How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party?


Are you expecting a boy or a girl?

One of the most exciting and asking things about pregnancy is the gender of your new baby!

And nowadays, you just cannot answer the question by saying it simply, but opening up through the gender revealing parties and other creative party ideas.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal party is one of the most fashionable trends among pregnant couples. Your close friends and family attend the gender reveal party, just like a baby shower in which you celebrate the expected birth of your new baby. These kinds of celebrations add fun to your life. Isn’t it?

Your loved ones eagerly want to know that what your good-looking, new baby-to-be is going to be: a boy or a girl.

When to throw a general reveal party? You can hold a party near the end of the second trimester, probably the seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy. Till now, gender is already evident in the ultrasound sonogram. This is the same time period when the chances of miscarriage are frequently low.

10 Creative Ways to Reveal your Baby’s Gender

Do you want to know a few fun and exciting ideas to throw a gender reveal party? Here are 10 creative ideas for your baby’s gender reveal that you can surely pull off. These ideas are going to be mesmerizing and cost-saving off course.

1. Balloons

Balloons are the most entertaining way to disclose the gender of your baby. Which balloon colors should you choose? It’s quite simple!

You can select traditional colors like blue and pink. These colors will be attractive to your guests. You may also go for some neutral color balloons such as black and white. They will give a charming and classy look to your party.

2. Fresh Flowers

Save some fresh flowers from your garden (or your mother’s) and place them in a curve shaped or spaghetti jar. Put it on the center of your table. Flowers will give an amazing vibe to your guests and make the environment more aesthetic. If you used to store decorating room or bed lights, you can also grab them on the top of table.

3. Don’t Forget the Food

Are you looking for some desserts for party? That’s a great idea! Nutella bar, tiramisu, apple crumble, and chocolate mousee in minutes will add more delight to your party. Arranging some cupcakes will be an impressive idea.

Make sure not to consume extra money on food. You can make butter cream frosting, vanilla, and powdered sugar that you have already in your grocery. For finger foods, submarine sandwiches will be better. Also, put on deviled eggs and some fresh fruit. Have yellow frosting and furnish with small candies or bubbles. You can also decorate white icing to open up “boy” or “girl”.

4. Play a Game of Egg Roulette

Purchase a dozen eggs from your near market and hard boil all of them but one. Dye six eggs pink and other six blue. Put an egg which is not hard-boiled, color it pink if you are expecting a baby girl and blue if you are expecting a baby boy.

Now it is time to reveal the secret. Make your guests watch this memorable moment. You and your hubby will take turn to crack eggs on your foreheads. Which egg has broken into a runny mess? This is pink!

Your guests will know that you are having a baby girl.

5. Cake

What’s better than the cake to celebrate something special? But a cake for your gender reveal party is not going to be that simple. A cake, when you will open it, is going to reveal a dominant color like pink for girls and blue for boys. You can choose all-white icing too. Classy blue and soft pink colors will be enough to make your party tastier. 

6. Have a Statement Tee For Your Older Sibling

Isn’t this your first pregnancy? Don’t worry! We have some tips for second baby as well.

For your second baby, it is even more fun to throw a gender revealing party. Ultimately, each kid deserves to be celebrated! Buy a shirt saying “Can’t wait for my baby brother” or “Can’t wait for my baby sister”. Make your older sibling dress this shirt in party.  

7. Gender Reveal Songs

Are you a song lover? You must be looking for a good song for your gender reveal party. Well, there are several songs centered on “girl” or “boy” but it mainly depends on your interest. If Journey is your favorite, then you can choose “Small Town Girl”. For girl, you can go with “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel and for a boy, “The Boys are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy and “Let’s Hear About the Boy” by Deniece Williams would be perfect!

Cue up all your favorite music before party. Ready to go and play your songs, when you are going to reveal the big news. 

8. A Simple Punch

How can you forget about drinks? This is one of main highlights of the party, of course. You can arrange a big bowl of punch. It’s quite appealing, right?

A refreshing and delicious punch is customary for any gender reveal party. This is not complicated as it requires only three ingredients. Here you go! 

  • 2 liters of lemon-lime soda
  • Jug of Hawaiian Punch (of any taste)
  • Half gallon sherbet ice cream (of any taste)

If some of your guests are not interested in punch, putting out some pitchers of ice water will be a good alternative.

9. Place Gender Reveal Props Everywhere

Gender revealing props are the most important item for the party. Visit a store and buy different kinds of props. You can pick props related to gender of your baby or some mixed up props to make your guests more curious. Confetti, stremers, yard sign, and some other props you can use. Just place these props at different points even near your main table.

10. Splash Art

You can express your love and your baby’s gender by art. This is something very creative you can signify on your party. You can add splashing paint onto an unadorned canvas. For this, you can also make use of glitter, clear glue, and a bow and arrow. Using acrylic paint pens seem to be more fun than simply paint and brushes.

These amazing ideas are going to make the announcement of your baby’s gender more special and entertaining! This may be the most unforgettable party of your life. So, how are you planning your gender reveal party?

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