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Is stevia better than sugar

Is stevia better than white sugar

People are starting to use stevia instead of sugar because it is made from plants and doesn’t have calories. The question arises in mind Is stevia better than white sugar?. Many people like it better than artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame because it comes from a plant rather than being made in a lab as those other sweeteners do.

It is suitable for people with diabetes or poor blood sugar control because it doesn’t quickly raise your blood sugar. It also has very few carbs and does not raise your blood sugar quickly.

No doubt stevia is much better than white sugar. A herbal product has a lot of benefits over a refined product. So, if you get to know the accurate information regarding stevia, you should read the article.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is made from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is a sugar substitute that is not as sweet. Steviol glycoside molecules, 250–300 times sweeter than regular sugar, give them a sweet taste that makes them taste like candy (2Trusted Source).

Many people enjoy the sweetness of these leaves and use them as herbal medicine to treat high blood sugar. The glycosides in the leaves must be taken out to make them.

Nutrition facts of stevia

A sweet herb stevia, which is beneficial for health. Stevia is almost free of calories and carbs and also better than white sugar.

Stevia vs. white sugar

There are some nutritional facts about stevia:

Stevia is almost free of calories and carbs. The small amounts used don’t add any calories or carbs to your diet because it is so sweet that it doesn’t even taste like sugar.

Controlling Blood sugar levels

Study: Stevia-based sweeteners taste good, but they may also help people improve their insulin production, which could help them with their diabetes.

Help in weight reduction:

People who use stevia products may be able to lose weight and be less obese if they use them. White sugars are a significant source of calories for many people.

You can cut calories by replacing sugar-sweetened treats with zero or low-calorie sweetened snacks. It may help some people reach or keep their weight in check. So we can say that it is more beneficial than white sugar.


Many plants have antioxidants that help your body fight off free radicals, which can cause damage. Stevia, like all plants, has a lot of antioxidants (and limiting free radical aging).

It puts stevia (if it is safe) ahead of other sweeteners that don’t have good antioxidants. So stevia is better than white sugar.

May Improve Oral Health

Stevia has been found to interact with the bacteria in the mouth differently, making the mouth less acidic and less likely to get bacteria and cavities.

One study looked at how the pH of the saliva changed when people drank tea sweetened with regular sugar, tea sweetened with stevia, and no sugar at all.

After drinking tea, it took one hour for the sucrose group to have a lower pH than the stevia group. The sucrose group had more acid in their bodies than the stevia group. They say that people who use stevia can keep cavities and bacteria from growing in their mouths.

Maintain blood pressure:

Stevia can help to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Research shows that stevia can lower blood pressure in about 850 people in a 2020 review of studies.

White sugar and its effect on health:

white sugar has negative impact on health. A refined sugar that increase the risk of several heart disease. As intake of stevia is better than white sugar.
White sugar’s negative impact on health

Many foods have sugar, like fruits and vegetables, and dairy and grains. Natural sugar can make the refined sugar that is so common in food. The two common examples of refined sugars are Table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

In dietitian words, it is also known as white poison as refined products are typically unbeneficial to health. So how can we say that white sugar is essential in making exemplary health or has no severe side effects?

Refining of white sugar:

Many table sugar, also known as sucrose, is made from sugar cane plants or sugar beets. Sugar is made by washing the sugar cane or beets, slicing them, and soaking them in hot water, letting the sugary juice come out.

When the juice has been filtered, it turns into syrup. This syrup is then processed into sugar crystals, washed and dried before being cooled and packaged into the table sugar found in stores.

Hidden side effects of white sugar:

White sugar is a refined sugar that easily degenreates your health. It has several side effects on health. Check out some significant negative impacts on health.

Storing of body fat:

When you eat extra or consumption of sugar and fructose, a common sugar-like food additive, your liver starts to store fat. It can lead to fatty liver disease like non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Can cause heart disease:

The muscle cells around each blood vessel in your arteries grow faster than usual when your insulin levels stay high for a long time. It causes your blood pressure to go up.

People who eat the most added sugars also have the highest levels of unhealthy cholesterol and the lowest healthy cholesterol levels.

Linked to Alzheimer’s disease:

US research that links insulin resistance and high-fat diets to Alzheimer’s makes the disease look like a metabolic disease in which the brain’s ability to process glucose is damaged.

Loss of controlling your hunger:

Adding fructose to your food makes your leptin hormones, which tell your brain when you’ve eaten enough, work against you. A high-fructose diet can make you feel hungry even when you overeat.

Linked to Acne:

A diet high in refined carbs, like sugary foods and drinks, has been linked to acne. Those foods that have a high glycemic index, like processed sweets, raise your blood sugar more quickly than those that don’t have as high a glycemic index.

Acne is a significant and common problem in teenage. Sugary foods quickly cause a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. It causes more androgen production, which causes more oil to be produced, and inflammation, leading to Acne.

People who eat low-glycemic diets are less likely to get Acne, while people who eat high-glycemic diets are more likely to get Acne. Because of these issues, stevia is better than white sugar.

Make you feel down.

If you eat a lot of junk food and sugar, you’re almost 40% more likely to get depressed than someone who eats healthy food.

Safety of Stevia

Stevia is often touted as a safe and healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up foods without the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. It consists in several forms
Forms of Stevia

Most people want to know whether or not stevia is safe for them to use. Stevia products are likely to be as safe as any other sugar substitutes because the FDA doesn’t like them.

However, just because a substance appears to be safe in the short term doesn’t mean that it won’t have side effects in the long run.

Product availability forms of stevia:

Like sugar, stevia comes in many different forms, like liquid, powder, and flakes. There are a lot of sugar-substitute brands that use stevia.

How to use stevia:

stevia can be used in several ways, like white sugar. Its chemical formula bonding is quite vital that does not affect high heat. Methods to use stevia in cooking are these are as follows:

  • Can be used in baking cooking:

If you want to cook or bake with stevia-based products, you might have to try and try again. People who shop in the baking aisle of a grocery store may be able to find the sweetener they need.

The brand they choose may have instructions on the package to help them out.

For example, some sweeteners say that you should use their product in place of sugar in the same way that you would use sugar (one cup of sweetener for every cup of sugar required in the recipe). Most sources say not to use more sweetener than sugar because it will make your recipe too sweet.

  • Quantity information:

Because stevia is 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar, you need to use less of it when you use it instead of sugar in recipes. One tablespoon of sugar is the same as 1/4 teaspoon of stevia, so it’s the same thing. 6. So stevia is better than white sugar.

The specific type of stevia that you use in baked goods can make things difficult at times. Stevia doesn’t have the same soft feel as sugar. Also, it can’t caramelize or speed up the browning process, so it can’t help.


Research shows in animal studies that stevia may help people keep their weight and blood sugar levels in check. They also think it may help people at risk for heart disease. Keep in mind that refined foods like white sugar never show sudden side effects on health, but they can show later in your life. For a healthy life, stevia is better than white sugar.

If you make your choices healthy, you can spend your future life free from chronic diseases, and it is the golden health nowadays. It is easy to eat junk but difficult to intake a nutritious diet in an era where it is easy to eat junk. So, make your choices healthy to have a better life….!!

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