Enduring Memories Of School Years


School the most important and unforgettable part of our lives. We made many friends, memories, and mistakes in school time. From results and fun times with friends, we create some splendid moments that stay with us for a lifetime! Some things we can’t forget even if we really try to erase those moments from our memory. Here are some moments that I think we all experienced in our school time.

School Project: Serious Work Or Fun

Group Projects

Group projects or group studies are always fun to be. Group of 6 or 7 people can’t do anything without having fun, gossips, blunders and time waste. In every group study or project 90% fun or 10% work we all do. There are many types of people in the group project. The lazy one who always come late and ended up on excuses. The responsible one who always took full responsibility and stick everyone to the topic. The trouble one that always tries to make fun of things and carried away everyone from the topic. Such fun those days were!

Best Grades Were Best Feelings

The super exciting moment that was when you got the highest marks in your group and you walk like a king or queen in the class the whole day. And everyone looks you with narrow eyes and you don’t care about anything.

Sudden Questions And Teacher’s Reaction

Remember those moments when you were eating something or doing something funny in class and your teacher caught you and asks you a sudden question because the teacher knew that you were not attentive in the lecture. Such embarrassing moments that was but if we think about it now it definitely brings a smile on our faces.

Heartbreaking Time When Vacations Over

Back to school

Vacations are the best time for us. The whole year we always wait for our summer vacations. We all had so many plans for ourselves and list up so many things to do. Visiting our grandparent’s home and some people go to hill stations or other countries to meet their father. Such cherish moments those were.


School Farewell is the sweetest!

Farewell, the most memorable moment of school life. So many emotions attached to this. We feel happy and sad at the same time. We feel so sad that we are leaving our school, our friends, and take so many memories with us and move ahead in life. We spent many years in school that is why it is always had to leave school. We always have tears in our eyes and unforgettable memories in our heads.

I walk across my school,

I see myself standing,

The dreams in my eyes,

The spark on my face,

Dreams which I am living,

Dreams I am cherishing…

Though I am alone,

For we all saw the dream,

Time has torn us apart,

Time has broken my heart.

I miss my friends,

I miss my joy,

I can’t help it,

but my heart cry…

My heart cries,

and my heart moans,

Will I ever relive my school?

All it groans.

Now comes the reply,

And I feel nostalgic,

Nostalgic about my past, my school, my life.

School Days OR Days Of Happiness?

Lots of best friends,
Unforgettable memories,
Loyal hearts,
Blossoming faces,
And, one reason: School.

These golden days proliferates immense joy in everyone’s life, whether the one is rich or poor, topper or just below than average student, it’s really a great pleasure to memorize them all. Especially when you are in your professional life, returned home after a dead tiring day and saw some school geeks in front of you in a park or somewhere else that flashes back your tension free, joyous amazing life that you has and left tears in your eyes

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