How to be a good person?


In Stoic Philosophy this question is debated since long. How one should become a good person? But many Geek Philosophers including Marcus Aurelius tried to explain the topic.

There is a great story about how to become a good person.

Late one night, as young man, Xenophon , was walking through an alleyway between two buildings near the Athenian marketplace.

Suddenly a mysterious stranger, hidden in the shadows, blocked his path with a wooden staff.

A voice inquired from the darkness, “Do you know where someone should go if he wants to buy goods? “

Xenophon replied that they were right beside the agora, the finest marketplace in world. There you could buy any goods your heart desired: Jewelery, food, clothing and so on.

The stranger paused for a moment before asking another question: “Where then , should one go in order to learn how to become a good person?”

Xenophon was dumbstruck. He had no idea how to answer. The mysterious figure then lowered his staff, stepped out of shadows, and introduced himself as Socrates.

Socrates said that they should both try to discover how someone could become a good person, because that’s surely more important than knowing where to buy all sorts of goods.


Well i guess this is very important to understand that being a good person doesn’t mean you are good in some aspects and bad in some. According to the Stoic philosophy being a good person starts from your birth to the day you die and how you behave on your death bed as well.

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