Things You Can Do At 18

things you can do at 18

Everyone has a special moment when they turn 18 you can do many exciting things at 18. For one thing, you get to know how grown-ups live. You can keep living like a teenager while also getting more freedom. It’s a big moment in life, a real turning point. When your teen turns 18, people start calling them “adults” even though you still think of them as “kids.”

After you turn 18, the things you’ve done in life will make you a more mature person who can make better decisions on your own. Read more of our posts to find out what fun things you can do. But be smart about the adventures you choose!

Some Interesting things you can do at 18:

Some teens want to join the military or vote in the next election. Others may want to get a tattoo, buy fireworks, change their name, rent an apartment, or get a full-time job. What you can legally do when you turn 18 also depends on where you live. Some elaborated things you can do at 18 are given below:

Get a lottery ticket

When you’re 18, you’re finally old enough to try your luck. If you’ve always wanted to put a few dollars on the line for a chance to win more, go ahead and do it. When you turn 18, it might not be on everyone’s list of things to do, but it’s always fun to try something you couldn’t do before!

Casting a vote

Vote if you’ve always wanted to take part in your government and help your country, you can now check that off your list because you can now do it. If you’re 18 years old, that means you’re an adult who can make decisions on your own. Now is the time to say what you think.

Having a credit card

Getting your first credit card is a heady feeling that’s both exciting and a big responsibility. Credit cards can get you in trouble, but they’re also a great way to build your credit score now that you’re in charge of your own money. Look into cards for first-time cardholders and try to get the best interest rate so your payments aren’t more than you can handle.

Can get married at the age of 18

It’s not a good idea to get married at this age, but if you want to, you can do so once you turn 18. What could be more exciting than getting married right away if you’re in love and know you’ll get married someday? Don’t forget to throw a party.

Getting into events

Before you turn 18, you usually have to go to festivals and concerts with your parents. But once you turn 18, you can go alone. Go for it!

Having a bank account

After you turn 18, you can open a bank account with just your name on it. It means you are in charge of your own money and can save or spend it however you want. This is the best thing you can do at 18. Be careful, though, because some banks will charge you a lot of money if you go overdrawn or your balance falls below a certain level.

Can change your birth name

If you’ve always hated your name and maybe held a grudge against your parents for giving it to you, now is the time to change it. You can legally change your name after 18 years, even though it might seem strange. In the end, it’s up to you!


Gambling is much fun, as long as you don’t get hooked or lose your mind. Most places won’t let you do it until you’re 18, but once you are, you can play poker or slot machines. You won’t be able to order drinks in the U.S., but you might win some money, and you can eat as much as you want from the buffet.

Get a tattoo or pierced body part

Getting a tattoo or piercing is a great way to show off your unique style and personality. Get tattoos and piercings without your parents’ permission or presence.

Buy a Pet

 You can do it without your parent’s or guardian’s help if you’re up to caring for pets. Be aware that shelters or buyers may not take you because of your age or other things.

Make a deal

At age 18, you are sensible enough to sign a contract without a co-signer or guardian. Because contracts involve much responsibility and possible liability, you should always read the fine print and talk to an expert if you don’t understand something.

Start investing by opening an investment account

Most teens should start learning to save and invest their money when they turn 18. Learning good money habits is essential to living a comfortable and happy life. It is a great way to save for retirement and make money simultaneously.

Join the Armed Forces

Join the military at age 18 to show how patriotic you are. Life in the military isn’t easy, but it has many benefits. Before joining, you should make sure you’re ready for the risks that come with this critical job.

Get a car

You can start driving lessons when you’re 16, but you can’t own a car until you’re an adult. When you turn 18, you can choose a vehicle and get a lease in your name. Don’t forget that this means you’ll be responsible for all debts and costs related to taxes and maintenance.

Rent a place to live

You can move out and rent an apartment if you’ve always wanted your own space. Living in an apartment is great because it gives you freedom and independence.

Enter a store for adults only

Take advantage of being an adult by going to a store for adults only. Even if you don’t buy anything, going into a store for adults should show you a whole new world. it is an exciting thing that you can do at 18.

You can Skydive

Skydiving will take you to new heights. A skydive is exciting and safe, giving you an adrenaline rush you’ll never forget.

Get a passport:

You can get a passport that is good for 10 years. It makes it easy to travel. If you are a U.S. citizen, you must fill out an application form and pay the fee. In no time, you will have a passport that is good for 10 years.

File a lawsuit:

If you get any serious issue with someone and you need to go to court, you can do so without your parents’ permission. Once you turn eighteen, you can use as much as you want without hiring a lawyer or dealing with much paperwork.

Take in a child

You can legally adopt a child once you are an adult. Even though you can start the adoption process, getting approved at a young age will be hard. Anyone can take years to adopt a child, and there are many steps to go through that can be hard on a teen.

Remember some rules when you do things at 18

If you just turned 18, you must be excited to start a new and exciting part of your life by doing these interesting things at 18.
Best things to do at 18

If you just turned 18, you must be excited to start a new and exciting part of your life by doing these interesting things at 18. Enjoy this phase; you must act like an adult and use your new freedom well. As a new adult, here are some things you need to remember.

  • First, don’t forget that you are now legally responsible for everything you do. If you break the law, you could be tried as an adult and even go to prison.
  • You will now have to pay taxes based on your money, where you live, and other things. You will also have to do your duty and file tax returns annually.
  • Boys must sign up for the National Selective Service within one month of turning 18. If you don’t, you could get a $250,000 fine or five years in prison.
  • Any legal document you sign is ultimately your responsibility. If you break a contract, you can be charged as an adult in court.

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