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How to enjoy self isolation


Self-isolation is when you have been instructed to separate yourself from others, by now we all know that self isolation and social distancing is necessary to control the spread of Covid-19. Self Isolation is not a punishment in fact it’s a chance for everyone to meet you, to discover who you are, and to learn about your inner self. 

It’s normal to feel anxious, frustrated or bored during this time of self isolation. We could do a lot of things and activities to make our self isolation interesting and memorable.

Let’s discuss how you can make self isolation and social distancing a relaxing period of your life.

Plan your day

The very first thing you must do to spend good time during quarantine or self isolation is to plan your day. Set a rough time table in your mind and spend your time accordingly. Try to divide your time equally in all activities instead of sticking on one thing only.

Plan your day in pandemic

You can ask your friends to set their time table and then you can do things together at the same time. This would be fun and a chance to get in touch with your friends. Do everything you ever wished to do at your home during this time of self isolation.

Music and Dancing 

Music is food for the soul.They are always helpful to change someone’s mind and mood. So this is the time when you can set your favourite playlist and listen to the music without any worry or break. People can enjoy dance moves of your choice on your favourite songs.

Music and Dancing in Pandemic

You can even learn about music and dancing through a number of videos available on YouTube. You can sing songs and record them, or share them online in your family and friends circle to entertain them.

Yoga Practice 

It’s a time of stress and anxiety for almost everyone who’s stuck in their homes. We all know that a healthy body has a healthy mind so it’s very important to keep our body relaxed and fit during self isolation. Yoga or any light exercises that you can do at your home is the best way to spend your time in a healthy way. 

Yoga Practice in Pandemic

If you are a yoga person then you can even help others by sending them your daily yoga practice as a yoga class for them.

Art and Craft

Playing with colors is always fun. This self isolation is the golden chance to find your inner artist. You can draw sketches and draw interesting pictures. You can learn more about art and other artists.

Art and Craft in Pandemic

It’s time for recycling things or using your old material to make an attractive art piece for yourself or your close ones. You can paint your window glass or your study table, you can use broken jars or jewellery to make something useful.

Online Community 

Online community is the only hope that you have during social distancing. Text your close ones daily, try to stay in touch with everyone you know. Play online games with your friends. Start a new game together to get some interest. 

Online communities during Pandemic

You can even find people from your block list to whom you want to say something. You can contact your old friends and exchange your experiences of self isolation with them.

Book Reading

Books are always our best friends. As you get plenty of time now to read and explore books of your interest. You can search and read about anything you wanted to know but never get time for that. You can read about history or how people survived during the pandemic in the past. There is a lot of stuff of your choice to read and explore. 

Read a book in pandemic

If writing is your hidden talent then it’s the best time to write a book or poem or anything you ever wished to write. You can write about your feelings during the time of self isolation and social distancing and you can share that with others.

Pamper Yourself 

It’s your time now, so to be with yourself. Give yourself special attention and time. Take hot water baths to relax your body and mind. Treat yourself as a very special person. 

You can do your head massage or use home remedies for your hair and skin. You can even apply light makeup and dress up yourself nicely to feel fresh. Drink fresh juices or green teas for inner relaxation. 


To cook food is always a pleasure. This is the time to prepare dishes for yourself. Treat yourself with anything you want to eat. Google for new and interesting dishes.

You can bake cookies, pastries or anything of your choice. You can follow any cooking show online and try a new dish every day to reduce your boredom.

New Tv shows

You can start a new Tv show during self isolation, not regular shows and series that you watch. Start a new series and enjoy that. Watch some stuff which you never get time to watch but make sure that you are not stressing yourself in any way.


You can start your day with gardening to make your day refreshing. Colors of nature are always attractive. To make your day colourful and charming you can spend some time with plants and flowers. 

Do gardening in PAndemic

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