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How to easily remove Lice from hair

How to easily remove Lice from hair

How to easily remove Lice from hair

It is most disgusting problem of mostly females specially kids and teenagers. These are the tiny eggs that develops in your hair. The bigger bugs requires more time to remove from the hair because it’s not ever good technique. It spreads very rapidly and is so constant and unique with the help of different techniques. Old method was to implement the good strategy to remove all the lice from the head instantly with the help of some powerful home remedies. You can easily remove lice from hair without any further delay and it makes the things more accurate. Lice cannot remove the eggs from other family members it’s an important thing to do. First time you have to remove all the lice from the head otherwise it will spread from one head to another which will be very time taking and not worth to do it. We are here to provide best kinds of ways to remove the nits from hair at less time.

How to easily remove Lice from hair

Killing head lice is the major step which you must adopt to find all the big head lice and as long as it’s on the head, they will lay eggs into the head and you will to face the lice on your head on daily basis. This Un-ended process will not end up when all the lice will killed properly. Lice will live alive underwater and not make things work properly. This is not the good method to easily remove lice from hair.

  • Wash your hair with counter lice shampoo that immediately removes the lice from head
  • There are many lice removal shampoos are available in the market which you can get on cheap rates

Suffocation technique

There is another good way to remove the live from the hair to simply suffocate your head and live will die. This is not so good method but works because lice can live for 8 hours without breathing.

  • Apply Vaseline on your hair and scalp your hair with the covered cap to remove hits
  • Petroleum jelly will not work so much and it will not from the nit, only works for lice
  • Olive oil is also the good remedy and one can use this method to easily remove lice from hair
  • Apply mayonnaise on your hair to remove lice from hair because it contains the large quantity of the lice

How to remove lice with Vinegar

Vinegar is also the good way to remove the nits from the hair using best way. Vinegar has some chemicals so it will work well to remove lice from the hair. Nits are usually very effective and their grip on human hair is so strong. This is the way to remove lice with vinegar and the rest of the things is also effective.


Listerine is also the best way to remove lice from hair with constant methods. These are sufficient and needs to be ordered on daily basis. It contains alcohol which is bad for the nits and lice and that way they can easily be removed.

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