal makeup that you can wear every day with minimum side effects. Wearing a lot of makeup makes your skin more acne-prone and some ingredients in the makeup can damage your skin. Using makeup wipes for cleaning your face is not effective as it cannot remove the makeup from the pores. To remove your makeup, take a few drops of olive oil and apply it on your face, and for removing the mascara, foundation, and waterproof makeup. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer.

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