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How to get android apps on windows phone


How to get android apps on windows phone

Android apps are best kind of apps and huge apps are made by developers on daily basis. Mostly people prefer to buy android phones than windows phones because windows phone have less amount of apps to install into the window devices and smartphones. Windows phones are cheap and people buy it to save the money. Windows phones are so reliable and people prefer to use windows phones because android phones are expensive. Today we will introduce that how can you get android apps on your windows phone. You don’t know that millions of people buy millions of windows phones on daily basis so you are free to get one windows phones and now apps will available to you. Mostly people don’t want to have windows phones because the windows phone don’t have the huge collection of apps in app store. So today we will tell how you can get the android apps on windows phone easily:

Wconnect tool

Some best developers has made the Wconnect tool that can easily install the android APK platform into any android device. This device tool does not work for each windows device but still it matters. It helps to make strong system so that android apps will be easily installed into the windows mobile phones.

  • You must install the Wconnect tool and connect it using the data cable
  • Once you install the Wconnect tool now you have the access to install Android APK into your device without any worries
  • Please be in mind that this is the third party tool so there is the risk to download it but you must download it, permission is mandatory if you don’t take permission than it will be called as piracy and violation
  • You can install these tools on the Lumia 920, 730, 820, 435, 925, 1520, 928 and many other devices

Tools to install

  • You have to download two files to make it happen i.e. Android SDK ADB tool and Wconnect
  • Now you have to un archive the contents and save in a folder

Step by Step guide

  • Please open the Wconnect tool and install the MSI setup file into your computer
  • Now open the Settings of your windows mobile and go to Update > For developers and then enable the device discovery option
  • Now you have to move back and open the Wconnect folder easily and then open command prompt and select Open command windows here by pressing Shift + right click of the mouse
  • Connect and pair the windows mobile to the computer
  • Open ADB folder and open command prompt
  • Your windows phone must be properly connected via USB to computer
  • Now copy the APK file into your mobile phone and run and install into the windows mobile
  • Now you can search for android apps in this APK file windows and install any kind of android app into the windows mobile

Now everything is stable and all the tension is resolve that windows store has less apps. Now anyone can easily get android apps on windows phone.


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