Emilia Clarke Reveals She Suffered Brain Aneurysms

Emilia Clarke Reveals She Suffered Brain Aneurysms

The risk of brain aneurysms is not something most people know about. It’s a severe health problem that can cause organ damage and death if left untreated. Actress Emilia Clarke opened up about her personal experiences revealing she suffered from brain aneurysms.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke revealed she suffered two brain aneurysms. Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, spoke at a fundraising event when the news broke. The actress shared:

“I had two brain aneurysms removed.”

Emilia Clarke

The 32-year-old actress said she was lucky to have survived the aneurysms and thanked her doctors for their help.

Clarke said she experienced shortness of breath, vomiting, and a “massive headache” before collapsing in the street.

“Somebody had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t walk,” she recalled. “I remember thinking, ‘This can’t be real. This is all just a dream.'”

After being hospitalized for three days, Clarke learned that she had two aneurysms – one on the left side of her skull and one on the right. She underwent surgery to remove both aneurysms and credits her doctors with saving her life.

“I was lucky to have survived,” Clarke said in a statement released by HBO.” My doctors did an incredible job, and I’m so grateful for their help.”

Brain Aneurysms

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aneurysms are “abnormal bulges or sacs in the wall of an artery, caused by weak spots in the arterial wall or a lesion (a tear) in the artery’s inner layer.” They can balloon out, leading to a rupture and possible death. In most cases, aneurysms do not cause any symptoms until they rupture. This is why they are often detected when blood pressure measurements or X-rays show signs of a problem.

The condition is not rare, but it is often a silent killer. Brain aneurysms are a type of stroke caused by weak spots in the wall of the brain. These weak spots can rupture, leading to bleeding inside the skull. If untreated, the aneurysm can grow and eventually burst, causing death.

Brain aneurysms are most common in older adults, usually caused by high blood pressure, smoking, or a family history of the condition. Don’t wait to see a doctor if you have any signs or symptoms of a brain aneurysm.

Life-threatening disease that may cause organ loss

Brain aneurysms are a type of stroke that can occur when there is a rupture in one or more arteries in the brain. They are particularly dangerous because they can cause sudden loss of blood flow to the brain, leading to severe damage and even death. In Clarke’s case, the aneurysms burst due to increased pressure from a tumor on her brain.

Clarke’s story reminds us that anyone can be vulnerable to this type of stroke. Anyone over 50 is at risk for developing brain aneurysms, and people with a family history of stroke are especially at risk. If you experience any signs of stroke, such as speech, vision, or mobility problems, get medical help immediately.

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