Gardening HTML template by Webful Creations

Gardening HTML template

This post is about a Gardening HTML template by Webful Creations named GREEN GARDEN – LAWN, LANDSCAPING, GARDEN HTML TEMPLATE. The purpose of this template is almost same as The Gardening PSD template by Webful Creations. 

We all know that the survival of any business, art, or creativity in today’s world need a social media appearance. The main reason behind this necessity is the ease for people interested in contacting. Because we are so used to get the things we want in just a few clicks. Let’s take gardening as an example of this. The above-mentioned template is to facilitate us in contacting a gardener online otherwise to get a gardener who’d be secure enough to call home, assist with quality equipment and experienced enough to get the work done properly and professionally is quite difficult. It’s also at times difficult for the gardeners first, to get the work, second to deal with customers and their expectations regarding your work.

On the contrary how cool would it be to have a platform where you can just go and select a suitable gardener from different profiles (which would include their experience details) and call him over to get your gardening issues fixed. Such platform would satisfy customers because the details would provide answers to below-mentioned questions (these are the questions that are usually in our minds before contacting a gardener):

  •  Skills and experience of a gardener or of their whole staff if they work as a team.
  • Details, quality and condition of the equipment and chemicals they’ll use.
  • Contact details.
  • Photo gallery of their previous experiences or projects (this may include both commercial and home-based projects).

These are few questions that a potential customer would want to know.

So, this HTML template, GREEN GARDEN – LAWN, LANDSCAPING, GARDEN HTML TEMPLATE by Webful Creations is here to help you out with its unique yet simple design.


Here is the list of all the features included in the gardening template:



This gardening HTML template is designed while keeping in mind the needs of both the gardeners and their customers. And of course, gardeners and many of their customers don’t have knowledge of coding and technical languages. That’s why this template has the simplest design yet trendy design so everyone can get maximum benefit from it.

Webful Creations has spent a lot of time in research before creating this template to get to know about all the necessary features that a gardening site could need. That’s why its simple formatting can provide you everything that’s needed.


Performance of any site includes its SEO ranking, its speed, and its responsiveness. Let’s analyze the performance of this gardening template on the basis of these three.

This has always been Webful Creations specialty that they make websites search engine friendly whether it’d be through headings or meta descriptions etc. So, this gardening template is also 100 % search engine friendly.

Loading speed of any website is so important because not a single visitor would wait for your site to load in ages. This process needs to be done instantly or it will send bad impression about your performance or worse you’d lose a handful of potential customers. Gardening HTML template has the ability to fast load on all browsers.

Responsiveness of a website on all devices and browsers is also one such factor on which your credibility depends. Because you never know which device or which browser your customer would contact. So, your website needs to be responsive to all devices and this what you can easily get on Gardening HTML template.

w3c Validated code means Gardening HTML template has really clean and well-aligned code for both HTML and CSS and its well commented and CSS includes a table of content as well.

Other Gardening HTML template features:

Other than a good design and simple layout Gardening HTML template provides many other features to make the delivery of your message to the visitors even simpler. Below is the list of all such features that add up to make this template even more attractive.

  • 24+ HTML Pages and 2 Home Versions
  • About Us Page, 404 Error Page
  • Gallery and Single Project page
  • Services, Single Service Page
  • Staff Page, Single Gardener Page
  • Grid View Shop and category pages
  • Single Product Page with related items
  • Cart and Checkout Page
  • Appointment, Contact Us Page, Testimonials Page
  • Blog Page, Single Post Page
  • FAQ page


To understand properly what else Gardening HTML template is offering, Check the live demo by clicking on the button below.

Live Demo

Find other such templates here or contact Webful Creations.

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