How To Make Ripped Jeans?

How To Make Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jeans are one of those popular clothing items that we can never have enough of. But the problem is that they cost a lot, which doesn’t seem fair given that they are in trouble. So, if you are interested in how to make ripped jeans at home, you can be happy to know that you have come to the right place.

What do “ripped jeans” mean?

Add rips, shreds, scrapes, frays, and fades to your regular jeans. You have a pair of torn or worn jeans. We don’t know who started it, but it was part of the grunge fashion movement. Now, it’s almost like they’ve taken over. Everything is ripped—jeans, shorts, jackets, you name it.

Steps to make ripped jeans

Are you interested in how to make ripped jeans at home? Making ripped jeans isn’t hard at all. There is something special for you that you can do at home with things you already have. Just a little planning, some patience, and practice. This article will describe completely step by step how to get ripped jeans without spending much money.

And since you don’t have to rip the fabric properly, it’s even easier. Yes, I think this is a good deal. So, all you have to do to reach the goal is scroll down and read this piece. So, let’s get going without further ado. So just read out the following steps and enjoy the ripped jeans:

Choose a good-fitting pair of jeans

You can rip any side of the jeans and get the same results, but you don’t have to rip a pair you already own. You can find comfortable, cheap jeans at thrift stores and consignment shops in your area.

You can ultimate better results if you use jeans that aren’t brand new, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying a new pair for this project.

Most of the time, ripped jeans with a light to medium wash look the best because their color makes them look more worn. Dark-washed jeans look too new to be torn, so they may not look as “real.”

What do you need to perfectly rip your jeans

You mostly need a pair of jeans and something sharp to rip them. Depending on the style you want, though, you’ll probably want to use a sharp tool that’s right for the job:

Use a razor, scissors, or a sharp knife to rip your jeans if you want to make holes. You can also use X-acto knives or box cutters. Use a cheese grater, steel wool, sandpaper, or a pumice stone to make something look worn.

Use a flat surface for ripping

First, you should place jeans on a flat surface on a flat surface or a table and use a pencil or chalk to mark where you want to tear them. You can mark it with a ruler if you want an exact length. Think about the final shape and the length and width of your holes.

You can mark the lines with a pencil, pen, or chalk, but chalk is the safest and least likely to cause mistakes. If you make a mistake with your chalk lines, getting rid of them with a little water is easy. Most people only rip their jeans around the knees, but you can rip them anywhere on the leg.

Estimate the size of the ripping area

Then Slip a small block of wood into the legs of the pants while you are distressing them so that you don’t change the front and back of the pants simultaneously.

Try to start ripping higher than your knee, so the tear doesn’t get too big as you walk. Every time your knee bends, the hole could catch on the knee and worsen it. If you rip too high, your underwear might show.

Equipment for cutting

Before using equipment, you focus on mind how to make ripped jeans. You could also use a cutting board, an old book, a stack of magazines, or anything else you wouldn’t mind cutting into. If you use a sharp knife, don’t do it on the kitchen table.

Use sandpaper to start making holes in the jeans. Use high-standard tools like sandpaper or steel wool to rub and thin out the spot where you want to cut the jeans before you start cutting. It makes it easier to rip the jeans by loosening the threads.

Use different kinds of tools. You can switch between sandpaper, steel wool, and your pumice stone if you have everything. Depending on how thick your jeans are to start, this could take a while. You can just cut the jeans if you’d rather.

Steps to make holes

if you are interested in how to make ripped jeans at home, you can be happy to know easily make it via simple few steps.
To make ripped jeans at home

Make holes by making the fibers even looser. If you want your jeans to have holes and frayed edges, pull on the area you just weakened with the sandpaper with your scissors or knife. It will make the area’s fibers looser, so a little skin will show when worn. Pull on the white threads that stick out of the jeans to get this look.

  • Use a knife or scissors to make holes. Cut a small piece out of the area that looks worn with your scissors. Try to make it as small as you can. You could make yourself stylish and glamorous if you did this work perfectly.
  • Point to be noted that You can always make the hole bigger than usual, but if you make it too big, you risk ruining the jeans and making them unwearable. Aim for a tear that is about half an inch or less. Don’t rip up and down, but across your body. It makes more sense.
  • Use your hands to make more holes in the jeans. If you rip it, the fibers will come apart, making it look like a real hole. Pull on the threads to make them come out a bit like they would if they were ripped naturally.
  • Don’t cut the hole out too much, or the fabric will have a clean, unnatural edge. You could also just cut a small hole in the jeans and let them get bigger as you wear them. This way, it will look more natural.

To fix the style of ripped jeans

If you want to, you can fix your jeans. The work will be so delicate that to keep the holes from getting even bigger, sew around the edge to make it stronger. Using either white or blue thread, you can sew around the tear by hand or with a sewing machine.


So, make sure you should follow this ultimate guide on how to make ripped jeans and get started. You shouldn’t just run your scissors over the fabric without measuring or marking the areas you want to cut or work on because once you cut off a big chunk of it, there’s no going back.

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