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Feels uncomfortable with double chin?


     Feels uncomfortable with double chin?

Decrease the double chin with adopting the important measures in this article

What is the double chin disease?

Double chins are the result of the natural disease. It is the result of gaining lot of weight quickly and aging is the main cause of this increasing. It is a layer of hard fat around the neck. It stretches the skin and increases the wrinkles on the face. It makes the muscles stretching the skin. It appears as the second chin for any type person. IT can occur with any stage of age and any gender. There are many causes of this problem. But the main factor is the fatness and getting older. But there are also many causes like depression also causes to enhance the fat on face. Medical sciences have invented many solutions for this problem like surgery, use home remedies, control of diet, chewing, surgeries. Surgery is the last option of this problem.

Many patients of double chin face different types of categories of double chin. Muscle banding is the type of double chin which usually due to the muscles lax destroy function. It is usually detects in the older age of people. Excess fat is the cause of double chin. Stretched skin may leads to turkey like neck which looks very ugly. Many people also face the extra production of hair on the double chin. It is better to remove the double chin very quickly when you are getting old.


What are the Reasons of occurrence the double chins?


Double chin is a common problem nowadays. It means a person with excessive fat can cause the fat to occur on different features on the body. Some features are very fat resisted. It may cause with extended cause of fat increasing in days.

  • Getting old is the main cause

Skin becomes loose and stretchy when age passes over. Your muscles become loose with the time. The hormones changes over time which leads to stretching of the skin. People don’t care about their diet with time being. When you don’t care about your diet plan it may leads to have fats in the sensitive parts of your body. The excessive part includes legs, arms upper part, belly, lower part of chin around neck.

  • Excessive and quick weight loss

When you stop eating food properly and performs dieting it may leads to change the shape of the muscle very quickly. Muscles shapes used to be changed with loss of weight. It is very choosy to reduce your weight quickly.

  • Thyroid gland

Thyroid gland is also the cause of double chin around your neck. Recent researchers have identified that thyroid stops muscles to work properly and causes the skin to break and stretched. When someone victims with this disease then weight increases very fast.

  • Growth of jaws bones

Irrelevant increase in bones of the jaw causes the chin to increase because it growths towards the down side of the neck area. It usually causes the pain and needs proper medications.

  • Head down

Making your head down also causes the double chin to occur around the neck. It is very important to make your heaps up straight most of the time.

  • Inheritance physic of the body- Genetics

Sometimes when you are not fatty or not too much slim, it may also cause of inheritance from your elders. It is also cause of genetic problems from the birth.

Adopting measures to getting rid of double chin


  • Proper dieting

It can be very helpful when you are trying to decrease the double chin. It does not cause of obesity problem. Smart people also face the double chin.  Change your higher fat meats such as beef can lead you to stop double chin. Avoiding butter is also a good option. Increase the use of water in your diet every one hour.

  • Perform exercise

You must adopt different exercises techniques. These exercises are for muscles tightening purposes. There are many exercises that target the chin to decrease. These methods are not effective for the whole body.

Exercise 1 to stretch the chin fat


  • Cover your upper lips with your lower lips. Tightly close your both lips to tight your skin of the chin area.
  • Tighten your head backwardly and inhale through the nose. Stop your breath for 10 seconds and make in this position for 20 seconds.
  • Make your head in normal position slowly after 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise daily for 3 to 4 times repeatedly. But you have to perform it daily in your routine to get good results.

Exercise 2


  • Stand up and pull your neck backwardly until you feels like your veins are being stretch and you can’t breathe. Wait for ten seconds and be in normal position after that.
  • Do it daily for 3 to 4 times a day and up to 10 times maximum. Don’t forget to do it daily in a week. You will see the desire result very often.
  • Perform this exercise whether you sit or stand. Open up your mouth, take out of your tongue out of your mouth and wait for ten seconds to spend. It is very useful and tricky exercise.

Cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are the best options to eliminate the fat around your neck very quickly. But it can be very costly. It is not a guarantee because it happens very soon after the surgery. It is very expensive option and painful. I won’t recommend you to adopt this kind of strategy. Try with exercise and home remedies.


Drinking water

It is also a good choice to drink the excessive amount of water. Don’t forget to avoid sugar drinks and sweet sodas they will affects whole body and destroy your skin.

Lift weight


Weight lifting is a useful method to perform quick reduction of double chin. Lifting makes your metabolism increase, tighten your skin and muscles, burn the calories. Lift heavy weight things up to 4 to 5 times in a week. It will make your body in shape.

Natural Home remedies


  • White Egg also used in facial and put on face. Mix a tablespoon of milk in the egg and lemon juice into it. Put into face for one hour. Wait once it dry massage over it. Do it daily for 15 minutes.
  • Laugh daily and talk daily are the good exercise. When you smile your facial muscles gets energy to reduce the power.
  • Glycerin is also the wonderful home remedy. Mix one table spoon of glycerin and few drops of peppermint oil. Apply it to direct on chin and neck
  • Green tea is herbal method to remove extra fat from the body. It helps remove toxins from the whole body parts.
  • Put herbal creams on your neck leads to decrease the fat.
  • Chewing gum is the fair option to reduce the double chin.

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