Gender differences in the communication style of men and women


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This phrase is completely true, they are not only physically different from each other but also possess different psychology, behavioral, and communication style differences. All these factors make them like two incompatible individuals trying to cope up with each other and the fun fact is that they are still trying. Men find women a very hard riddle to solve which they cannot solve throughout their life and women are no different, they think that men do not understand them and they do not care for them properly.

In this article, we will highlight the gender differences in the communication style of men and women.

1. Dominance and  supremacy;

Men have more egoistic issues and they want to dominate the conversation, they want to win that person by showing dominance and supremacy. Even when are teaching talking with any person who didn’t know about that particular topic, they will brag about their experience and knowledge about what topic, and they like to win the situation. So they try to put others down while having a conversation with a person who is inferior to them. Women, on the other hand, are very empathetic and they talk nicely with a soft and sweet tone, they don’t disrespect that person. When she has a complete grip over the subject, they behave very soberly, with the person they are talking to, will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

2. Emotions and feelings:

Men and women both have feelings but men don’t openly express their feeling or emotions. Women tend to be more emotional and sentimental over little things. Men have psychology programmed in their minds to not talk about their feelings and emotions openly and they are told by other men to control the situation by hiding their feelings. Men who openly express their feelings are considered cry babies. When we talk to a woman, they talk about their feelings and emotions openly and we feel more connected to them. As humans are deeply attracted to emotions and attachment. When we are having any conversation with men, the conversation circulates discussing ideas, suggestions, and gaining information from the other person, and straightforward talk without feeling connected to them.

An ideal example of this type is the study of a survey of students living in a hostel and their conversation with their mom and dad was the same as described above. One of the students claimed that when he talks to her mother the conversation is very long and they can talk for hours without realizing while the conversation with his father was very short where his father talks about his health, hostel food, and examination fees.

So that is one of the major differences in how differently men and women communicate.

3. Intimacy and care:

Intimacy, care, talks, and showing love for each other is generally the quality of women. And women like those men who care for them and show love to them after a short time, they want her husband to treat them with love and care.

As women are more intimate than men so while having a conversation they constantly resonate with the feeling of other people they are talking to. They show to listen to them more attentively and participate in their conversation by saying ‘’you just said what’s in my heart”,” Yeah, yeah I completely agree”. While men on the other hand, cannot resonate with the other person effectively as the conversation lacks the emotional connection.

Most women complain that their husbands don’t give them love and care when they needed it the most. Both men and women have different meanings of intimacy, women perceive intimacy as having a deep conversation where they talk about her feeling and emotion and showing love for each other verbally and hugging and cuddling to feel more connected and having a deep intimacy. Men, on the other hand, consider physical interaction as intimacy while women have a reciprocal opinion over this and they feel uncomfortable and hesitant and they consider expressing their feelings, emotions, and vulnerability and consider it a weak sign of intimacy. That is why they are unable to develop a coherent and resonating intimacy with each other.

4. Gossip nature:

Who gossips more? Is it men or women? I already know that you all will say that women talk more than men as you see women talking everywhere in the houses, classrooms, and cafeteria. But according to research, it concluded that men talk more than women.  I know it’s strange but you will see men talking in the offices, exhibitions, hotels, and colleagues, at the workplace.

Women can talk for long hours with their friends and family members and even includes the ordinary details like what you ate in the dinner and what did you do in the whole day, just to develop more intimacy and connection and they consider it as a sign of strong relationship. Men on the other hand don’t consider talking as a sign of strong intimacy.  Because when men talk, they ask questions to gather information. So both men and women have different communication patterns and the style of communication is different even if it is about the same thing.


These are some of the factors that explain how men and women behave in a conversation. Men and women are created differently and they possess different communication styles and the way they perceive the particular situation and respond to them is entirely different

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