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How to monitor your child’s mobile usage


It’s not easy for parents to monitor their kid’s phones more often once they get their personal cell phones. Because children find it quite intrusive. On the other hand, parents believe that it’s their right to have a continuous check on their child’s phone. What’s on their camera roll? Who are they chatting with? and Who have contacts with them?

Technology attracts all of us. From a toddler swiping his small fingers on mommy’s phone or tablet to teenagers chatting, enjoying their favorite shows and playing games. From adults controlling their works from their smartphones to a seventy-year-old enjoying social media. So it almost seems uncontrollable especially with young kids who are a bit aggressive in nature.

So, the question is still unanswered that how to keep an eye on them?

One thing that every parent should keep in mind that before buying your child a separate phone, give them a proper guideline of what is good and bad for them. Who they should talk to and who shouldn’t. When you are confident enough that your child will behave well. Only then give him/her a personal set. Then give them their space for a while and judge quietly. If you think your child is spending too much time on their cell phone or he/she is texting too much then instead of scolding harshly try to find out what the matter is, then take any action.  

Should parents be allowed to spy on their kid’s cell phones?

If not, then what about all the years they spent on telling you what is wrong and what is right and just after a company of a couple of friends all those lessons goes down the drain.

You bought your child a phone and he/she is head over heels. They think that getting a separate phone means liberty of doing all those things that they weren’t allowed to do on their parent’s phones. And they do it regardless of all the negative effects you have warned them already. They think that can talk to anybody. Enjoy all the features of a phone which they are curious at first and then become addictive.

Since the main reason parents check up on their kid’s phones is to stop that curiosity turn into an addiction. And for this, they need no one’s permission. But, parents should be cautious in keeping an eye on them so they won’t be irritated by parents checking up on them regularly because that may cause other issues too.

Learn to spy before spying:

Here is how parents can keep an eye without being creepy all the time:

Don’t be sneaky:

Don’t check your child’s phone by sneaking up in their room at night with cat’s pace. Or by checking it without making any noise. NO, do it with full liberty at any time. While doing so make sure that you have a pretty solid relationship with your child that they don’t feel insecure.

No strict monitoring:

Don’t be strict on monitoring. Just let your child know that the phone can be checked at any time. Or mention that their phone has monitoring chips or you know the passcode. The fear will be enough for them to stop from misuse of the cell phone.

Don’t humiliate:

If you find anything objectionable in your child’s phone, don’t humiliate it at first. Ask the reason. If it’s the first time let it go with a warning. And to make sure that they won’t do it again. Check up on their phone more often. That too not on a raid style, do it quietly at first.

Set consequences:

Parents should have set consequences for breaking the rules. There should ground rules for almost everything to maintain balance and manners of your child. Consequences need not be difficult or harsh. They should be temporary to judge the results. Take their phone away for a period of time. Cut internet access.

Set monitoring apps:

You can easily find monitoring apps on the internet which is super easy to use. Install it on your child’s phone to keep a record of what they are doing even when you are away. Sometimes it’ll work better if they don’t know about it. Or you can also give them a slight hint about it so they’ll better not do anything wrong out of fear.

Follow their activities:

It wouldn’t be justified to say that social media only has cons. It sure does have more cons than pros for kids but it can be used for healthy activities too. So, parents should keep a track on their activities first. If you think whatever your child is doing is completely and utterly useless and time waster then limit his/her internet access immediately.

Their access should be in the open:

Make sure your to place your system in the open so you won’t be completely unaware of what your kid is doing on the internet. Social media sites can be addictive at times especially for kids. If you will keep an eye on what they are doing you can stop them right away.

Ground rules should be set:

Set ground rules like the time limit. Let’s suppose one hour a day for any sort of entertainment from the internet. What sites they can use (make sure they stick to them). No usage while having dinners or while talking with someone etc.

Answer their WHY:

Your kid may object to your strictness and limitations which can create rebellious attitude. Take your child in full confidence that why it’s harmful to them. Or tell them that whatever you are doing is only for their benefit. Tell them that they can get good grades in class if they won’t waste their time or any other reward. But if they waste their time on such things they may be stuck behind.

Use filters and passwords:

Use filters and passwords on sites that you think are harmful to your child and even block them all the inappropriate sites. Social media has undoubtedly more charm for kids than adults so does have more harms too.  Keeping your child away from it is the need of the hour. So make sure you put your best foot forward in keeping them safe.

Done with the ways but technology can deceive your simple tactics. And to avoid that let’s take some help from the technology itself.

5 apps for parents for monitoring your kid’s phone:

Technology can be very beneficial if used in a right way but do kids and teenagers have the sensibility to use it in a right way only?NO, they waste their time in chatting, social networking and other activities. Of course, parents can’t allow this kind of behavior. So, how can they control it? Sneaking into their phones to check what they are doing is an old thing to do. The new age technology provides some more facilities for parents to keep an eye on their children secretively.

Here are 5 most useful and parent-friendly apps that you can easily use:

Common sense media:

This app helps parents to get to know about the appropriateness of the apps their children are using through reviews and expert’s ratings on apps and provides a comprehensive information on digital media safety for kids.

MobSafety Ranger browser:

Its main concern is setting time limits on internet use and web browsing safety. You can have a record of your child’s web history where you can blacklist and whitelist searches and limit internet use.

Dinner time:

You can limit internet use by locking your child’s device for your desired period of time while on dinner, bedtime, and study time.

Video monster:

Here you can find appropriate content for your child’s age and can block useless and inappropriate links and ads.

Avira social network protection:

It strictly monitors your child’s use of social media sites and you receive emails and weekly summarized warnings about “critical” alerts which include cyberbullying, drugs dealing, inappropriate relationships and reputations.

They can be download from iTunes app store. Installing these apps with your child’s cooperation can save your child’s future because teenage is the root age and if roots are strong then the whole tree (throughout their lives) would be beneficial.

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